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  1. arcpix

    Random PicThread

    Wright worked for the competing firm of Adler & Sullivan. I don’t actually know if S&A did any work in the building. That stuff goes on all the time (I have been part of more than a dozen renovations of the same office building over many years) but the basic building by Burnham and Root is there from the beginning and, fortunately, no one has screwed it up since then. FLW was a challenging character. As an architecture/planning student in the ‘70’s we watched “The Day Books” (I think that was the title). Old movie interview with FLW. In these he demonstrated what a difficult person he was (I am being kind). Go to both Tailesen (?sp) in WI and West (Scottsdale). They are both great works of architectural sculpture (been to both several times). I have also had the good fortune to work at several other of his homes. He was an incredible designer but absolutely sucked at the art of “how do you put a building together”.
  2. arcpix

    Random PicThread

    I believe that this is The Rookery building in downtown Chicago. Stunning piece of architecture by Burnham and Root designed in the late 1880’s. I remember a tour there when I was at IIT in the School of Architecture, Planning and Design - mid to late 70’s.
  3. arcpix

    Sailing instruments for 30' sport Boat

    We own a J/30 and switched from Nexus to all Garmin 2 years ago. Only issue is the wireless wind instrument when we are in the marina. I think it might be just too many other devices with signals going. Once out of the marina everything is fine. Zero regrets. Easy to install the system/backbone and all the bits and pieces. adding the 7” display to the mast this season.
  4. arcpix

    Less than 30 foot daysailoor

    Friend of mine sails an Alerion 28 all the time. Single handed many times and he’s around 80. I own a J 30 and can say that it’s not a great option for older people to single hand (I am 69).
  5. arcpix

    Proton therapy

    I am glad to hear that your recovery was short and uneventful. I can only hope for the same. Thanks.
  6. arcpix

    Proton therapy

    So I messed up with a down vote earlier, which was NOT my intent. MY APOLOGIES!! I too am a current C patient with a tumor the size of a baseball on my R kidney. Add to that a small spot of bone cancer which will be treated with radiation after surgery to remove the kidney. Anyone who is going through the myriad of different types of cancer has more than a full plate to deal with.
  7. arcpix

    Sean Connery - RIP

    What a loss!
  8. arcpix

    What Have You Done Today?

    Wife and I did our usual Friday drill. Find a new park or preserve to go hike through with the dog. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy each other’s company and the day. It’s remarkable how you view every day when you have been given a reprieve not matter how long or short that may be.
  9. arcpix


    You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. pure bullshit!! i regret having done business with you in the past
  10. arcpix

    Still Sailing?

  11. arcpix

    Random PicThread

    My aunt and uncle lived there. Remember going there as a kid.
  12. arcpix

    Older J/30 galley update

    Agreed 100%. We have hull #25 built in ‘79. We race and entertain. The minimalist galley has been fine even on distance races lasting several days. Like any older boat, it’s going to have issues and will be a work in progress. That said, the J/30 is a rock solid boat.
  13. arcpix

    Tides Marine Mast Track System

    Our J/30 came with the Tides Track system. Hoisting and dousing are a breeze. It had been on the boat for a few years and we are headed into year seven with it. Absolutely zero issues with it. bought a new carbon main and Light #1from Quantum last fall. Sailmaker said track and hardware all looked good enough to reuse the fittings and continue with the track. Didn’t reference any issues with a carbon main. We will find out very soon as the boat goes in the water Tuesday.
  14. arcpix

    ANZAC Day 2020 - Lest We Forget

    Very moving. With respect.
  15. arcpix

    Random PicThread

    My father was a Navigator in a B 17 in WW2. His position in the plane was right up in front with the bombardier. Needless to say, this wasn’t his plane. those guys were just kids handed one of the most incredible set of responsibilities ever. We’re all mildly inconvenienced right now. They were laying it all out there. We have nothing to complain about.