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  1. one of the best posts ever ! Bama should have had that title
  2. maybe one of the top 5 coaching jobs in florida
  3. Florida is a top 5 job ? In the SEC east , you mean ?
  4. Gold cup coming to miami in 2023. Woohoo
  5. . The advantage of an aor boom is infinitesimal performance-wise. New sails..big advantage
  6. First, have the keel faired by someone who knows how to do it for J 22s. You want to hit tolerances fore/ aft and shape thickness-wise. Then max forestay length. Weight way forward, only driver in cockpit close enough to touch cabintop. Boat is way underpowered, so you're looking for power until you're overpowered. Cross sheet jib. Otherwise usual one design stuff. Great class. Great boat that can be sailed by anyone as it doesn't take any muscle, more finesse. Best of luck.
  7. Not a self described nazi , you twit. Surf nazi , It's a old nickname and very common old school surf parlance. Sorry for the big words. Go back to your labeling .
  8. Wow ! great turnout. I'm sure you had fun
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