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  1. There's one up the road from me. I was thinking cabin on the Allegheny River. It's brown.
  2. Ugly Boat Admiration Society Hang Out has seven more pages then Coolboats to Admire. Interesting. I'm going to start Average Craft To Intensely Visually Evade. We can all put pictures of our own boats up, and then move on.
  3. I was wondering if the center section is the orbiter?
  4. It's a TV show...Do you expect Chibs to drive his motorcycle to Ohio and pop a cap in him....brother...please... You know that, and I know that, BUT not all motorcycle clubs find fantasy posers amusing. Wild Hogs is a funny movie (sorta), unless you end up with guys who take their club very, very, seriously.
  5. No sails. We just keep all the rigging crap 'cause... 1.it looks cool 2.where else would we mount the tv dish 3.the price of scrap is down 4.rigging? What's is rigging?
  6. United Angry Sailing Hugonauts Order It's an obscure organization. Illuminati stuff. Happy Birthday!
  7. Either the LC or the Deuce need a .50 Cal on a pylon.Both
  8. It automatically detaches in emergency and acts as an individual life boat. Complete with cheese and wine.
  9. Funniest/Most ironic post of all! Awesome thread. Keep it going.
  10. That's one of those boats where you'd like to meet the owner and ask what they were thinking. Bolgers, good to the last drop!
  11. Viking funeral pyre! The final scene as the great vessel, yes I'm a generous person, sails under the Golden Gate Bridge, a helicopter shot starting at sea level then climbing and spiraling as sheets of flames roar. Fade to black. A S/A Production
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