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  1. I live in mum's basement. Housing is a fundamental opportunity to asp[ire to, just like driving a Ferrari is a fundamental opportunity to aspire to. Civilized countries don't have a 50 history of pandering to the lazy.
  2. Why a union hall? The expert plumber can wire, landscape, roof and finish concrete. Would the union approve?
  3. WE have built literally tens of thousands of bridges in the last 7 decades. Each has room for lots of people seeking shelter.
  4. In 1949 everyone acknowledged that they had to work to pay for their housing.
  5. Let us examine your list of a dozen.
  6. My independent tire dealer would take my truck tires with rim , powder coat the rim and mount a new tire amd return them. I would send 4 - 8 and the powder outing (sandblast, prep, coat) was $20-30 per.
  7. Hanging on my wall in my Basement Lighthouse Bar.
  8. I do that when I first acquire a vehicle to establish the baseline. Then I only do it weekly!
  9. Right to thievery is not inalienable! Taking lodging without recompense is thievery.
  10. Brilliant thinkers can still be scoundrels and opportunists. I will shy away from PA discussions in GA except in very general terms. 245 years ago a most noble experiment was started that has not met an equal. Win or lose , the journey is not matched in modern times.
  11. I carry a hand held GPS to verify my speedo. Volkswagen 3 under at 70. Passats, 2000 and 2008. Hyundai 2012, 2 under, Escape, 2015 2016, spot on.
  12. They were of an era that allowed for slavery. They or subsequent generations abandoned those beliefs.
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