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  1. good call, we have a genny on the most forward roller, and we could just unroll a bit and sheet tight. gonna try without the prod initially, and see how it goes..
  2. thx Wilco, i only did the double coat from first to second coat, they were both thinned as well. Prior to coat 3 most of 2 was sanded off. on coat 6 now and looking nice and flat. i'll try to post some picks.
  3. I agree, do 2 reefs. (first one moderate, 2nd deep) i would also suggest having the sailmaker put the deep reef clew grommet higher than the tack grommet. this will make the boom ride higher on the aft end. Keeps it out of the water, and improves leeward visibility & flying gybes less deadly....
  4. i have a good deal option on an A kite for a 20K# 41 cruiser. No prod currently on the bow, but considering adding one. it would be a bit wonky given the busy configuration up front. (two headstays, two anchor rollers) so im wondering what the performance diff would be using a prod vs just tag lined to the bow. i'm mostly concerned w deep angles, say aft of 140 AWA. TWS north of 10kts. thx,
  5. Thx Sass, All good info, boat is indoors, dust free. Cut the first two coats w a bit of min spirits and it worked well, put them one on top of another an hour or so between to get some build. just sanded tonight (120) and hit it w a straight coat of capt's. I like a brush better than foam, seem to get better control and fewer random drips. Tell you one thing, if you don't catch a drip or run onto your gelcoat deck your in for a project getting it off the next day. Now when done brushing I go around the work a few times making sure no varnish is where it shouldn't be..
  6. Taking the companionway trim down to bare wood then re varnishing. the trim is teak. should i cut the first coat to get max penetration into the wood? i'm using Capt'ns spar varnish. if so, what's the best solvent to cut with? thx in advance!
  7. nice old school G Lopez lines in this snip.
  8. probably the same 38% that don't have sex in a yr. they sure do miss the buffet's on the cruise liners though...
  9. That's a good writeup, learned a bunch about uncle Larry... The American Dream for sure.
  10. you didn't an you didn't say whether it was a term or permanent policy, or who actually owns the policy. if it is term, then let it go, your better off buying lottery ticks w the premium. Industry average for term death bene's paid is 2%. Not a good gamble...
  11. bending the mast and taking on Cunningham do not achieve all of the same results. where bending the rig will flatten in general, move the draft slightly aft and twist off the top. Cunny will also flatten and twist open, but move the draft forward.
  12. The runners were not the cause, Watch from 12 to 16 secs on the vid at 50% speed. the boat is starting the round down, loading up getting ready to launch.. Watch where the runners hit the leech of the main. There is very light deflection for that initial load up. if the runners were preventing the main to go out they would be pressed way in on the leach. by 16sec's they were toast, didn't matter what the runners were doing...
  13. Was just getting the handbag coms and the stern cam. no commentary. anyone else seeing something else?
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