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  1. Sounds kind of like counting votes in Arizona.
  2. LPE has been going bankrupt with imminent collapse for over ten years now. Won't shed a tear if/when that does happen, but it seems to be remarkably resilient. The Laser class, for better or worse, seems to have moved on. It's very unfortunate what is happening with the Sunfish class, but they have nowhere else to go.
  3. I remember when I was in college in the early 90s and went to a sailing store that was also a Laser dealer. They had a brand new one sitting on the floor for like $2500, maybe a little more.
  4. Is $7300 much of a savings compared to the other builders?
  5. Requiring liability insurance has been standard for high-level regattas for more than ten years. I had to get it for a regatta in Canada. I went through a US Sailing sponsor, I think the Gowrie Group? Fortunately their standard policy was valid in Canada. Not sure what I would have to do if I traveled to Europe for a regatta. I've never seen it required for a local or district level regatta. Not saying it isn't a good idea, just not required. You never know when your Laser might get run over by a ferry. It's scary that NZ doesn't have mandatory liability insurance laws for driv
  6. Are the Olympics still a sure thing? I think Japan has avoided any large surges due to be an isolated island. However, I read that only a very small percentage of the Japanese have been vaccinated to date. Even if it is only athletes and no spectators, I wonder how they feel about bringing in large numbers of people from around the world.
  7. That's sailing a Laser with a Sunfish rig.
  8. Regardless of format, do they even still teach kids long division? And multiplication tables?
  9. Pretend like the last ten years didn't happen? No, certainly not. But that video was meant to be a pleasant diversion for people stuck at home during a pandemic who can't get out to sail. That's why I said omit the recent class history. There are probably lessons in that video on how to move forward from the last ten years. As for anyone who does want to dwell on the last ten years, well I think we all know exactly where to look.
  10. Watched a little of the video, will watch the rest later when I have time. I was a little taken back by seeing the logo of that "other" organization, but I don't think either one was involved in the video. To reminisce about class history, probably best to leave the last ~10 years out entirely.
  11. You'd be surprised at the keen racing you can find in the class. People have sailed them for decades and know every little trick and nuance. A wise old Laser master once told me this about the Sunfish. It's a simple boat to sail, but a hard boat to sail well.
  12. I don't understand that. I think anything that gets more people out sailing is good. If there were a fleet of *s *ero* near me, I would probably buy one.
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