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  1. Errrr.... I'm confused. Now that the Random Picture Thread is back up, should we stop ignoring this, or carry on ignoring it? Big decisions for this time in the morning! The answer is more coffee.
  2. MMMMMMmmmmmm. T - Tequila or T - Tits? Can we agree to use either - depending on the situation?
  3. Should I have used purple font?
  4. Well at least someone has got their eyes out of the boat, as opposed to trying to open the cooler!
  5. You must be a journalist with your quoting skills.
  6. On to the Overall Series, there was a tie for first which was broken in favour of @Your Mom courtesy of two first places. @viper43 gave him a good run for his money, with @BlueMountainsYC rounding out the podium after a winning start to the series. @Gufmiester, @bbland @prettyhatemachine had a close tussle for 4th to 6th, with quite a big gap behind them to the peleton. There is something called the eNord Stream Race Trophy on the VR calendar on 20 June with a duration of 00 days. I don't know if that is related to this series, or a prize giving...... no idea. Thanks to every
  7. Good morning, Well played to @Your Mom, he managed to get away in this race and was almost an hour ahead of @viper43 and @BlueMountainsYC. An honourable mention should go to @Laser1 who has been punching above his category and finishing very well in the CheapAssClass. All but @Jean-Baptiste have finished and he seems to be enjoying the pleasures of Го́гланд - otherwise known as Gogland. I am making the rather bold assumption that he will conclude whatever activities he is indulging in and refloat the Hello Kitty and get to St Petersburg. So here are the rankings
  8. Good morning. My grounding yesterday, which @Laser1 very kindly highlighted for all to see, was extremely annoying. I was watching closely, because I knew it was tight, but the boat went past the pinch point, I refreshed at the next opportunity and it showed the boat beyond the point of danger, so I got on with some work. 30 mins later I had a glance at the game to see I was aground and had lost two spots in my home country placings. I do enjoy this game, but there are several things that make it SO ANNOYING! Anyway, on to calmer subjects. The top half of the fleet has fini
  9. Good morning, another successful night of avoiding the hard bits - I need to stop this habit of running aground the first night out! Anyway - the leaders have made huge gains on the mid pack, but now everyone is involved in the tack fest ( I am very glad that I am not doing this race in person - 3.5 days of going up wind while heading south, then north, then east would be demoralising). The front pack seem to be moving across the channel to play the southern shore, while the mid pack is playing the northern coast. Most people should be finished by this time tomorrow, except for me a
  10. I remember that was an issue the Vendee before last (or maybe the VOR - I can't remember, except it was pissing someone off near the Falkland Islands), if you didn't have another waypoint set infront of the last waypoint that you passed, then you would do a 180 and start heading back the way you came. I thought they had debugged that, but it looks as if it has raised its head again. I believe that having a waypoint set way down the track on the rough heading that you want to follow is the optimal insurance policy, but my recent record says "don't trust me".
  11. Good morning, well I woke up this morning to find out that I was not aground which is a nice change! In the meantime the leaders have rounded Lågskär and are reaching east in good pressure while the wind at the island is dropping and soon after the tail enders get to the mark, the wind will shift back to the east again. Excellent. I think that a significant proportion of us will still be racing this time tomorrow, so more rankings to come. 4-May 00:30UTC
  12. Oh dear - the problems of a short term memory and forgetting that programmation on AWA will screw you up if there is the slightest possibility. Ho Hum! Rankings - 3-May 00:30UTC Place SA Name Boat Name Dist to Leader 1 Your Mom Your Mom SA 366.48 2 viper43 viper640 1.35 3 Blue Mount
  13. Bwahaha! Good luck with that!
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