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  1. Aramoana B23 is a fine classic and one of the last yachts designed by Arch Logan. She was built in 1938 by Bill Couldrey in Northcote, of kauri construction with three skin diagonal hull and double skin deck, with mahogany and teak used in the cockpit and cabin. Aramoana has an illustrious race record with RNZYS B class from her heyday and remains in great condition following major refits in 1989 and 2006 and a complete re-paint in 2013. Berthed with other classics at Heritage Landing, Silo Marina, Westhaven, courtesy of CYA. Construction: Kauri three skin diagonal hull, double skinned de
  2. This? Masina was designed by Jack Brooke (NZ) for the builder, Noel Barrott (NZ). Actually designed as a 36' but redrawn to 38'.
  3. Has Innismara been mentioned? 67.5' x 10.3' makes her very narrow. In New Zealand. Trying to find a picture under sail. http://classicyacht.org.nz/cyaforum/topic/innismara-2/ Bernie Schmidt began building his own design in a Penrose shed in the early 1960s. He had strong ideas of his own but in many ways this new boat was similar to his earlier Young designed and built 42 foot Shemarra. But the new boat was extremely long in proportion to Shemarra and yet light displacement - and became the 67 foot Innismara. Schmidt built it in strip planked, nailed kauri with convex edges but with
  4. Here is another about the lost art. This one is in Granada.
  5. Colin Archer. A boat that shape could only be one of his.See there's a webpage. http://colinarcheremma.com/ Under sail Thanks for digging that up. She is lovely, splendid under under sail. Pretty sail plan too. Should I be surprised she moves so well?
  6. This popped up on my radar. Maybe you've seen it. Sorry can't go back through 38 pages. DYI Dutch built double - ender, from felled trees to sailing on the water. 25 minutes of superb hand craftsmanship. I think the B&W picture in the beginning is the designer. Set to the Brandenberg Concertos. Bob, I think you'll like this one if you haven't already seen it. Hope not.
  7. Conjures up so much. We're capable of remarkable things, beautiful creations, great feats and great atrocities. The duality of man and all that. I especially like the beautiful girl doing a wheely on the skateboard right before she wipes out.
  8. "Neither art nor nature ever created a more lovely thing".
  9. Not a new boat. Just Francois Gabart.
  10. I think posting this on the front page has more to do with the shit storm Doug's threads produce ie traffic. Doug, congratulations on getting the model to lift. I appreciate your dogged perseverance, your tireless advocacy of foiling and the pride you put into your work. But I have to admit, I'm still stumped. Given the simplicity and effortlessness by which the above tri foils, tacks and gybes and the success you and your Dr friend had many years ago with foiling tri's, where does this current project fit in? Is it supposed to be an improvement on the above technology? What do y
  11. Eh, I still think part of the problem is the length and volume in the ammas. The point in the video at which the the nose starts to pitch up is exactly the point the amma ends - nothing there to stop it from pitching up. And it pitches up quickly. Why it's pitching up is described above. The length and/or volume of the amma provides the foils stability long enough for the foils to begin to generate lift. Since you bring up the AC boats, look at how stable they are before take off. Dead flat. With the boat pitching up and down, P and S (sailor error), the foils had no chance of
  12. Is it possible there is not enough volume in the amas? Just by looking at the video, the amas didn't seem to counter any heel at all for the amount of sail area you have. To my eye it looked like they would have completely submerged if you hadn't popped the main. With the amas digging in and pressure released too quickly, is there enough time and boat speed to allow the foils to generate any lift? Possible?
  13. Was always fascinated with little steam engines as a kid. I remember building a simple one in science class. The web site has a cool little tug boat as well.
  14. Did you happen read the article in the latest Professional Boatbuilder about carbon spars? On the cover: Lightweight custom hardware and hand-painted faux wood grain at the head of the new 96′11″ (29.5m) carbon fiber mainmast built by GMT Composites (Bristol, Rhode Island) for the classic Alden-designed schooner Summerwind. Story on page 40. http://www.proboat.com/table-of-contents-146? Looks a lot like wood at a fraction of the weight (but a big bump in cost).
  15. Geez, Bob! To say you have a boat booty fetish is an understatement. Fine example by a master draftsman by the way.
  16. So, eleven hundred men went in the water;
  17. The beast. Talk about slack bilge. What happened to the keel. It's like a big fat gut hanging over trousers. It also has a center board!
  18. Oops. I was mistaken. The owner also worked for McDonald Douglass. Not JPL. He told us a story about how they used to use wood for templates to create the bulkheads for the DC10's but still come within a tiny fraction of an inch tolerance. Good chance they knew each other. Never got around to talking about the boat. Maybe next time.
  19. Met the owner this weekend. Retired aerospace engineer, weapons specialist and advanced composites and materials. Worked for Skunk Works and JPL. His wife worked for NASA. Go figure. Maybe he doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. Maybe he knows something we don't.
  20. Met the owner this weekend. Retired aerospace engineer, weapons specialist and advanced composites and materials. Worked for Skunk Works and JPL. His wife worked for NASA. Go figure.
  21. Forgiven. Music. I don't want to high jack this thread but I could go on and on. I regularly went to the LA Philharmonic under Esa Pekka Solonen and the NY Phil and the Aspen Music Festival, Santa Fe, Sydney Opera House, La Scala .... Can't play anything worth a damn though. This was all on a budget too by the way. I'm no benefactor.
  22. Thanks. I didn't know that about the Late Quartets. They have always been my favorite. I heard them played in Vienna in a small venue at one of the palaces. Locals sobbed openly. It was really something.
  23. That looks like Temescal Canyon?
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