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  1. Alex W

    Which Isotherm for icebox conversion?

    Isotherm “ISEC” does this. It’s a cheap upgrade or came stock in my unit.
  2. Sorry, I can’t help there. My engine didn’t require a rebuild. I had a compression test done first because I was worried that it was time for a rebuild, but my engine was in spec. I had them do a lot of work (replacing hoses and pumps that were overdue), but the major solution to my problems was replacing the injectors. I had identified this as a problem earlier and tried replacing just the nozzles without adjusting them. That was a waste of time and money and the new nozzles were a mess in under a year. Aux Marine fully replaced the injectors and that solved all of my problems — low output, smoke, hard to start. It’s been 2.5 years since that service and the engine still runs very well. I found it well worth having an experienced Yanmar mechanic spend a day with my engine.
  3. They did a great job with the 3gm on my boat.
  4. Alex W

    Introducing PNW ORC: free ORC certs!

    This is awesome, thanks so much for setting it up. I've registered (and hope to be back out for Ballard Cup). I've been hoping to see someone really champion ORC in this region so thanks for stepping up.
  5. Don't shy away from posting WTB type ads. A lot of people sit on boats that might be ready for sale.
  6. Alex W

    Will a new traveler make a difference?

    Is that traveler using cartridge ball bearings that roll on an i-beam? My experience is that style of traveler doesn't work at all, and that an appropriately sized Harken travel makes a huge difference. Your traveler is end of boom so it should have a reasonably easy life. I will say that I have limited experience with 51' boats and the higher loads.
  7. There are a few local forsale groups on Facebook. I run one called "Seattle Sailing Buy/Sell/Trade" and there is also "PNW Used Sailing Gear". Watch those and also post a wanted ad in those and I think something might turn up. A 70s 5O5 (that I owned a while back and has changed hands since then) was recently given away on those groups for example. If you join the Seattle Sailing one please make sure to fill out the questions when joining. I filter out the ones who don't assuming that they are joining to spam.
  8. Alex W

    Transducer wire ?

    You can check for them on Airmar's website. They have color codes for every Transducer that they've made. Their depth transducers normally have black/blue/ground wires though, so those might have been made by someone else. Look at the "Wiring Info" column. I wouldn't be surprised if the two orange wires went to the piezo on the depth transducer. You can probably figure it out with a multimeter.
  9. Alex W

    Boats for two couples

    How long will your cruises be with both couples vs just one couple? I'm your size and my Pearson 28-2 (sold, but there are a few in Seattle) had the V-berth and aft cabin. I did a 5-day cruise with another couple and that was fine but a little tight. The same design but a bit longer would give a little more breathing room, and Pearson made that as well (31-2 and 33-2).
  10. Yes, that is the same boat. Send me a PM.
  11. Alex W

    Seattle ish LA moorage

    Ignore what Shilshole says online and call them. They always list wait times Nick longer than reality. I do know that liveaboards slips take a long time there though. I think 65’ means an end tie at Shilshole and I can’t think of any empty ones of those.
  12. Alex W

    Seattle ish LA moorage

    Join the Duck Dodge Facebook group. Someone just posted all of the openings that he could find on Lake Union, including noting liveaboard slips. Also watch for sublets at Shilshole.
  13. Alex W

    Cruising boats that plane

    On US/Canada border "enough wine onboard to interest the authorities" is about 4 bottles. So that might not be the most useful metric My boat surfs nicely (doesn't really plane), but it's rare that cruising weather and weather that allows for surfing happen to align with a day off of work.
  14. Alex W

    Using an Anchor without a roller ?

    My boat had no roller and we went cruising with it immediately after buying it. My hack solution was slitting a piece of hose and taping it over the bow pulpit so that I can drag anchor chain over the pulpit without damaging the pulpit itself. I put a roller on that winter. My roller is installed so that it can be removed from the top with a socket wrench. I did this by cutting a piece of G10 that matches the footprint of the roller and which is threaded to fit the bolts. The bolts are installed with the head below and tight into that G10, making fixed studs that stick up from the deck. I can put the roller on and tighten with nuts from above. I'm now building a new roller that fit's my boats unique geometry and which is long enough to store our anchor. This will be a lot nicer when cruising vs carrying a muddy and heavy anchor down below. I don't have anchor rode storage, so I will need to disconnect the rode and store that elsewhere.
  15. Alex W

    diesel outboards

    It's because the tax systems generally discourage large engines. It isn't just fuel taxes, there are also CO2 taxes based on max emissions of the car that you pay at the time of purchase. Norway got this entirely right. They have the biggest oil reserves in Europe and could have had the cheapest fuel. Instead of making their fuel cheap and supporting a car culture they taxed the hell out of fuel and taxed cars heavily and used the income from exporting oil to support a better lifestyle for their own citizens. In the US we ripped up public transit, made fuel as cheap as possible, and didn't discourage big gas guzzling vehicles (in some cases we've encouraged them). That was a short sighted option. I was lucky to get to travel to Oslo, Norway many times a year for work about a decade ago. It's not the perfect place, but I loved the time that I spent there and thought about moving. I loved being able to take a 30 minute subway ride from the center of Oslo out to good hiking and cross country skiing. Puget Sound has better year round sailing of course.