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  1. At least It’s better than the local politician whose name was Richard Head…
  2. In my experience drug dependence, as opposed to occasional use, is self medicating for some form of mental illness. it’s the easy way out as opposed to confronting and dealing with the problem, so not using drugs or staying sober is the courageous thing for many folks…
  3. I have a raw water cooled VP2003, if it plays up there is a low hours VP2030 waiting in the shed, based on a fresh water cooled Perkins..
  4. Possible, but these old Volvo and Bukh engines have a real weak link, the raw water pumps drive off the cam or crank, and an inner seal failure dumps salt water into the oil. As my old professor of medicine would say, common things occur commonly…
  5. That is an old engine, may be worth a bit of CPR before you toss it out. Water in the oil is a leaking water pump seal, so take the pump off and recondition it, drain the oil and replace it, and see if it turns. I would ignore the injector issue atm, had the same problem with an old Bukh, got it going again and it was fine. I understood the newer VP engines only ran with a 130 Saildrive Zonk, I can run a 2003 or a 2030 with my 120, but was told a current model would need a new saildrive..
  6. Well we have plague and pestilence already, and it will probably last a few generations, so I would politely decline the offer…
  7. I have heard that too, would probably use dyneema these days. The other option I heard was to make up a sort of cassette containing six to eight mainsail slides, and tie it to the halyard just above the mainsail head. The idea is it goes up and down with the main, and the slides are just sitting there for the trysail when the main is dropped. Haven't tried it, seems like a recipe for a jammed main or a difficult hoist, but would be interested if anyone has used it. My current solution is a deep third reef, and a removable slide stopper to clear the track if I have to hoist a try
  8. Clearly have never interacted with US cops or coastguard…
  9. We managed to drop the floor on a fibreglass folkboat…
  10. The French built the Wuhan virus lab…
  11. The French deal was never going to work, the Froggies couldn’t understand why the Aussies wanted to move the torpedo tubes from the stern to the bow ….
  12. They can probably do a whole series of Utubes about how difficult it is to sell a sailboat, even one with a custom bespoke interior…
  13. We have booked tickets to Queensland late November, hope our bet pays off and we can bring the Valiant home before Christmas
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