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  1. Anyone active these days? Anyone sailing or got a boat for sale?
  2. I've just got my Sun Fast 3200 going in SF Bay and a little Internet sleuthing reveals there's a couple of the boats in SoCal. Can anyone help me get in contact with those owners? Trying to do some research on setup. Thanks in advance!
  3. I am not sure what's cooking in AT's kitchen right now, but he doesn't have legs on those 'near' him and hasn't for a while and I don't quite understand why. I'm a huge AT fan and am struggling right now to keep the faith.
  4. Fairly early on in my IC sailing career, I had borrowed a friend's boat while my new build was under construction. It was winter in SF and I was rusty, having not sailed much in a year or so. I sailed out into the bay--chilly-and suddenly the breeze turned on to about 22kts. I stuffed the boat and crashed violently. I threw out my back and it went into spasms. I got the boat upright and realized I couldn't lift my left leg enough to get it onto the seat. Hitting the cold water froze my back stiff and I was in a lot of pain. I looked around and didn't see many people out sailing and wasn't righ
  5. A bit suprising that you take the jib down first. The jib keeps a bit of pressure away from the kite while it goes up. The jib up is also what keeps my botched set from going truly pear shaped when the kite decides to hourglass around the headstay. For this reason I run a tall, skinny staysail when running under spin offshore. What's the configuration or reason that drives you to douse the jib before setting?
  6. This. I am singing this tune right along with you. I wonder if we could build something in the 25' range, reasonably fast but sturdy and trailerable, for ~75k all up. US needs a one-design shorthander. If it's OD it doens't matter much if the hull is carbon or glass, and we don't need sprits and sail plans like Minis to be fun. I would buy one. Though something closer to 28' might be better for the pre-Olympic set.
  7. Toad, have a scotch and relax, man. 1) Letterbox. I generally do not do them. They're money if it's windy but my space between the boom and my sail isn't big, and they're a pain to unpack. I don't have overlapping jibs. I take the kite down aft of the jib and under the boom into the companionway. I've pulled down my big kite in 30kts and a seaway on multiple occasions like this, though I'd think about a letterbox if I was trying to get rid of a kite in more than that. All I have to do to swap to the next kite is snap off the shackles on the corners and the halyard. Typically I will attac
  8. My strategies (32' boat) in order of preference for shorter-course racing: 1) If it's windy, or the slightest bit reachy, I use an asym on a furler, because solo symmetric kites in bouy racing are epic pains in the ass. 2) I have a bunch of kites. I launch out of a bag on the foredeck and recover the sail into the companionway under the boom. It takes about three minutes to pull up the next kite and swap the sheets/halyard over. I try to pack at least two before I get back to the dock so I don't miss the entire happy hour. 3) I have tried recovering the kite into the foredeck
  9. You guys assume I am old enough to do the Transquadra! Shit.. I will be in a couple years.
  10. Great stuff! Thanks! I've definitely been down the "completing vs competing" road in my head. As a human, it is impossible for me not to compete; but as a matter of practical sense, I don't think I have the time/money/mental energy to 'compete' per se and would probably be best served by a 'completion' attitude. Certainly for the first attempt! The info in this thread has been valuable in regards to qualification and the like. I would suspect that buying a Mini and sailing it for a while in the USA is a great idea, and possibly even required, but the reason I started this thread wa
  11. Right on, fastyacht (how do I know you...? from the Farm...?). Canoes are just kinda special. They make me afraid.
  12. Of course, I will do those races. SHTP is an obvious one. Longpac, of course, a mere long weekend's work. Sailing shorthanded in the Bay--once I can flick this virus booger and get my boat out of Houston and into her slip at RYC!!--is clearly going to be fun. I'm West-ish now, penned up in northern Nevada, but not far from SF. While we're talking about West Coast, there is no way I don't sail the R2AK in the next couple of years. I also happen to have, uh, professional connections with physically strong people who are immune from pain, cold, and fatuige. Not like I'm going to be spinning
  13. Yes... of course... to do "good" sailing of this sort, I know I have to move to France. Je suis desole, but that time in my life has probably passed. It's romantic, the thought of abandoning one's family to pursue one's dreams. I wonder how Moitessier's wife felt about it when her hubby parked up in Tahiti with a side chick. We all feel good reading his book, but we also have to admit there's a real life we have to deal with. I will accept less than good sailing to pretend that I can play by compensating for romance with cold hard cash. I can probably spend the money and stay marri
  14. Here's why I race ICs on handicap races instead of boats I can actually sail fairly well, like Lasers: it is just about as awesome to lose in an IC as it is to win. It's fun to get around the course, period.
  15. Fiagro III rental just makes sense as an American looking to do the Solitare. That boat isn't cheap. For the Mini, I'm trying to weigh the costs of shipping vs chartering. It may actually make sense to buy a well sorted boat in Martinique, sail it to the East Coast, race a bit to get things down, then ship and race and sell. Or maybe I just want to do that. Anyway, gonna head to the corner store and buy a Powerball ticket so I can quit scouting the costs on a forum and just start making it rain.
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