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    Tiger drives into the rough

    This, but then we have a big heavy car tumbling down a steep hill. Modern crash structures in cars are designed to withstand and consume the energy of a single impact, but will give in when hit repeatedly. If Darwin doesn't get you, Newton will.
  2. AJ, if there is one thing in this world that I hate it is Nazis and what they have done. I respect you as a veteran, a vet for peace and as a scholar, but I still maintain the position that your political pet project of labeling modern cosplay fascists "Reich" is factually false and ridicules history and the victims. Please respect that and don't mention me again, especially when you are in a quarrel with mikey. (Trying hard to be civil here! Even mentioning Zyklon B is more than a bit rich.)
  3. You are probably right. I shall settle for another dirty White Russian, Dude style, and retire to my half finished book. Good night to you, Sir!
  4. Hairy or not, mop or bald, skinny, fat, poor or rich, I would prefer you as the emperor over the Trunip or Boris any time of the day or year. I might still enjoy some nice bourbon, albeit in secrecy. Life is too short to settle for poorer substitutes, is it not? That said, the German beer culture is as rich and rewarding as the finest wines of the world, so that attack is uncalled for! If I can remember whether I still have a powder boy enlisted, do you think I should send for him?
  5. Afraid not, this is one of the nicer distillers I am willing to leave behind. And even if this mostly (only) affects the choice of drinks for hot summer evenings, it kind of sucks in advance. Add the fact that prime single malts will become rarer and costlier thanks to Brexit ... can you guys on either side of the Atlantic please stop fucking up international relations and trade by voting for bad hair dos with inapt life support systems carrying them? Thanks!
  6. Oh? Do that if you feel like it, I certainly won't. Matter of fact, I have extended my personal embargo to the last resorts, Ernie Ball strings and Burbon Whiskey. And I think I have found a very capable Made in Europe substitute to the guitar strings. The Burbon ... well, I'll get over it.
  7. Very cute. And who in the rest of the world would agree to or sign any contract or treaty of any meaning while the orange clown pretends to be pulling the strings in political Washington, huh? Votes are in, Biden won and holds the office. The second impeachment on the Turnip came through, even if it failed to ban him from running again. Point is: the fucker lost and is dead rotting meat. Bring the hammers down on him and his deranged clan. Smite them. And anyone in any of the houses who still thinks supporting the orange clown could be beneficial to their own career must be brought to understand that cuffing yourself to the Titanic and polishing her brass does not have a future. Fucking sink the fuckers. They still hold the USA hostage and keep hurting her (and anyone trying to keep involved, on any level).
  8. Grog


  9. Flattered by your ongoing interest on my opinion on such grave matters, so thanks for that. That said, I think the 1930's german elites and what you like to label "Right Wing" whatevers do not have that much in common. If anything, both fractions might have thought they had a tame useful idiot on the leash. But they did not. And frankly, I do take offense in any comparison of the orange clown to the worst dictator in recent history. Your "Reich Wing" stick is offensive to me personally and very likely would be offensive and insulting to any number of people actually affected by Hitler, his party or regime and most importantly the Holocaust and World War II. These are and have been serious issues to a great number of people, victims and descendants of those who commited these crimes alike. Trivializing and ridiculing these crimes by trademarking the orange clown and his elk "Reich Wing" is wrong and idiotic. Stop it. If you want to educate yourself about the German elites and their stance to AH, here is a more recent work you might want to read: »Nazis and Nobility« by Stephan Malinowski (Oxford University Press, 2020).
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    Was going to write something lengthy about old ethanol enhaced fuel and carbs (or injectors, for that matter), but you primed it beautifully. Point is, if you guys have a gasoline engine sitting for months or longer, treat it with some good quality synthetic 2-stroke oil. The old fuel will still be less combustible and should be kept to a minimum level (top off with fresh fuel when needed) but the 2-stroke oil keeps the internals from rotting or clogging up. We have experienced that problem mostly on vintage cars and motorcycles that were in hibernation for months, ever since ethanol gas was introduced over here. A quality 2-stroke oil for chainsaws seems to work even better than the oil for scooters or dirt bikes. We use the Stihl brand stuff. Other than that, rotate the canned fuel every two months. Put it in your cars and refill the cans. For diesel engines, use some additive to avoid diesel fungus and it lasts for years.
  11. Grog

