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  1. Sydney to Hobart 1998. Knocked down at least twice, saw 92 knots on the wind instruments (if they were still accurate at that stage) still finished in top 10 across the line. Went back to do the Hobart again in 1999 and it snowed on deck off the east coast of Tassie in the middle of summer!
  2. Wild Thing 1990 or 1991? Melbourne to Hobart
  3. I reckon we did have a bit of a tremor, have another beer anyway, I'll have a rum
  4. Check the local Police station ?
  5. Yep popped the kite, lit the after burners and straight to hyper drive , anybody that was standing had to take one or 2 steps backwards! 10 knts to 15 in an instant best anyone noticed was 16 knts but was sure it was more. By the time the kite was up the Jib changed we had to gybe and then hoist jib and prepare to drop etc too busy so no-one hardly had any time to notice the speed!! There were grins from ear to ear I think we pulled out and extra 3-4 minutes on the Beno 45? behind us in that leg, was even 1st boat across the line about 2 minutes in front of Flirt (Div 0) who started 5 mi
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