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  1. Yeah I was more concerned about building a watertight enclosure and having the cells compressed.
  2. Can’t wait to be heading through there in about a month.
  3. Sardine carrier. They’re actually quite pretty, and some have been converted to pretty elegant cruisers. Grayling is probably the best example
  4. If you’re used to doing varnish, then it’s not that big a deal... you just have to do it! For most people that notion is just too much and I also think that people who haven’t really done any bright work buy way too much into all of the negative mythology that surrounds doing it, doing it right, and how hard is it really to maintain. Any deferred maintenance will show up and be obvious, varnish or no varnish. The difference is that deferred maintenance on varnish on a boat that features it heavily will always look especially sad. When it comes to a spar, keeping up with the bright work is
  5. Cool. It would be nice to be able to use Naca or other section shapes as a baseline for designs.
  6. I have a large Perko switch on my boat, and it’s an or off switch. I have a separate keyed combiner that I leave off except for emergencies. The nice thing about that switch is that it has provision to save the alternator in the event that someone switches the switch to OFF while the alternator is charging. That’s a nice little feature. I do have one gremlin with the switch though, in that it seems to stay on after power has been on for some time. Eventually it powers down, but it is an odd phenomenon.
  7. Thanks. Doesn’t look like it. I bit the bullet and just built one to suit out of plywood and fiberglass over the weekend.
  8. Not for for you... but someone brought it up so I guess it was. Anyways different strokes for different folks mehtagi
  9. If you’re solo, then the IOS would make a decent stop... being too far west is all relative. If you’re starting from Portland, it’s a fine sail. Gloucester is a good stop, and while the Annisquam can shave a little bit of distance, there’s construction on the railroad bridge at the moment, and the river shoals and is actually pretty tricky if you’re not familiar with the area. Tucking in right behind the breakwater at Eastern Point is a nice little anchorage that saves you some distance from going all they way into the harbor proper.
  10. I make the trip south from Doweast often, and if I’m trying to make the canal or just go outside to Nantucket, I’ll leave in the morning and be at the canal by the next morning/early afternoon. It really depends on the tide as to whether or not you want to stop along the way. I suppose as fat as stops go, the shoals isn’t too bad, but unless you’re leaving from southern Maine, you won’t get there until very late, and at that point you may as well keep moving towards the canal. The closer to the canal you are the better your options for timing a passage through it.
  11. Nobody really cares if you go meh because people build boats for themselves not for your benefit.
  12. Your point stands, but you actually missed mine, or maybe I wasn’t clear. The owner of Outlier had a very classic SOT boat prior to having Outlier built, and his experience there drove his decision.
  13. I’ve done a lot of classic racing at the ERR and other events. I agree that this is not real racing for folks like myself that actually do race seriously. What I always find really funny (or odd) is the lengths people will go to exclude others from a fun event. The ERR has remained the best of these events precisely because Steve has basically welcomed anyone willing to join the party in a wood boat. But there will always be heavily bearded fellows covered in pine tar whining even if you bring a a boat designed in 1936 that happens to be fast. Never mind a lot of these whiners have no ide
  14. 4D not long enough. Already checked McMaster... couldn’t find anything and whatever I did find was $1k+ for a box.
  15. The writer seems to think Salem is on Cape Ann...
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