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Do tell?! Boobs, beer, boats, dogs all literally fall short. Even ragattas or barbecues are lacking!
  12. I agree about bringing him to justice. I do have problems with using his name because it keeps pushing his "significance" on Google, social media et al. Not mentioning that very combination of letters while clearly identifying him will hurt his online ratings. So encoding his name in some way to reduce his relevance to social media chatter and the news machine is a good thing, IMO. I might use his name again when his head is finally served on the platter of justice or he quite simply has croaked. Until then, he shall remain a non-person. The courts know who he is and everybody else has suffered his presence longer than necessary.
  13. Telling them to stop counting the snowflakes might hit home with them. But it would be wrong. People help people in need, simple as that. If you want to add politics, that help would remind a lot of people to think about the "United" in your nation's name. It would also add "leading by example".
  14. Very well. So what is your suggestion for that newbie HWSNBN? We have already seen his wife's tits and he isn't even posting here ... so we can't even tell him to fuck off, can we? Personally, I couldn't care less, it's already too letter-soupy for me. But someone brought it up a few weeks ago and it got adopted quickly, as it even denies him the insult of "orange clown" or "arsehole" (both of which worked fine though). I think @Burning Man added a prefix, something like FP for "former president"? But FPWSNBN ist even more soup and I can't be arsed to call that man a President, not even a former one. Maybe you guys can negotiate this and when the High Court of Respecting Anarchy History has reached a verdict, I'll look into it.
  15. You are digging too deep. This is about the brand new 2021 model. Did Frank ever use spray tan?
  16. Grog

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Much like SA then, isn't it? Except we don't have a ban on terrorism ... oh, well.
  17. I hear you. I have written before that I recognise and respect the 155+ million voters who used the ballots to be heard, as opposed to a few thousand at the Jan 6 DC rallye or the few hundred who entered the Capitol. I also agree with the further above statement of President Biden that HWSNBN was in fact impeached a second time with bipartisan votes, and only 10 votes short of being finally curb kicked out of the political circus. The thing I still can't get my head around is this: Presented with the brutally-in-your-face evidence of HWSNBN's role prior to, on and after Jan 6 2021, how the devil could anyone vote in his favor?! And how could any halfway serious and respectable politician in the world settle for this? Votes have consequences. And this aquitting vote signalled the rest of the world what to expect from the still most powerful country in the world if this breed of GOPpers ever gains control over the houses and the presidency again. My vote: Plan without them. They are not reliable and they cannot be counted on.
  18. I obviously have no vote or say in the USA, but for the life of me I could name not one single political incident that left me more disappointed and disgusted than this one. True, there are any numbers of clichés about politicians floating around, yet not one of them comes close to what happened in the US senate in the past few weeks. I will be following what the Biden & Harris admin will be doing and how the US people respond to it. I will follow it in hope rather than expectation because from the USA in her current state I don't expect anything good or useful at all. Which really is sad. WTF happened to you people to just toss everything good and honourable and decent overboard?
  19. Yeah, whatever... Since the Senate has decided what happened at the Capitol Jan 6 was really nothing, just drop the charges and release these fine people into freedom. Oh, and maybe compensate them with a few millions each. Add purple to taste.
  20. Grog

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Nice find! I do like the low tech, low key approach back then. Not so sure about the hair though.
  21. Uhm, guys? This might have been outlandish, but it's not funny.
  22. Grog

    I may have found RBooze!

    I know, I was talking about a new thread for this. Yes? And? Are you sure that you actually have some basic understanding of the 1st? Or Sec 230? How does a simple insult put you on that high horse of discussing the 1st or Sec 230? Do you feel that CITES is a threat to your 1st amendment rights because you no longer can build your soapbox from Brazilian rosewood? Not that it matters. I think I will end my expedition into Tom-Land here and turn around. I still don't know how far and wide it expands but it sure feels disappointingly shallow.
  23. Grog

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Did any of you just eat it from a spoon? It's more intense and the bristling sensation is quite something ...
  24. It will be about being a player again or being left behind playing with themselves. R's should not choose to be the party of Onan.
  25. I expect the Republicans of the Senate and Congress to answer to oath they took. I expect them to cut the T-cult out of their flesh. I expect them to signal the US citizens and indeed the world that they are willing to pick up work again instead of following that cult. I expect them to signal that the US is working on being a reliable and stable partner in the future, starting now. And the Republicans must do this because they believe it is the right thing to do. Having them beaten into submission for the time being won't be good enough.