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  1. Two’er, Surely you already know my answer, (right down to the PT-11 tender.) Cheers, Kim
  2. My favorite picture of Laurie as he inspects the half model of FRANKIE in Bob’s office. It was a great honor to get to discuss FRANKIE with him. GREAT GUY. Sad news.
  3. Best lunch EVER!! So sad to hear we have lost one of the giants of yacht design and what a splendid fellow he was too!
  4. I always enjoyed chatting with him at the Seattle Boat Show some years ago. Nice fellow and very engaging. We have lost another good one.
  5. When I owned a Swede55 I did not find her particularly tender. I think we reefed the main at about 20 knots and continued with the 150. I believe that some of the taller rig vessels have more keel, and maybe more draft. At least that is what I have read somewhere.
  6. Yes, I am faced with the same problem. And given that I once owned a Swede 55 and know how great a boat they are and that I have been aboard this vessel, it is quite the effort to resist.
  7. There is a Swede 55 with the taller rig for sale here in Seattle at a very attractive price if someone wants to take on a bit of a project. Pm me if you want contact information. This is a current picture taken today.
  8. Yes, the Swede 55 is a fun vessel to sail and easy when short handed.
  9. Sailing on FRANCIS LEE confirms that this is true.
  10. I have both Jet Dock (USA) and Jet Float (Canada). (They are interchangeable.) They are GREAT in so many ways and very easy to install. I did almost the entire installation by myself. (I did have the 14’ helix screw anchors professionally installed, I installed the 6’ shore based screw anchors myself.) I don’t know anything about Dock Blocks but it looks like a variation of what I have used successfully since 2002. I have had ZERO problems with mine over the 19 years they have been in use. I have a friend/neighbor with EZ Dock. It works well too, but slightly harder to hand
  11. Yes, TIOGA (IV) is double planked mahogany over cedar on oak frames. 1954 built by Baglietto in Italy.
  12. Maybe this one is better as it has the lifelines….
  13. I think TIOGA is pretty and FRANCIS is handsome. TIOGA’s owners agreed with me as we sat on the terrace and watched them happily sitting out in the harbor. It was interesting to compare the freeboard, sheer, bow, stern, etc between the two vessels.
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