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  1. Anybody wants to try and explain how a virus spreading through an unvaccinated population is not a science experiment? Freerange even? The anti-vaxxers are in this too, whether they like it or not. But instead of being part of the solution they just prolong it for all of us and likely make it worse. But I'd grant you the freedom to give up your ICU bed for someone who at least tried, which I am sure the Wesses of this world would gladly do and then die a manly death. Because freedom and self sufficiency and so on. You dumb scrotes claim that "freedom"? Then fucking own it
  2. True, it should be. Any hints that it will be? Even the Pfizer/BioNTech as an import only option?
  3. A humble suggestion to those still insterested in the actual topic and how things developed from roughly eleven months ago when @EYESAILOR created this thread: Flip through the first few pages and reread them while comparing the questions, doubts and fears from back then to what we know now. It's almost surreal. Since then, a lot has happened. Over 191 million confirmed cases and more than 4.1 million have died, while the (then virtually non-existent) vaccines have been tested and at least approved for emergency use and then we took up the race: over 3.5 billion doses have been admin
  4. On topic: I do hope our resident Aussies get a chance to catch up with vaccinations. As posted somewhat earlier, you guys do have a chance to push first jabs with AZ and top it off with the Pfizer that seems to be inbound. Distribution might be a handful but you still have some weeks to figure that out. Good luck and don't let it slip!
  5. Give it a break, mate, will you? You have been delivering a pretty creepy Jack impersonation lately. You know and can do better than that. Dr. Eye is and has been an MVP on these forums.
  6. He did, at times, but more often than not with a pretty arrogant tone of voice. Still, this was way better than the bullshit he keeps pushing into Q-Rona Anarchy. Fuck him. He's made himself disposable (As an online persona, which has become so bad so quickly that I don't even care about the person behind it. Just fuck him). Kudos to you and everyone else who still have the stomach to push back. I confess I can't be bothered anymore. Not my circus, not my clowns. A year and a quarter ago this place actually delivered some interesting and relevant pieces of information from quali
  7. Wess should have stuck to sailing topics, he did much better there. But since he propelled himself on so many ignore lists over nothing but flaming bullshit, he may just rot there. Still, it's a pity, after all. But I think since early 2020 we have all had tougher losses.
  8. On a side note, given the determination of these peaceful tourists to get inside, the Capitol must serve a mean cup of tea on those guided tours! If I ever get around to it, just a drop of milk, no sugar. Thanks!
  9. Aluminum. E-Z Kote. Coke Lite. Some of my personal favorites for purposefully dumbed down language via mashed spelling. Like many modern (ab)uses of language, it is worse in the written form. Much like a Big Mac™, one stares at words or sentences and feels sorry for the ingredients, as something tasty or readable could have been made from them. And I am not even a native speaker.
  10. Mate, it's not the UK's fault, at least the origin or evolution of variants. This is on the PM BoJo and maybe some of his advisers. Having the variants running wild in some bizarre mix of the Swedish and US (under 45) way, that's on Boris. Having the varaiants spread to the EU mainland and indeed worldwide, that's on BoJo and every country that didn't close their borders in a timely manner. Speaking of which ... I literally read about that 20 minutes after I submitted the opening post. And indeed, our political leadership seems to be just as thick as your
  11. A few, actually ... I remember being glued to the TV, after I had read the book, as a young teenager. The endless days of hunting on an seemingly empty ocean were given more time and made the short action packed bursts even more intense (and insane). The Director's Cut is somewhere inbetween. Either way, it's a trip - but the suspense really built up better on the longer versions.
  12. Boris Johnson to announce lifting of England’s COVID restrictions for July 19 As if he didn't do enough damage to the UK and by proxy to the European mainland, PM Johnson is pushing to open up everything while being already hammered by the Delta variant. This includes stuffed soccer arenas, clubs, pubs and whatnot. Sans masks, of course. Why I am getting pissed off is rather simple: in 2020 he tried to please his partner-in-bad-hair, the former guy now known as 45. And he failed, miserably. He failed not only as a (THE) politician in charge, he failed his own people. And then
  13. FWIW: COVID vaccine weekly: delta variant exposes the flaws of stop-start vaccination programmes COVID vaccines: combining AstraZeneca and Pfizer may boost immunity – new study Both articles published on The Conversation.
  14. With the ongoing vaccinations there comes a paradigm shift. People may get their shots to protect themselves, which is reasonable, and as a side effect they will protect those around them, which is practical. That is what a herd does and it still translates into societies. Hence herd immunity. This shift affects the position of the anti-vaxxers, the self proclaimed freedom fighters living their "self sufficient" lives while being surrounded and embedded by any number of treats the society they live in provides, like roads, schools, electricity, water supplies, a police, fire fighters
  15. I certainly can't take any credit for the happenings in that video (or the video) but would like to have a peek. Unfortunately it is not available in Germany. Different source?
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