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  1. It was a great moment for Canada too as it happened at the same olympics as the ben johnson debacle.
  2. You are completely wrong. The largest proportion of F 1 fans are not people like you who only watch when it is "interesting " meaning when you find it interesting. Real F1 fans , the drivers, F1 itself, television networks, etc. all love Monaco GP. As someone who has been there for the race , there is nothing like it. The tight track allows for 0 mistakes and total concentration and committment for every lap of practice, quali and the race. If you don't like it, don't watch but don't try to tell the F1 community that Monaco isn't "interesting". Go back to watching nascar, you'll see ple
  3. yes, WB was without options on the cloth. Too bad though, i liked the old cloth.
  4. WB's old cloth which was made by contender was a yellow color, most norths and other manufacturers use a technora cloth that is black/ grey. The new contender cloth that WB is using is the same black/grey color as the other manufacturers so it is harder to distinguish on the line
  5. Answer, it depends and you're always adjusting . From 0 to 12, I would say that most people are adjusting mainsheet more and traveler is pretty much in the same spot. When wind is steady and 12-20ish, mainsheet is cleated more and traveler adjustment is happening more in the puffs and lulls, . when's it's 20 plus I find the adjustments between main and traveler fairly even. You do not want to be in big shifts and puffs with a cleated mainsheet imho.
  6. I'll be there and looking forward to it !
  7. Point of clarification, olympians don't pump the finn upwind or if they do, they get a penalty. Pumping is for downwind. Speaking of finns, the world finn masters get from 250-350 boats every year with divisions for every decade from 40 up to 80 years of age
  8. Yes but there are fewer in the finn class than any other. The finn makes you man up... even if you're a woman. I respect both the men and women who come out and compete in the finn. There are not many women out there but there are a few.
  9. First, there is a rule that there must not be more than 5 mm play total between both the cup and the collar. So you generally want the cup to fit the mast butt with little play but not so tight as to create friction. There are a few different ways I've seen this done. 1) replace or modify the cup. This is the best since you want to be able to use any carbon wing mast. Depending on how much play you have I've seen people use a piece of pvc pipe to fit in there with the pipe split so that it can fit. 2) modify the mast butt to fit the cup. Yes, you can use some teflon tape but that wears out
  10. I called you thin skinned, that is all. So now you post that I called you names , like those other mean men ? Really, being called thin skinned is too much for you to bear ? Thank you for proving my point. However, I do get that this is where the world is going. Be ready to take offense !!
  11. No. Being too thin skinned does not mean others are acting like assholes. No one was acting like an asshole to that dude. According to him, his boat was left at SDYC without permission and some people at SDYC were not happy. That's between him and that YC, not the finn class. Next, he posted his boat for sale due to that dispute that was completely on him. He listed his boat for sale on finn fb page and some people commented that the price was a high. It was. I made no comment. The people that commented were simply being honest. This dude never sailed one finn event and is ready to judge
  12. Oh, ok. So you never sailed a finn event. Sorry to hear about your dispute with SDYC but that's not a class issue . That's between you and SDYC. It's up to you to know where you boat is and that you have permission to keep it there. Sounds like you are a little thin skinned to sail a finn. Glad you got your price for your boat. Good luck with the melges.
  13. May I ask why you sold ? What finn events did you sail ?
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