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  1. Have a raw water cooled VP 2003, notorious for blocked mixing elbows. They are cast iron. So I have a few old spares, I have found that sealing the ends and filling it with 50% HCl for a day or so works well, and doesn’t seem to wreck the elbow unless it is already very porous.
  2. They already do, haven’t you noticed? They just push the politicians out there as fall guys...
  3. Targets are not guarantees... The AZ situation has been developing, it wasn’t known when the targets were set. A competent person would modify the rollout, not push blindly on to meet a target for political gain...
  4. I can’t see any evidence of incompetence on COVID (let’s not talk about Christine Holgate) Its always been a floating target, the fort has been straight up on it all along. There is no certainty, or absence of risk, anywhere in health care.
  5. If we have learnt anything about COVID, it’s leave politics out of it and follow the science. I am quite happy about our Vax program lagging behind, we let others find out the problems and modify ours accordingly. It’s not like we have a significant community spread at the moment, and the world isn’t going to open up until all the third world countries are vaccinated and there are no more variants, so where is the downside? Fuck the ideology, I’m all about pragmatism.
  6. Not helped by Butler and Albo trying to make cheap political mileage out of this, if anyone is undermining confidence it’s Labor..
  7. I suspect the suspect kept driving until he found a public well lit space out of “ respect” that the police would be less likely to take the law into their own hands if someone was watching...
  8. Yes to two boats, no to a folkboat or Moore. The sweet spot for a couple to do serious cruising in a small boat is around 30’ , lack of headroom and constant neck headaches gets tiring very soon. I love glass folkboats, had one for a while and even managed to find 5’3” headroom which was enough for Sweet Hart, but a weekend away was too much for me. We spent close to six months aboard a Tartan 30 in the PNW, cosy but comfortable. Left it on the hard in Port Townsend for a couple of years, affordable and no maintenance issues.
  9. I am talking about the last seventy years, not the time before that. While Elizabeth has been Queen things have been stable. On the other hand if Charles becomes King then Australia will become a republic overnight, and we have to deal with the whole messy issue of election vs appointment, politicians and party politics, and a host of other hassles we haven’t had because we have had a reasonably sound head of state. My family left Ireland in the 1870’s because of religious persecution, and I am also a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, I hold no respect for the actions of the Britis
  10. So you have a Brexit problem?
  11. Which corrupt and incompetent government was that?
  12. Under the Parliamentary system, the Crown has an active role as head of state. It’s not public, but the Queen and the governors in Commonwealth countries, as her delegates, play a very active role in keeping elected governments honest, accountable and civilised. So a lot of people owe a lot of gratitude to the Queen, and also trust that she remains focussed and connected to the real world. Philip helped keep her on course for nearly seventy years, any guy who can keep a woman level headed for that long deserves a medal. Philip has my respect just for that job. Think of all the e
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