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  1. Weird…. I’m being quoted as if I’m presuming Ed
  2. Cathie was an Olympic sailor from Ireland, as is her daughter Annalise Murphy in the Laser. Annalise was absolutely dominant in the first half of the London games, but eventually lost out to the sailor from China.
  3. I watched all these a couple of years back. Awesome. I want to go to Ireland to race them some time.
  4. That’s a hot boat! Reminds me of my favorite little cruiser, Nielsen’s Lucy, which I’m pretty sure has already made an appearance on this thread.
  5. The 49's are Hood designs, and they have an aft board that you can deploy to tracking and balance; it's more like a skeg. Pretty sure they all had it. The only 49 that was really different was Narnia, as it was built for a giant guy, so there's like 8' of headroom in her, and consequently the cabin trunk looks out of proportion, whereas Finback and Chewink are beautifully proportioned. As for the disadvantage being the varnished cabin trunk, I will tell you that the cabin trunk, being a large sexy expanse of varnish on the Seguins (minus the 40's...I've never seen one with a varnished
  6. Interesting. I've always been under the impression that you could just choose your rig and that was the selling point for the class being a sort of one size fits all singlehanded solution. Of course my next question was (assuming that was always the case, but it seems to only sometimes be the case) whether or not a smaller sailor sailing with a smaller rig was actually competitive with a larger sailor in a with a larger rig where conditions suited each individual sailor paired with an appropriate rig.. i.e. a smaller sailer with a 6 in 20kts and a larger sailor with a 7 in the same breeze?
  7. 46. WW1 is a 44. Only three 49s were built. Chewink, Finback and Narnia. Finback might just be the perfect yacht (she was renamed a couple of years ago…not sure the new name).
  8. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but don’t all RSAero rigs sail together and you can choose the rig that works best for you, ie if I want to compete in a 6 against a bunch of 7’s I can do so and will be scored the same, unlike the Laser, which for some odd reason has never allowed mixed racing between radials and full rigs. Is this right?
  9. I think you’re mistaken. Windwalker I, a sistership to my boat has a circumnavigation (or at least to NZ and back to NE US). I don’t think WW2 ever did that.
  10. Pearson Flyer is a killer phrf boat. They’re usually a bargain too
  11. Sure is. Growing up I used to always look at her when she was at the dock at Crockers or Manchester Marine in the winter Sad day when she got blown onto the rocks I think during Gloria, but it may have just been a nor’easter around the same time… I can’t remember.
  12. I second Belfast. Far nicer than Rockland IMO. seal cove and Darimiscove fit the bill well as Eluga points out. The other options on that list would be tricky though Maplejuice, while lovely (my mooring used to be there) access is not great, and provisioning is a serious PITA all the way down the peninsula. Christmas cove is one of the greatest spots, but seriously tight and crowded, I’m not sure about leaving a boat there for any length of time Phippsburg (harbor island) is nice
  13. My house is now on a lake, so I can see day to day if there is good ice or not. If there is… I go ice boating. Roaming around to find good ice, good wind and no snow is painful.
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