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  1. Anyone know sources to buy Aluminium Foil Sections? I’m after NACA 0012 x 300mm chord.
  2. Not likely. We tried the concept on two 18s competing in well developed 18 fleet to get some real life result not just that bullshit "oh, it sails so great, so awesome ... (but never wins a race)" and results just never justified the extra hassle and expense...so Wingscape 18 was converted back to classic setup. Self standing rig had a weight penalty, sails were more expensive... On top of everything it exhibited some new handling challenges like you can't feather the sail as it rotates around center of effort so it is prone to flutter in high winds, mainsail blocking forward vision (and pass
  3. Mate the quality of workmanship and your attention to detail is mind blowing. To have the courage to take on this sort of project is to be applauded, to stay committed in the way that you have over all this time just takes it to a whole new level. I suspect there a very few people in the world that would have the strength of character to do this. Cheers Mojo
  4. Hi Jim, can you give us a rough idea how many hours you've spent building yours? The builder you are talking of, are they based in the USA? I've built an 8m, but seriously considering downgrading to something similar to your 6m Cheers Mojo
  5. Everyone has a choice. You can have a bullet proof boat with a top speed of 5kts and won't sail in under 10kts of breeze or you can have a high speed, light weight flyer that requires some care and respect to use safely. Some people chose the tank, others the sports car. The energy from a keel strike at 20kts has to be absorbed somewhere, if not in damage to the keel it will be somewhere else. Cheers Mojo
  6. I agree. I think the boat looks sexy. Different strokes for different folks I guess
  7. Hi Mojo. I would love to see some detailed pics of your prod set up any help would be very much appreciated. I have seen pics of your boat being built witch has one or two with the ball joint so any details would be fantastic. I'm the guy building a custom design composite Colson 6 sportboat. I'm 1/2 way with the male jig now and just sent Barry the pics tonight. damo@onthenet.com.au "Thanking you

  8. Any chance anyone out there has contact details for Olly from BYC? He was sailing on Invincible, not sure if he still is. Cheers Mojo
  9. I am impressed by your project, are you sailing with the boat today? Hi FOP, Unfortunately I'm on the opposite side of the world to the boat at the moment. Boat is in Australia and I'm in the UK. Haven't used it for a while because of this, but hopefully that will change soon. Cheers Mojo
  10. Well done mate, keep the pictures coming, everyone loves to read stories like these. Best wishes with the rest of the rebuild Cheers Mojo
  11. I think I'll be in brissy the weekend of the states. Would be great to see a fleet of 550's in Townsville. I think the sportsboat scene in Townsville will grow over the coming years as owners look for faster boats without the need for 10 crew. Mojo
  12. Might be a bit costly to get the pre-cut ply sent to Oz due to the risk of importing nasty bugs. However, I do have a mate up here in Townsville, QLD who is looking to build a I550, he also owns a CNC laser cutting business. He could cut the ply kits easy enough if the designer kindly sent him the CAD drawings and gave him permission Cheers Mojo
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