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  1. Doesn't really matter, does it? That double zero went on ignore in a hurry. No time to waste on tailored trolls and socks.
  2. There are plenty of "Donald"s lying around, I guess?
  3. I concur, and this is probably the reason why so many (including myself) have BE and KSFB on ignore. Others have simply stopped posting and mostly reading here (again, including myself), which is a pity because we had pretty knowledgeable people posting here when first hand information was rare. They, too, have mostly stopped posting. A few brave souls still take the time to kneecap the bullshitters, so kudos to them! Sadly though, in the ways the internet works their efforts are mostly wasted. Unless that garbage is disposed of, the crawlers of Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on st
  4. Looked it up, two offices in Florida and one in DC, take your pick. Also, I wasted a few minutes and read about some of his activies. Turns out, the guy is a professional bullshitter, a 45er, already out and a pedo. He is kind of ahead of the abuse he would catch here and also doesn't seem to be very entertaining. So, no invitation from me. But if he does sign up, he is fair game, no?
  5. Always prefer those ... they don't even have to be green. Go the H&H!
  6. What if Matt Gaetz signed up to post in PA?
  7. I don't think the few clicks from this part of the forum trickle enough money into the @Editor's pockets to justify keeping the bullshiters afloat. So, Scot, what say you? Maybe, if you decide to just keep ignoring the blatant BS propaganda, could you rename this subforum to Qrona Anarchy? So people would have a hint at what kind of content they can expect down here and would not waste the time or clicks.
  8. Excellent! Let's just circumvent this insanely ressource hungry old fashioned farming of raw materials and grow cheeseburgers and t-shirts instead! :)
  9. Don't get the shot, don't claim a bed. In hospital, that is. Simple.
  10. I strongly support the notion that access to enough and clean water is a basic human right. Wall Street et al should have no say and no business here. And that less than cute fellow stating that "Just because water is life doesn't mean you can't put a price on it." ... what would be the price on his life? $2.5 billion for annual global water trades? Or maybe just $1.45 for a 9mm hollow point?
  11. I must admit that I have ditched MS Office altogether some 8 or 10 years ago. I had licenses for commercial use but all that software was used for was reading client documents and occasionally converting them into usable raw data like text or CSV. I don't know how deeply your workflow relies on MS Office but there sure are useful alternatives, some even for free while others do cost a (comparatively low) sum of money, as always, depending what you want to do with it. I have been working on publishing my clients in print and digitally for over two decades and have spent some time to e
  12. Late answer, but here is what I found: Yours must have been the 2011 edition, technically there never was a 2013 for Mac. If you don't have an install disc or disc image you might be out of luck, they are no longer available as official downloads. Support for 2011 ended in 2017 and v 2013 got the axe in 2020. Here is what the Microsoft Mothership has to say about this: Office for Mac 2011 are no longer available for installation with a Microsoft 365 subscription (which is kind of cute because it should not affect single user standalone licenses. Found nothi
  13. Well said, and much more restrained than what I would have answered. I hope he didn't dislocate any limbs while fumbling with that thesaurus.
  14. JFC. Compared to this puddle of blatant bullshit PA has evolved into a sanctuary of sanity and reason. That said, I can't be bothered to be involved here anymore. The Corona Forum has already been pushed out on the plank, maybe it's time to either clean it up or kick it overboard. And the blatant bullshitters and socks with it. Unless of course the Ed has developed symathies for the Qs and is fishing for more BS traffic. Whatever.
  15. But isn't LXIX a bit more specific than 30? Certainly works as a subset though ... ... expect to meet Romans?
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