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  1. He claims that standing in the bilge, the water comes up to his chest. Cool story bro.
  2. Bow wood is good to get you in the mood but only if you're from the hood!
  3. Got the old Moore 24 under control again. Long story short, bulkhead rebuild and cockpit support brace replaced. Some make up and whadaya all think?
  4. She departed Curacao on March 25th. Crew got plucked off the next day north of Curacao by the Dutch Caribbean CG.
  5. Check out the discussion on the one with the bow mods: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=141767&page=23
  6. Between my broken French and his broken English, I understood that the problem was not having trampolines with a solid deck almost to the bows causing brige deck slamming in a chop. When I asked if it worked, his body language seem to tell me his effort was in vain. But it was clear to me he did not do it to improve speed.
  7. I had a bief chat with the skipper this morning. This moodification was an attempt to reduce brige deck slamming.
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