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  1. That should be Beth Leonard (we have different last names) if you are trying to use it to google. Yea she wrote quite a bit about buying and storing food to last on passages.
  2. I have a large collection of rough 'starter' polars from weather routing. You refine them to specific boat and weather conditions. I have no idea how good this is but: TWA 5 7 10 14 20 28 44 3.2 4.3 5.6 6.5 6.9 6.8 52 3.8 5.1 6.5 7.5 8.0 8.2 60 4.3 5.6 7.2 8.3 8.7 8.9 90 5.2 6.8 8.5 9.4 10.2 10.7 120 4.6 6.1 7.1 9.7 11.4 12.7 150 3.2 4.4 5.9 8.0 10.1 12.6 165 2.7 3.7 5.3 7.1 9.4 11.8 180 2.5 3.5 4.9 5.6 9.1 11.4
  3. just declare that: you want to go green, always intended to sail engineless, need a bathtub and the engine space is the only available space . . . .and pull the damn thing out and sell it. that would pose a new exciting challenge for you to rise to, for your trip to maine next summer
  4. He (the current owner) is up in Alaska. Hawk just got back from a 10 week trip to the Aleutians . I am a bit jealous for the boat. He is a big ship engineer, very competent, and does not really care much for other people or their opinions - so first I dont really think there are many yachtsmen up where the boat is and it probably would not phase him if someone commented on it. He views Hawk as a tool, an important expensive one that he wants to keep up as well as he can, but there is very little emotion there. The Silk story is a bit more sad. I have lost track of her now, but d
  5. yea, I can imagine the joy sailing a famous boat well but horror in doing something stupid with it. I personally would never accept that bargain, never do the famous boat thing. But I appreciate the people who do and really keep up their end and do the boat well.
  6. the last . . . but they would have to be sure you are up to standard to pass the boat onto.
  7. np - install some super high def cameras and wide screen tvs.
  8. I can think of many things .....Be fun to surface in NYC harbour, and take it under the north pole and surface thru the ice, explore famous wrecks, set a round the world speed record . . . . . . .and for B & M it would set them apart from the other billionaires which seems important to them.
  9. I believe you could actually have wanderer III, in good shape and available - super pretty - different lines than curlew but still to lust for. We were good friends with the german owners who took her to south georgia, where they overwintered (like curlew) but did not wreck the boat doing it (unlike curlew).
  10. thinking about this thread, and some current news, it struck me that Musk & Bezos could buy personal Seawolf class nuclear fast attack submarines - that would be sort of fun.
  11. it would be for sure quite boat dependant.
  12. The guys doing those specific pieces are actually in Bilbo's neck of the woods: FLiNK Limited Rosemary Jubilee Road Totnes TQ9 5BW UK
  13. most of the strong point carbon constructions I have seen splay the uni's - which I imagine is both to get bonded surface area and also to make sure that you have sufficient fiber alignment to the range of load angles. The bonded areas requirements are surprisingly pretty low - even with a 4:1 safety factor - bilbo's would seem to need only 9 sq inches per brible arm (sorry for the imperial measurement). load 5040.0 lbs per bridle bond strength 2200.0 psi minimum bond area 2.3 sq inches safety factor 4.0 safety bond area 9.2 sq inches (EDIT:
  14. you have (at least) two boats now - if you only had one - which would you keep?
  15. very interesting - good work. something that occurs to me looking at your chart above is the question of 'two anchors on bow, or one double weight anchor". We could from you data start to get an idea of the holding across multiple bottoms with the two best alternative anchors (you have suggest a roll bar and a non-roll bar) vs a heavier single best choice. The conventional wisdom in 'the old days' was two different anchors, then it changed to one heavier anchor (which I think had more to do with better windlesses than change in anchor design) - but no-one has really ever put any data to
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