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  1. Most of these gripes/criticisms are nitpicking. No question Jobson should move on, but saying ES had to spin for pumping gives some context for rule 42. It’s easy enough to watch and make your own judgements. my gripe with the broadcast is the reliance on live shots that don’t really give a good idea of the course. More overhead shots and better data would make it more interesting to watch. What they’re showing now is a montage of onboard and general shots that follow random action. It’s not well conceived.
  2. Guy has been trying to sell that boat for years.
  3. The owner is experienced and not a hack, so I trust that this is really an unfortunate event. I hope they get the boat back and sorted swiftly.
  4. Very sad news. He took my call when I looked him up at the age of 8 by calling information and was always happy to chat after that. There is one of his custom cruising designs in the harbor here that demonstrates just how good a designer he was. Absolute travesty what has become of his most well known creation. RIP Bruce.
  5. Love that second picture… Lucy, is in it. I’ve had a crush on Lucy since I first spotted her in Bucks harbor some years back.
  6. Cetol looks like garbage and is no better than varnish from a maintenance standpoint, so it has always seemed weird to me. If I could ever be convinced to use cetol, it would be on the bottom of my spreaders, only because is couldn’t really see them that well. Epifanes makes some really good colors that are pretty close to different types of wood. I used some to paint around my deck hatch openings, as I always seemed to slack on varnishing then along with all the other varnish I have to do. They look great! Surely spreaders painted with the appropriate Epifanes or Kirby color wou
  7. Jeff is a friend and a very good surveyor. I’ve had him do several surveys.
  8. Sad news. Here is a link https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/video-uscg-evacuates-six-from-disabled-yacht-in-heavy-weather
  9. I’ve always had a complete backup installed and ready to go. This has proved useful on occasion when issues did pop up. SlutZ raises a good point about lightning. If thinking about that as a scenario, then you would want backup a digital compass as well.
  10. Arcturus is correct. Take some measurements to get your plan form, and note keel thickness at different depths, really the thickness you’re looking for is max thickness at any given chord. If you now start with a NACA 4 digit section, you’ll likely find that it will fit fairly well, and you would do fine fairing your keel to that. If you want to get fancy, you can use a more exotic section based on running some analysis with some airfoil tools and do something else, however you should do a cost/benefit analysis…
  11. Every time I raced there in late summer there was very little breeze.
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