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  1. When I was in hospital recovering from being hit by a car that ran off the road, I was given this CD by a friend of mine, he also gave me the album by the Crash Test Dummies. It made me laugh.
  2. Is that @Point Break on his first assignment?
  3. I think we are starting to get the hang of this ignoring stuff.
  4. I had my grandfather's WWI army jack knife, that looked just like this one (but better condition). It vanished when my sisters cleaned out my parent's house after they died. It was the only object that was "lost" that I was really unhappy about.
  5. Hmmmm, well that didn't work. I tried logging on and setting up the boat, but the website would not load, therefore I am not racing. I don't like dropping into the middle of the fleet, so I will sit this one out. Enjoy.
  6. OK, Class 40 Full Pack. See you out there.
  7. No, the BFH is leaning against the wall in the corner.
  8. I'm going full pack for one race only, (have enough trouble keeping track of one boat, let alone two or three) I just haven't decided which class to race. Any preferences?
  9. Hello, I see that quite a few of our regulars are either finished or getting close to finishing in the Vendee Globe Atlantic Race, but the Transat Jacques Vabre is coming up in just over 3 days. Is there any interest to get the gang together for this one? There are a variety of options - IMOCA, Ultim, Class 40 or Ocean 50. I would expect that Ultim or IMOCA would be the most popular, what would you prefer? I'll run rankings if there are enough people.
  10. Petrol prices here just went through US$9.7 per gallon!
  11. I wonder how much wind tunnel testing went into the design of this. I am going to suggest not quite enough.
  12. I think a decimal point was left out of that title.
  13. There is usually one perched on your head while you are looking for another one.....
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