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  1. Still


    Guy with the best info on this topic is named Bennett Greenwald, should be able to get hold of him via J/70 and 111 class websites
  2. My first thought also. Wonder if there's been any hard research done on this, in the sailboat optimization context rather than the turbine blade context (for a 36 or 40 footer, you'd understand if the answer turns out to be "no;" once you're dealing with a $$$$ project, you would think "yes"), or if they're still a bit of Bieker art that is presumed to/seems to work
  3. Still


    No disrespect to the Hall employee above, I truly look forward to hearing what he finds. FYI, he's one of the best riggers anywhere
  4. Still


    Congratulations! Good for you and for "Dinghydock."
  5. Still

    Seascape 27

    Boy, Bob, really surprised to hear you describe this one as "beautiful." To me, its so brutally functional that it is pretty despite itself, like some racecars or firearms. Or some raceboats. I do like the boat, and agree with the views expressed in the Norwegian Seil video that it is very versatile and so would meet the needs of a lot of different sailors, my own included.
  6. Still

    Seascape 27

    Absolutely right comrade. From each sailor according to his abilities, to each depending on his needs. Profit is evil. Market acceptance is bad. Even worse is a dumbshit Antipodean asshole who cannot properly spell "maximize."
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