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  1. Ummmm, yes they did. Most people have a sense of humor, except people of an excessively liberal persuasive who have no sense of humor and should and must limit their discourse to PA where they can make asses out of themselves together with out bothering the rational people.
  2. I guess healthy life decisions will be a little late. I am now a COPD statistic waiting to happen. Best of luck passing 70 full speed to 85 or so.
  3. Who is using a political tool. A social tool? Maybe. If it is political, it is only because YOU took it as political. EVERYONE else took it as humour.
  4. Get a life. 97% of US are laughing at this shit and "butt hurt" is YOU
  5. Choose your employer carefully...
  6. Imagine the memes for Covid Pi
  7. The level of "butt hurt" you to juviniles display is fucking amazing. Take your PA whining to PA. The other 90% of us are tired of your Karen BS.
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