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  1. Doesn’t Pineapple still build there? It might be worth checking in with Ballard Sails or another PNW builder since there are so many Nonsuchs up here. I’ve seen a few Ballard sails on Nonsuchs. They will build here or outsource to their design. I trust Alex (one of the owners) when it comes to sail cloth, he hasn’t steered me wrong. He also has told me when he thinks they should build it vs outsource.
  2. I had a boat done with a soft hand 1 or 1.5mm cord instead of 3mm paracord. It took someone a long time, but was really comfortable and held up for at least a decade. I’ve sailed with Paracorded wheels and this one was much more comfortable This photo is of a stove gimbal that I made, but you can see the wheel too:
  3. That’s similar to how I did it as well. Also test it externally (as shown in those photos) to verify that your lengths are all correct. it’s been a few years without any twisting. The purple line is our control line, the blue is the cascade, and the far orange line goes to the outhaul car.
  4. That is a big reason why I use an iPad in the cockpit of our boat. The ideal spot is one that folds out into the companionway. That doesn’t work well on my particular boat’s design. The other common spot is mounted into the bulkhead, but I hate cutting a custom shaped hole for an electronic device that will be out of date in a decade. I’m waiting for someone to make a lower profile plotter that can be surface mounted. It doesn’t need to be tablet thing, but under 25mm would be nice. Hopefully with a single cable for power and nmea2000.
  5. On my previous boat (which had a similar sail plan to a Catalina 30) I would keep one kite in a sock for single handed use. I would sock, jibe, unsock. That made everything really easy (but slow). I did this with both sym and asym kites. I built my sym setup with used pole and a cheap worn out kite before getting a good one. The sock worked really well on that boat (a Pearson 28-2 with swept spreaders), but hangs up in the standing rigging on my current boat (an Express 37 with inline spreaders). Same North sock design in both cases. Maybe borrow one first or buy used?
  6. All of my bad wraps have been when using an asym on a boat without a sprit. It’s easier to have fly too close to the forestay when doing a jibe. In the PNW we cruise with our asym, but bring the pole because useful to pull the sail to windward and go deeper. I’ll rig without the pole and see how it’s going. If we’re going a long distance (hour plus) pretty deep it’s worth the extra few minutes to rig the pole and do less jibes. In the long run I think I’m going to rig a sprit to the boat.
  7. Which part of the PNW? Down in Seattle most of our sailing is up or downwind, so beam reaching/close reaching sails like a code zero don’t get used as often. So I would pick an asym spinnaker over a code zero. If my boat were in Anacortes and I was sailing a lot through the San Juan’s and in the Strait my choice might be different.
  8. Something like $7-8 for a Sloopersize, which is 24oz of good local beer. A couple bucks cheaper for Rainier or PBR.
  9. I would assume that there is a conduit, see if you are able to make the current cable move easily before you start cutting anything. My previous boat (a Pearson) had a VHF cable routed along a bulkhead like that and it must have been installed before they put the deck on. It was the only cable that I couldn’t easily access or replace.
  10. If your batteries are always fully charged than the alternator is likely trying to overcharge them to a higher voltage that works for FLA batteries. That will boil the electrolyte out of AGM cells. My cheap solution is that my alternator runs through a diode that tries to balance two battery packs (a common solution before Bluesea introduced the relay version in the ACR). This drops the max voltage that my batteries can see from the alternator by about half a volt. I have a proper alternator regulator to install, but haven’t made progress on that project in a long time.
  11. Seattle has very strict HVAC sound requirements (45db for heat pumps, 55db for a/c). There are heatpumps made for the local market that are very quiet — we just installed a Trane XV19 that was apparently designed for the requirements here. I think the primary change is using more efficient fan blades, maybe a 3D shape vs 2d? Ask me in a year what I think of it, our system is under a month old. So far I’m impressed with the variable speed vs cyclical behavior. We have the Trane for most of the house and a small Mitsubishi unit in the attic for the second floor.
  12. Your asking to cover a large wind range. We have a drifter that is great (it goes up the foil), but we’re only use it up to about 3 knots wind speed upwind. Above that we use a standard jib or kite. The drifters role is to get us out of wind holes so it matters less what direction we are going as long as we’re moving. At 12 knots true and singlehanded I’m running a #3 and contemplating a reef. I know my boats sa/d is higher than yours, but 12 knots isn’t light wind on any boat.
  13. On my RM system (most components are 7 years old and predate Axiom) has multipoint calibration curves for speed through water (but single point for wind) and dampening settings for everything. It’s possible to make it more accurate than I’ve ever invested the time in. It can also show current (someone asked that).
  14. The only one that applies to RTC is 3.6.6. Check the NOR. “A boat shall carry U.S. Coast Guard (or applicable government entity) flares meeting day-night requirements not older than the expiration date.” I think the Sirius electronic flare meets that legally
  15. The new electronic flare (that started this thread) is significantly brighter than the old ones. I can see how it will work well at night. The pattern is also unusual and would be hard to mistake for party lights. I carry one to keep us legal and because I think the long runtime and safety around kids are good benefits. I have a lot of expired pyro flares too, DSC, and AIS.
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