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  1. Sorry, trying to be helpful, that sort of behavioural change is sometimes a sign of pathology..
  2. I saw stacks of 2.3 hp Hondas in the PNW a couple of years ago, weight is listed as 13.6kg dry. We have one as well, nice motor.
  3. We were motorcycling through Spain in the seventies, came across one of those vans in a campground. A young English couple heading home after crossing from Morocco via Gibraltar. It was packed full of tins of condensed milk bought in North Africa, they said they planned to pay for their trip by selling the milk when they got back to the UK. That was when we understood English cuisine...
  4. Dylan, did you suck the crud out of the “Racor”, or remove the glass bowl?
  5. In BJ’s defence, he has been in the antipodes long enough to absorb our distorted sense of humour. Larry was down here long enough to get it too, never met but I have lost a real friend...
  6. Just remember, if you are not getting on with a doctor, you are also doing the doctor a favour by looking around for someone else. The doctor patient relationship is very subtle, but the core component is trust, find someone matched to your personality you can trust.
  7. We already have it, it’s called sunshine...
  8. Shouldn’t take that long, it’s downhill all the way...
  9. We are all going to need a Carbon Cutter...
  10. Check around for a good dietician and ask for a referral...
  11. Kevin has started me thinking about a new concept, a dementia boat... The dementia boat would be something an old codger can sail around when time is no problem, but cognition is. So nothing onboard that can break or needs regular maintenance, and no need for modern time saving or labor saving devices. The ultimate goal would be that someday I just sail away and forget how to find my way back...
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