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  1. We currently have one owner on the west coast (myself), and two owners on the east coast that are interested in organizing some OD racing at something like a NOOD or Charleston. Any other interested North American owners out there?
  2. Installed a North boompack on my old SunFast 3200 as I was SH most of the time. Much easier and safer. IMG_0006.mov
  3. I have a Fenix 5X and if you are strictly using it for sailing it's overkill IMO. I use mine for sailing, kayaking, hiking, skiing, skate skiing, cycling, bikepacking and have customized the garmin apps for each. Having tailored applications for any activity and the ability to fully customize the apps accordingly, or download apps/datafields like dachopper's, makes the 5X such a great watch for me. It's also nice how it integrates with my Garmin InReach and Garmin Connect where I can create/plan routes/waypoints and then view/save my activities. Plus I can get text/call notifications from my i
  4. I played around with the data screens in the Boating app and you're correct, I can now create a data screen with Dest. Wpt, VMG, bearing, distance, etc. inside the Boating app.
  5. Is the data field still available? I clicked on the link in the original post and it's dead. Searched ConnectIQ and couldn't find the data field, just the app. For me, the data field works great for navigating/VMG to a waypoint. I create my waypoints in various Garmin apps then easily select them in the Boating app on my 5X. The app has a lot more functionality, but I like the data field for it's simplicity and the ability to add waypoint VMG capability to the Garmin Boating app and easily selecting my Garmin waypoints.
  6. Never mind. I thought I had updated to 2.0, but hadn't. Now updated and it's working.
  7. How do I use waypoints in Sail Racer? I select Waypoints then select either Steer/Add/Edit WPT and it just sends me back to Waypoint. Fenix 5X. The datafield works fine with waypoints as it allows me to select my saved Garmin waypoints.
  8. Half the time I SH and the other half DH with my wife. I have both the standard assym and the smaller gennaker which is nice for when the wind us up and by myself. I've owned all types of boats between Laser and Sunfast 3200 and this boat is for me a perfect combination of larger boat comfort and speed/responsiveness/simplicity of a dinghy. As I said, I couldn't be happier with this boat. Incredibly easy to ramp launch/retrieve with the swing keel. No messing with keel cranes as I've had to do with Melges 24 and U20s. My old Sunfast 3200 sold me on dual rudders and fat asses and that design on
  9. Europa, I just went through the same decision process last fall and ended up with a Seascape 18, now the Beneteau First 18. Couldn't be happier with my choice. There is a Seascape 18 thread in the Sportboat forum. We are roughly the same demographic with what sounds like the same requirements in a boat, plus we have both owned a Lotus Europa in our past!
  10. Thanks. I figured out my problem. Compass Mode was set to On. Changed to Mode Auto and all is well. Looking forward to the app completion.
  11. BTW, I'm using the Sail Racer Data Field inside the Garmin Boat app, not the new Device App which appears to be a WIP with regards to VMG to a waypoint.
  12. Hmmm...I tested by walking a straight line between two waypoints. The VMG and +xx/-xx data will change as I rotate the watch axis away from the direction of travel toward the waypoint, all the way to -100% VMG and +180 when the watch is rotated 180 degrees from the direction of travel. Am I missing something, or some buried watch setting?
  13. Great job. Added it to my Fenix 5X Boat app. A question I have is - can the VMG calculation use GPS location data rather than the compass? Or is that too inaccurate/computation intensive? On small boats/dinghies, it would be nice to quickly look at the watch for VMG without having to align the watch with the boat axis.
  14. I've been sailing the boat (SSC 18), for a couple months now and I have to say this boat has far exceeded my expectations. I sail it SH with either the spinnaker or gennaker and it is easily managed. DH with the wife is also fun since she isn't semi-terrified and actually focuses more on whale watching. Launching is effortless and takes no time - covers off, main on, toss the Torqeedo on the bunk and tow it 200 yards to the ramp. It would be fun to get Seascape/First 18s together a couple times a year on the west coast. Sounds like there are 3-4 in CA? Doug Seascape 18 #283
  15. When I was considering a new boat I also was trying to decide on the cockpit hatch. I had the dealer send me photos of it and it is simply a hole cut in the floor with a deck hatch installed. There is no well or supporting structure and the hatch top surface protrudes about an inch above the floor rather than being a flush design. Others like having it for fenders, docklines, PFDs, etc. and I can see that, but for me I had decided to not order it. If it had an integrated well/structure and was a flush deck design I would have ordered it. My concern was leaking, tripping on it and potentially m
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