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  1. Balmain bugs are a local delicacy in Sydney. My step father buy them from the market and would boil a pot of them alive. Cringe. I never tasted one.
  2. Reminded me of Leo. Not a shipwright. But a resourceful, do it all kind of guy.
  3. Has this Alden ever come up? Quite the history. http://www.alden-schooner.com/
  4. This: “The weather conditions had been predicted yesterday and appropriate warnings issued. The racing yacht Lionheart foundered in heavy easterly seas off the Northland coast, north of Cape Brett, in June 1983, in similar circumstances. Seven lives were lost.”
  5. Didn’t see a thread One person has died and another is in a critical condition after a 47ft yacht sank in stormy conditions 20 nautical miles off Cape Brett on the east coast of Northland, New Zealand The incident occurred around mid-day Monday, conditions at the time were recorded inside the Bay of Islands at 48kts gusting 60kts, blowing from the east, and would be expected to be stronger offshore. Conditions have since moderated but sea heights averaging over 4 metres are predicted, with occasional swells 30% higher. Cape Brett is at the entrance to the Bay of Islands and
  6. See now what might have been? The TOR leapfrogging off the last Edition with a completely new 70 redesign, foils and all. Even OD would have been interesting and cost effective compared to the current expected budgets. The 70’s still going hard and breaking records (Wizard etc). An obvious resale market in the making and like said above, possibly a new class.
  7. Reckon Leo could fall back on his chainsaw skills if the boat restoration thing doesn’t work out.
  8. Sorry about the boat P. But glad you made it out.
  9. Thanks. I hadn’t read the interview. Just struck me that with all the effort to reduce weight they are adding WB.
  10. Surprised to see the new Boss still retaining water ballast for RM (from video). Trim yes. But RM? You’d think the new foil/canting keel package would have sufficed. Thoughts?
  11. There is also the quote from Thomas Ruyant who believes his new boat can be easily adapted for the TOR. TBD Also this: The project will be financed by the American businessman David Leuschen, founder of Riverstone, an investment fund specializing in energy, who also owns the Wally 100 Galateia, on which Daryl Wislang regularly sails. Asked by mail he told us, "I am keen on doing the next race but I can’t talk about what is happening at the moment."
  12. Agreeing with you here SS. Sorry SailB. OD/Salesmanship etc. Wonder how much the whole fishing boat debacle plays into the sell?
  13. Not to mention the looming global recession (if to be believed). Tightening wallets etc. Looking like a squandered opportunity. What was that Oz commercial way back with the tag “When you’re on a good thing, stick to it”?
  14. The new structure, which dates back 8,000 years, is part of the oldest boat building site in the world, researchers believe. It sits off the coast of the Isle of Wight—an island off the south coast of England. "The site contains a wealth of evidence for technological skills that were not thought to have been developed for a further couple of thousand years, such as advanced woodworking. This site shows the value of marine archeology for understanding the development of civilization," Garry Momber, director of Maritime Archaeological Trust, said in a statement. https://www.newsweek.co
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