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  1. M Puzin is looking for a new skipper for his IMOCA I believe. I probably mistake him for someone else
  2. Sailing the Baltic on a big steel boat we got permission to cross a naval exercise area. Almost immediately we saw a periscope from a dieselboat in our lee. They came in so close that we could hit their periscope with an apple core. Stayed in our lee for three hours. I believe they used us as shield or decoy. Never been more serious about steering a straight course!
  3. Fran├žois Gabarts new cockpit looks like a straight copy from the one conceived by Alex Thomson and his team for Hugo Boss!
  5. This! My only problem with my little old CQR Plow in the Wadden Sea (muddy sand) for many years was that it worked too well. After a real blow I could not get it to release from the seabed. Had to wait for another low tide, walk to shore, find a farm, borrow a spade and a shovel, walk back to the boat and put in two hours of hard labour to find and free my anchor. Our new boat came with an anchor from Ultramarine. While the boat has 3 times the displacement the ultramarine is still lighterless weight and works beautifully. That's grand on a multihull.
  6. Looks like the Ministes are less stoic. Race director has 40(?) protests in his inbox to nullify the first leg and is said to be close to erupt like a vulcan.
  7. Have you ever created invented manufactured anything? Been worried about failing your family and employees? Or did you sell dodgy bundles of loans and synthetic derivatives?
  8. I agree with Bourgnon. But I have never sailed a Mini and am far from the Bay of Biscay. That makes my opinion not worth spreading.
  9. french sailors in my family are complaining that Copham and Fink lack in solidarity. What do you guys think? Are they racing hard or do they lack in solidarity?
  10. FAmNWmIXMAY55gS (1).jfif https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FAmNWmIXMAY55gS?format=jpg&name=900x900
  11. I agree with you. That is one of many things derailed by Brexit though. Netherlands tax law is now mostly in line with the rest of EU. Paris and Berlin were well prepared to put some serious pressure on Dublin. Then Brexit happened and it was deemed more important to help the Irish weather its consequences and rightly so. Torture devices were put back into the drawer.
  12. don't be too harsh with him. If they all stop lying to themselves for make benefit glorious nation their NHS won't be able to cope with consequences. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E__gyp3VIAwNmzv?format=jpg&name=large 7465.jfif
  13. My german Grandpa was a U Boat man out of france. He survived the war because he was in hospital when his last boat went down. Never spoke about the war. Except with one of his friends, a Scot and former Royal Navy Officer. 50 years after the war he was adamant that I should do my civil service on an ambulance instead of learning to soldier. He lived a long life and only on his very last days dying in hospital he told his daughter my mother about his livelong recurring nightmare: mariners in the water around his boat he could not help. He insisted on a burial at sea.
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