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  1. But he is! Leading by example.
  2. Are you being deliberately thick? Or is that ignorance a natural thing? Reread you own fucking thread and do check your questions vs the answers on a timeline of shit that actually did hit the fan! Quite a bit more violent than anticipated, too. You were asking for travel advice when the second wave in Europe was building up to what turned out to be at least five fold the first impact in the spring of 2020, including travel restrictions, lock downs, closed borders and closed hotels. Here's a timeline to help you with connecting posts to happenings: That WC guy claimed to h
  3. Might be too simple but here it goes: The only reason why 45 has not yet been tarred, feathered and hung by his nuts is to keep him rambling and lying and ultimately splitting the Reps. The US voters are as devided as they can be and have been for years. D vs R has been the Immovable Object vs the Unstoppable Force for some time now but they were close enough to grant each other the vote with no third party allowed. 45 has given the Dems an opportunity to secure future votes by dismantling the Reps from within: Cult of T vs (somewhat) honest and honourable Conservatives – this must d
  4. Oh, we are improving, ever so slowly ... But for semi-adventurous tourists like West Coast or tharheblows going on a spreading spree in good old Europe might already a little dull. Why don't you try India? Much closer to the real action and a few poor souls over there might actually be dying for some of your dollars.
  5. You might want to check how polio or small pox were tackled as a global effort. This time we are literally years ahead of these programs and we have the chance to end it even faster. Other than that, have fun with masks and quarantines because of ever evolving mutations for the next 10 or 20 years, including lock downs, travel bans and an ongoing impact on medical and social systems. Then we will be fucked.
  6. ... as in waking up from a mass hypnosis? Problem is, unless they clinically stupid, they know full well what they are and were doing, and why. They bought into 45's game and are afraid to leave publicly. So, yeah, putting 45 in jail might give them an excuse. The two party system doesn't really work anymore, does it? Extremists can hide in broad daylight and are legitimised by wearing the badge of a mainstream party instead of being called what they are and what they stand for: Racists and career bullshitters.
  7. I think this coin has more than two sides, it has probably more than your usual dice. Patents - they can be temporarily dismissed. They can also be given away for free use which in this case would be a good thing. Money - in this case overrated. What the pharma industry wants is lots of old people. Today, vaccinations make about 0.3% of global pharma revenue. The expensive, the good stuff comes with age: hearts and livers, diabetes, hips, cancer and so on. Manufacture - this mRNA stuff can not be stirred up in your kitchen sink. Anyone who the capabilities to make it should be i
  8. Too bad they will run out of catchy handles quickly. Too bad that 45's destuctive drivel will out him and have him kicked again, no matter what name he uses. Loser.
  9. He shouldn't be underestimated, as long as he roams free he will continue to grift and try dismantle anything he feels is in his way. No surprise here, except maybe the fact that the numerous lawsuits against him and his helpers have gone AWOL? But I really can't get my head around are the more prominent Reps still supporting him. These people are not stupid, so why are they still using the Cult of 45 to forward their own careers? They must know they are polishing a turd?! Kudos to Liz Cheney and more Power to her!
  10. The money is in the impressions, i.e. ads delivered to users who might be interested and then, to a much lesser extent, in the actual clicks on that ad. No bullshit is too far out to make some pennies from it. Their "AI" actually works against your, the user's, best interest. YOU are the product (and your data, your browsing history, the devices you use, and how often and from where and at which time of the day/week/month, your contacts, your FB "friends" and followers and so on). Edit: This is how the CNC-guy tricks people into a 36 month subscription of $19.99 each mont
  11. True. But none of them had such a massive impact on how opinions and knowledge are formed, globally.
  12. Quote edited, because he has no name anymore. Sorry. Well. This "desk". So this is supposed to be his own Twitter, Facebook, YT, anything?! Cute, maybe. Desparate, actually. This "desk" is quite literally the village idiot's own soap box, located somewhere on the third right after his Covid cemetery and the last public outhouse before the Valley of Irrelevance. It also nicely illustrates the difference of reach between that personal soap box and having access to a mike at a well polished global broadcaster with an audience of potentially 1.8 bn people. 45 created his
  13. I tend to agree, although I still feel that he was and is lacking the moral compass or any kind of basic ethics to be able to comprehend and hence steer the behemoth his operation has become. On the other hand he might be just too fucking stupid to grasp it. Either way, it is a pretty fucked up outfit and a threat to societies, for no other reason than to try and sell stuff nobody needs.
  14. Ditto too. And then there is always this: Snipped from Business Insider. It was pretty clear from the beginning that Mr. Zuckerberg lacked the integrity to be trusted with anything. Besides, as a developer I was always amazed just how badly facebook (and myspace, for that matter) were designed and coded. So I watched them but never joined. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Zuck gives ex45 another go. Think of all the likes and clicks and ads! And it would all be his! Except Twitter decides to follow suit, can't have greedy Zuck cash in all of the 45 bullshit b
  15. How many socks does it take to change a light bulb? . .. ... Doesn't matter. No sock ever has done anything productive or contributed anything of value, ever. They are created to waste your time and that is all anyone can ever expect from them. Wankers.
  16. Larry Carlton's solo in Steely Dan's Kid Charlemagne. ... and here's why: I like to think that a good solo has some musical meaning within the song. Fretboard wanking is not it.
  17. This, except for existing back pain. My take was to avoid it in the first place. I started my working life as a mechanic on tanks and trucks. Some years later I decided to give graphic design a go, got my degree and started working from home and freelancing right away. Point of the story: I know how very expensive professional tools can be in blue collar land and that makes a decent chair, desk, mouse and lightning look cheap in comparison. Given the hours one spends sitting in that chair it might as well be a very good one. Same goes for beds.
  18. Doesn't really matter, does it? That double zero went on ignore in a hurry. No time to waste on tailored trolls and socks.
  19. There are plenty of "Donald"s lying around, I guess?
  20. I concur, and this is probably the reason why so many (including myself) have BE and KSFB on ignore. Others have simply stopped posting and mostly reading here (again, including myself), which is a pity because we had pretty knowledgeable people posting here when first hand information was rare. They, too, have mostly stopped posting. A few brave souls still take the time to kneecap the bullshitters, so kudos to them! Sadly though, in the ways the internet works their efforts are mostly wasted. Unless that garbage is disposed of, the crawlers of Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on st
  21. Looked it up, two offices in Florida and one in DC, take your pick. Also, I wasted a few minutes and read about some of his activies. Turns out, the guy is a professional bullshitter, a 45er, already out and a pedo. He is kind of ahead of the abuse he would catch here and also doesn't seem to be very entertaining. So, no invitation from me. But if he does sign up, he is fair game, no?
  22. Always prefer those ... they don't even have to be green. Go the H&H!
  23. What if Matt Gaetz signed up to post in PA?
  24. I don't think the few clicks from this part of the forum trickle enough money into the @Editor's pockets to justify keeping the bullshiters afloat. So, Scot, what say you? Maybe, if you decide to just keep ignoring the blatant BS propaganda, could you rename this subforum to Qrona Anarchy? So people would have a hint at what kind of content they can expect down here and would not waste the time or clicks.
  25. Excellent! Let's just circumvent this insanely ressource hungry old fashioned farming of raw materials and grow cheeseburgers and t-shirts instead! :)
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