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  1. 30 days for me calling a f@gg@ty lefty a silly c\/nt, imagine?
  2. We carpooled to mammoth mountain with a one legged skier and your pics reminded of the weekend. Dave was not put out by being mono legged. He saved 50% on boots and a pair of skis lasted him twice as long. He never crossed tips. He always went to the front of the lift line. Dave had a most positive attitude that washed overall who knew him. We caught him only once on that weekend as a group and all posed for a group club picture on a slope . As we took pics (35 mm film days) an ankle biter plowed through our group on the slope ending up near Dave down hill in a settling cloud of powder.
  3. I could only smile when I saw the H
  4. Biden is as much a delusional fuckwad as O' Bama but just a little more dementia addled. How's that working for you and the Harris admin.?
  5. Mom was on her very last hours. We gathered in her condo, all 8 of her surviving chidren to have a "family " dinner like she had given us for so many years. Sibling from 1000 miles away arrived. A simple spaghetti dinner was planned. She had resisted extra morphine as the cancer literally ate away at her skin and body so she could remain coherent. A loud noise from the kitchen, crushing garlic, startled her rest. A weak voice from her nearby bedroom called out, "i don't think I like my children anymore"
  6. The Olsonist example was a temporary war time hold, not a waiver. What happens when Joe Blow patents the 150 mpg carburator?
  7. I dont see how you can separate IP of pharma from IP of authors, playwrights, engineering etc. with out lessening the protection they have. Slippery slope.
  8. I am not sure of your position? Employment contracts often state something to the effect " IP will remain the property of the employer"....
  9. https://fb.watch/5iTxVZpWJ6/
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