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  1. So do you drink the Kool-Aid because you're a Billionaire or a Racist?
  2. still a little flat... hey let's try tuning up 2 octaves.
  3. Cute dogs. Boy are they lucky they aren't Jack's dogs.* *Because of the climate he lives in.
  4. Real liberal class on display. Liberal: Someone who says something Jack doesn't like uHJ believes the entire rest of the world is one monolithic mass (now liberal) led by Nate Silver out to get him. Luckily he has the ultimate vehicle and can outrun (in comfort) the evil forces out to get him. Is Trump still above 10% chance of winning the election? Is Trump going to lose Utah to a third party candidate?
  5. Typical liberal. Gay is good politics but you down on them otherwise. Hypocrites the lot of you. but judging by the looks of his girl friend I think your gaydar is broken. Rockdog is against gay marriage and IIRC thinks the lifestyle is disgusting. He is neither a Liberal nor a hypocrite. That's the problem with your bigotry. When you are not cherry picking your evidence you are just making it up. It is hard to tell who is more upset and insulted at uHJ's calling Rockdog a liberal, the liberals or Rockdog.
  6. How is the Ridgeline at stockpiling "prepper" supplies?
  7. By the way the symbol for Mu is alt+0181 or ยต not u you yC_S I take that lower case u as meaning "unHappy Jack". YMMV I use it to signify either uHappyJack or unHingedJack. But there is no predicting what that muron will think.
  8. When uHJ asks where he called the accusers liard he forgets where he says that it probable that the Trump accusers are embellishing the truth or coming up with outright fabrications because they are blinded by their support of Hillary. uHJ either the accusers are telling the truth about your Trump or like you said they are embellishers or fabricators, liars in the language of those not trying to tapdance on the head of a pin.
  9. UnHinged Jack thinks there are no limits to flirting if it starts off mutual. That somehow you waive the right to say stop if you agree to flirt in the first place. I am sure there are several guys ready to offer uHJ a tictac as accepting it would open the door to all their Mormon fantasies.
  10. So the word of Rachel Crooks saying she was assaulted isn't to believed but the word of her uncle's ex-wife's random family member who apparently knows everything that happens to Rachel is to be believed. I mean who doesn't tell everyone they tangentially know that they were sexaully assaulted? Weird and unbelievable... almost creepy not to tell everyone. What higher affirmation of one's beauty and worth could there be than getting sexually assaulted by Trump?
  11. HJ i isn't too late to be the hero. Call Fox news and tell them Hillary pegged you without your consent.
  12. ^^^^^Golf claps. (in truth it is almost an hourly chime.)
  13. Unhinged Jack, Republicans and Democrats are not the same people. Republicans selected Trump and now have buyers remorse. Democrats have been nervously laughing at Trump this entire time. However with each day and scandal Trump falls deeper into the abyss and Democrats laugh a little louder with a little less fear about Trump being the Republican nominee. I realize you feel that the world is comprised of one monolithic uHJ enemy led by Nate Silver trying to attack you at every turn but that is not the case. You have nothing to fear other than being mocked. I fear you are are in a ver
  14. This stuff wasn't buried. A 13 year old given $20 bucks and 45 minutes could have found enough to bury Trump on the the first page of results for a "stupid shit trump says" google search. They wouldn't have found as much stuff as coming out now, but they didn't need it. Had they defined Trump as unfit to serve before anyone took him seriously it would have stuck. The more i think about it I realize that the problem is that there are a bunch of deplorables that supported Trump, from his birther days and before, that the Republicans need to win an election. The candidates and the party
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