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  1. I have not been able to read all the comments in this forum but it seems that the possbility of a 1-to-1 match between New Zealand and Ineos is seriously been considered. For example, De Nora has confirmed to Farevela that it is an option. He says this is in line with the original tradition of the America's Cup. He may be right and they may have all the legal ground to go that way but I believe today's scenario can's be compared with that of the old time challenges. As for more recent DoG matches, they were the results of contentious disagreements between defender and challeners and the D
  2. ... and challenging the Kiwis on... kiwis: https://www.statista.com/statistics/812434/production-volume-of-leading-kiwi-producing-countries/
  3. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like <...>" (Picture from Justin Mitchell's video)
  4. Sure the LR team will not waste the additional time given by race postponement. One of them at least: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/spy-americas-cup-romance-tvnz-star-emily-van-velthooven-and-luna-rossa-sailor-nicholas-brezzi/VZX342DYH6HJYBIRPJ5JLZXNIQ/
  5. Sounds like an ideal scenario if you are NY lawyer. Edit: meant to be ironic...
  6. Are they allowed to switch to B1 once the match series is started?
  7. Yes. Congratulations to team INEOS. They proved they can win when they sa il at their level. I wonder if their boat may even have the edge with more breeze.
  8. Maybe I am mistaken or I missed a memo but... do they not cross anymore?
  9. One can always count on these forums to be insulted. I admit I was not there and the information I have is only from the media, but it is different from what you state. What i read at the time says that the following 3 rules were broken: - Medal race boats are supposed to be in a closed "quarantined" area from the night before. The croatian boat was not there - Boats should race with the flag of the crew's country to race. The Danes raced under Croatian flag - Boats in the medal race were to have a camera installed All 3 rules are irrelevant for performance but yet they are rules.
  10. I posted elsewhere how Pietro Sibello was likely deprieved from winning an Olympic medal in 2008 becasue - for the sake of "sportsmanship" - someone allowed another team to race a medal race in complete violation of at least 3 rules. It would be really bad for him to find out that, once again, a great opportunity is taken away from him illegally, in the name of good sentiments. Also, it is unclear how LR's position can be tagged as "poor sportsmanship" as it would not add any damage to the competitor, but rather just to the on-site spectators. Bring it on LR #whateverittakes
  11. Yes, very clearly stated. Hopefully now that it is L2 they will reconvene and agree to race from Friday. Sorry for spectators but it is what other sports do. Better run the PC and the AC as soon as possible, just in case there are more covid problems in paradise next month.
  12. TE has pointed out that as COR prada can block any changes to the schedule like increasing to three or more races per day or extending beyond the 23rd February final day. That means at the very best, winning all remaining races, the frackers need two dsys of racing to get equal (4:4), and then two more days to get to 7:4. If Prada also wins one or two more then IM will very quickly run out of race days as there are only four left; 19, 20,21,22. Even if they do get back on the water on the 19th, the possibility of loss of race days from too much or too little
  13. Actually, Thursday is a reserve day.
  14. Yes, and if you watch the onboard video from Ineos, especially in leg 5 of race 3, you can see all those continuous crossing by the 3 afterguard, sometime panting and stumbling. It does not help methink.
  15. After having witnessed Sir Ben almost swiped overboard can we finally say that two helmsmem is better? It is better than zero helsmen for sure.
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