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  1. Well one of those tells you what is allowed. The other sells things. You tell me? It isn't legal, but plenty of people sail the boat handicap? My bet is someone saw that it was ok in the 24 and assumed.
  2. It's his weed stick. Almost as entertaining as their "Crazy Ivans" and probably safer?
  3. The boats are notoriously wacky with deck layouts/keel/etc. So basically start with the tuning guide, then learn what the forestay length and mast flex do, and throw the guide out to make your own. Keep track of things religiously. I started sailing better once I realized that the tuning guides are written for 15xx boats with stiffer masts, and if you've got anything else you need to adjust acordingly. Then also, learn to sail it feathered. The good ones have this high mode with the jib half luffed where they just walk away.
  4. This is always one of those where I stand back and ask why. Why accept their 40% if they admit fault and didn't take a penalty? Make em hurt for being stupid. Two turns would have been quick and clean here.
  5. I'll admit, the big air thing doesn't capture my attention. Just feels like poor efficiency proximity paragliding? But yeah, nobody is there with the wings yet. But they will be. Those nuts were doing that on skis and gliding for years before kiting was a thing. Just a rebirth.
  6. They also said it wasn't going to be much of anything for jumping/freestyle, and look where they got in just the last year. Hoping to see you proven wrong soon!
  7. Not sure, but my gut tells me that it is cause the US seems to love the strap dollies, while EU etc. uses metal/gunnel riding dollies. I think the boats aren't designed for the strap, but to ride on the gunnel. Only experience is a loaned RS Tera and Feva, might not have been well cared for?
  8. Many variations in the windsurf world. Below is my preferred. No cleat, bigger handle but still fits in the kit easy. https://isthmussailboards.com/hypotec-maui-hookup-downhaul-tool.html
  9. Are you aiming for old holes (where the plywood backing plate would be?) or making new ones in other areas? There's no core in most of the boat, so there's not much to secure to without aiming for those plates. There's one under the bow eye, cunno redirect, cunno cleat, mainsheet block, and under both decks front edges of cockpit for cleats, etc. If you're not aiming for those plates, you're going to need to put something in as a backing plate. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7rkMxMlRbxc/UOUgo0w2JBI/AAAAAAAACNk/2Kf0VzW-u7g/s1600/Cleats+diagram.jpg
  10. I know a lot of glass dinghies are made for this. And then I see rotomolded boats deforming around dolly straps and I worry. Let us know how it goes! I tie my laser to the wall of my garage, deck to studs, and put a chunk of polystyrene between the floor and rail.
  11. On mute though, right? Commentary is spot on but i don't need it on repeat.
  12. Looks like it, but modified for an asym? They had a symmetrical when I sailed em at Balboa. Uh yeah. You ain't going below.
  13. @Mozzy Sails You can look up the real report on the AYC incident, but my understanding is that it was the typical two part loop and that the upper section allowed an additional point that is hard to extract from. Know the image in that publication may be different, but those tests happened because of that particular incident, and the point is that the rings snag and hold you under and reducing that is a good thing. In your case, I'm suggesting that adding an additional, smaller opening above is risky and unnecessary. Or at least tape it shut.
  14. Just bolt a bunch of used kite foils on the bottom. Keep adding till she lifts.
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