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  1. Kanka 14 https://yachtdesigncollective.com/portfolio/kanka-12/ https://planetmultihull.com/2021/02/23/a-fun-small-trimaran-from-the-planet-multihull/
  2. All true. My thing is not too cumbersome. Feed hose along the outboard. I went out in 15 knots plus and knew I would beating into the wind the first part of the day I just took on water while leaving my berth. Before tacking ease traveller a lot and open valve. just copied from a system on a mini proto I found on youtube. Limited myself to three finnsailors on the windward float to keep mast and bulkhead in one piece. My boat is a little bit faster and more exciting than reefed early. Made the drawing to print a snorkel that I can turn 180 and clamp to my outboardtrack with a little lever
  3. I tried. I got 6 heavy duty waterbags 150 litres each ( ~40 US gallons (?) rally expedition equipment from my cousin I can strap anywhere. Discharge gravity; filling I tried with snorkels and failed spectacularly. Then my farmermate from winterstorage gave me a pump he uses to fill drinking troughs(?) and that works well. No short tacking though Can’t get to my boat for another five weeks because covuidrestrictions. Then I’ll rig it and provide pictures.
  4. I fiddled with waterbladders on my seacart singlehand on a long long tack in short steep baltic waves. Much smaller scale obviously but the boat does go better. Plus I gain about 1 tonne meter righting moment.
  5. I may be mistaken but I believe some ORMAs have been fitted with watertanks (central hull aft (??)) to race shorthanded in those conditions (bows up(?) a bit more inertia ??). 10 m seas and 60 knots my personal trim guide advises slippers fireplace and hot coco.
  6. Artificial intelligence: plane started thinking and became a militant pacifist.
  7. you have not met my wife in my defense: those veneers were pretty!
  8. If you want to make other racing sailors despondent Meister Quorning will draw you a different boat. I suspect there are not many dragonflysailors who spend long days on their sail chart. But I learned to my surprise and bafflement somewhat nice interior as opposed to carbon nomex shell leads to more sexytime while sailing ie greater than zero.
  9. We went sailing on the new dragonfly. And signed contract the same night. Plenty pleasure of sailing. Little girl sleeping in a maxi-cosi under the sprayhood, tall girl on helm hooning over the baltic and screaming in delight in a puff and me making myself a fresh coffee in the kitchen. Glorious sailing to me but I am a simple man.
  10. No prototypes no destructive testing. you have to wonder anyone makes it past Cape Town. It is entertaining but it is a fool's business.
  11. yes - please, boat is wrong side of pond tho... Same problem here. But our seacart will be for sale in october. Please let me know if that is of interest to you. Our adventures will become a bit smaller and more civilised on a dragonfly with kitchen head and nursery. I will buy an ad when the time has come
  12. Soma, I value your opinion, too. You have mentioned FINN in one of these threads. May I ask you: If your ability to go over the horizon is restricted by your technical and sailing ability (eg two weekend warriors on small trimaran) and not by your budget, would you consider a boat like FINN? Or is running a boat like that without préparateur/boat captain a daft idea that leads to doom unmitigated failure and divorce? Thank you.
  13. voilesetvoiliers Propos recueillis par Laurène COROLLER
  14. Hope he was allowed a can of white paint for the interior of his lair.
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