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  1. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/boa/d/spring-park-amf-force/7312591981.html Right next to your wanted ad? But seriously, might be tough to find. Several good lasers up right now, in much better shape, with parts available.
  2. They don't make a Z420... so... you've placed yourself right out of this conversation. They make an 420E and C420. How's that Ford Carolla treating you?
  3. Aaaand nope. Too many folks. Sailing is getting stuck because the disciplines don't share sailors. I say Fareast 28R IF you have to use all your other sailors that qualified to make the team. Now that'd be in line with other sports. And I'd pay to watch that.
  4. If we can't have the conversation in public, are you going to personally explain this to everyone? The industry folks I know are asking in our area. Now its answered for the better! Just saying that trust is built and that its always seemed odd to me that we aren't able to use the relationships that have already been built. Currently we're getting our other junior boats through Zim, and that those discounts add up when we don't have to go through multiple people. And since they're regularly sending trucks this way, we don't have to pay for a full truck, we get to rideshare with everyone
  5. @RSsailingNA While you're here on the feva thing... What's the reasoning for the fixed dealer networks in the USA? We're looking at a purchase of Tera and Feva fleets, but I cannot stand working with a supplier I don't trust or know (central coast sailing) when I have one we enjoy & trust to deliver (Zim). It seems like CCS profits from all of Zim's marketing, sponsorship, and promotion in the US, and then snags the deal at the end based on location locks.
  6. I'm a big fan of skipping the match, and going the other direction. I've got a 2015 LP White hull with a patch, in purple glitter. Really snazzes up the port hull.
  7. Anyone got the youtube feed link? Bugger all finding tonight's. Swear google hides it cause they can tell I'm on a VPN.
  8. I feel like its giving you an answer to those. I'd like to see a port boat win a protest about "holding course exactly". No chance. I think their answer is "go behind" unless you don't have to. Take your risk if you want. The stern tagging high mode starboard used to use is now clearly protected, so it makes the duck the safer option.
  9. But you did click on it, didn't you? Location? Mooring ball or slip? How deep is your mooring? J70s have a nasty habit of being very tippy with the keel up. I wouldn't leave her anywhere that could see a storm with the keel up. The system with versa-dock is going to run upwards of 20k. May be cheaper to run an aluminum lift if you're in freshwater. Anyone can build the metal for you, to size, for cheaper than you'd pay a dock company. Pick any modular dock system. Then have a trailer builder build you the metal from a sketch and your j70 trailer measurements. Better?
  10. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=versadock+alternatives
  11. Is it just another NASBLA course? You probably already have it from another state and that likely will pass muster. If you don't, its like 45 minutes of your life and not the biggest issue you should be focused on within our government.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/531622468/videos/10157923748292469/ Other view shows it better. I still don't understand why they aren't farther over in the channel. Being a luddite with embed, if someone can figure it out, get after it.
  13. Any hull changes planned to interceptor/backcountry setups, or are those simply packages of accessories/buildouts that could be added?
  14. Astounded. This looks like the boat we've been waiting for. Cheap, cheerful, and wicked fast. @Dave Clark You're doing great things for the sport. Keep it rolling! Hope this bites, can't see how it wouldn't. I was looking at a new laser, now I can just buy two of these.
  15. Our organizing body is quite clear on this, but it still seen in that traditional American fashion. Not sure our PFDs are sized to fit the egos of our coaches? Money seems to loosen the zipper as they say.
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