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  1. @Editor you are a fucking moron and your site is rasist, sexist and in very poor taste. Others have already mentioned the cultural diversity within this team and the many women also within it. Your site is a joke, I haven’t tuned in in years and just came here to say you are a sad pathetic person.
  2. America at large have proven they are not responsible enough to own guns. About time further restrictions are introduced
  3. Whilst a great little moderately performing Tri, it is still very heavy for a 20 footer compared with your 20 foot cats. It is nowhere near as quick as the high performance off the beach cats that run flatter kites. Like all smallish performance / cruising Tris it requires a kite that is deeper than a code zero to get it downwind with decent VMG. We have played with different cut kites on 18's and found we lost depth and VMG with very flat kites and the skiff was a little more nosey. Sheeting loads were not noticeably different.
  4. This gentleman seams to have a little big more experience in this field than you Wayne however I guess you are the SA multihull expert. why don't you get off your keyboard and sail a few different type of boats before digging your hole further.
  5. I have raced apparent wind boats from keel boats, large multis, skiffs and fast off the beach cats. I would put money on it what I have done would make you look like a novice. As apparent wind boats become quicker, sails are cut flatter. If you just throw a code zero on an apparent wind boat at the slower end of the range, don't expect it to be quick.
  6. You are nuts if you thing a flat kite has more load than a full one. Have you ever sailed a skiff like a 49er or I14 that has a large full kite and travel downwind slower than a cat? The loads are a lot higher. And your comment that Corsair was catering for less able sailors by increasing the size of the kite and main as well as making them fuller is the craziest thing I have heard come out of anyone's mouth hear other then DL
  7. Wayne, a flat kite the same size as a fuller kite is not necessarily quicker. You have to look at the full package. This is not a beach cat. It is a lot heavier and slower. It needs the grunt to get it downwind. Also, a larger fuller kite requires harder work so I don't know what you were smoking when you made the 'less able' comment. Likewise with a larger main.
  8. Lol. Wayne you twat, you really do have no f'n idea. The larger fuller spinnaker is to get this bus downwind harder and faster with better VMG.
  9. Does anyone even listen to Pete the Hack. How is the F22R? Can you keep a stick up.
  10. Video of sailing and folding on their Facebook site
  11. It has a 3rd sail which is a screacher, furling from the bow. The debate is weather it should be on the end of a sprit.
  12. However watch Diam's gybing on YouTube, you will see them furling before gybing. I had looked at several but never found a jibe. But thanks. Check out @ 41 seconds. Looks like a furling gybe but I may be wrong. It does not show enough to be conclusive.
  13. I understand you are quoting 20" boats however thought I might include the F18 into the comparison as well. Pulse sail areas: Main = 184, jib = 80, spin = 215. Total upwind = 264. Total all = 479 F18 sail areas: Main = 180, jib = 44.7, spin = 230. Total upwind = 224.7. Total all = 454.7 Nacra 20 sail areas: Main = 206, jib = 50, spin = 269. Total upwind = 256. Total all = 525
  14. However watch Diam's gybing on YouTube, you will see them furling before gybing.
  15. The Pulse is shown with a screecher. It would be nice if they could create a bit more distance between it and the forestay with a short fixed sprit. Cruiser or racer, you would prefer not to furl before gybing as you are just creating extra work and slowing down the boat. It looks like they furl on the Diam 24 before gybing however that is with 3 people on board going pretty hard.
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