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  1. Don't know anything about the "lynching thread", bur I do second the "Thanks mods!!". SA has a reputation (at least to those who stumble over this site and the forums) and so has PA. But there is a difference between Anarchy and raving evil Bullshit, which is posted because the bullshitters think they just can. But nope, even this cesspool has janitors. Suck it up, bullshitters, and stay on FaceFuck and the like. Besides, most of the BS is just dumb, dull, repetitive and boring. It turns active posters away, because why would they bother to engage the bullshit
  2. Read it again, and at least try to comprehend. It's Darwin hard at work. The virus is doing exactly what is expected to be doing and it evolves. Humankind, not so much. You? Just stuck. Do try and put some effort into getting smarter.
  3. It probably goes deeper than that. I will have to dig up some recent articles on those "entitled" and "knowledgable" people, dating them (regiobally) back into the dark ages of the plague, but not tonight. Had a long day. Gn8!
  4. Et ceterum censeo, KSFB needs to STFU. That clown is the dumbest troll on SA since BravoBravo got kicked, in the "officially" regulated Corona Anarchy, no less.
  5. True for the older ones, but how about those in their early 20s and 30s?! We have a lot of those around here, across all adult age groups. Baffling, really. The smarter they are, the more ignorant they will have to be. Entitled, ignorat, "chosen" if you will. Fuck them.
  6. "Herd immunity" seemed like a thing and a real goal in the beginning. Now, it does seem inpossible, at least in short term (make that 2-4 years). COVID is out in the open, worldwide. It has also mutated a couple of times with Delta now being the predominant version. There is more to come and it will find a way to spread, it's just what viruses do. Our, humanity's, initial response were travel restrictions, shut downs and hygienic efforts to slow the spread, which kind of worked (plus the well known BS, which did not work in our favour, at all). Then came the novel vaccines and along
  7. In this age of volontary idiocy I feel like shifting to volontary Tourettes instead. Academic anti-vaxxers? Fucking imbecile, idiotic, self-entitled arseholes, the lot of them. Well, there ...
  8. What I have read about and in that protocol is a real turn off. A lot of gibberish from lawyers for lawyers, with a lot of marketing BS on top of it. I have literally zero interest in that kind of gig.
  9. This thread needs more purple. Like, A LOT more!
  10. I surf those sites with the Safari browser on my Mac, in "Private Mode". This allows cookies for the current session, but clears them all when I close the last window. Next vist I appear as a first time visitor, again. On topic: I really appreciate the ingenious minds and persistence of scientists or inventors like Dr. Karikó. Stick to that strange idea, try to prove it right by trying to break it over and over again, until it is clear that it does work. Then develop a practical use for it and forward humankind. Electricity, the wheel, transistors, penicillin, the written
  11. Grog

    Tinfoil Hat

    Pure poison and bitterness. Evil intent, and poorly played. I do hope you get permanently kicked off this site. You have nothing to do with Anarchy, you just like to see things burn. I'll leave that ban to the admins, but I'll put you mangy old scrote on ignore, just in case you'll ever post anything ever again. Oh, and fuck off, newbie! (On second thought: that is only for legit newbies, but not you. So just get lost.)
  12. While I have no detailed numbers on how my town is doing, we seem to be floating along with the pandemic becoming endemic. Steady as she goes, probably. The country is doing worse than it could, or indeed should. The early lockdowns of 2020 kind of worked, the wide and early reopening of 2020 did not and the obvious result were the two spikes of infections last fall and winter, where we spiked at a nationwide incidence of 211 just before christmas. This year vaccinations started, a bit later and slower as desired, but the pace picked up quickly and in the summer of 2021 we were looki
  13. Almost two years into the pandemic and amid the fastest ever development and deployment of vaccines against the virus, I just stumbled over the name of the scientist who is quite literally the mother of that success, Dr. Katalin Karikó. And a hard earned success it is, so here is a shout-out to one very persistent Lady! The NYT published this article on Dr. Karikó in April 2021, so I am late to the party, but anyway ... Have a nice sunday.
  14. Beautiful, I actually have that one on CD ... and also a german cover version of it, performed with a pretty thick dialect by BAP, with Nina Hagen and the Kelly Family as guests. Prime example of "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing", but still good fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoyDhe_2udA
  15. Would that $375m include third party interest? Like, spending 375 million to inherit another billion or so of debts? (Not that TFG would ever propose such a deal) Good grief, I do hope that TFG sucker goes down in flames, again, and soon!
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