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  1. Might want to try a different one this year Ted just saying like.....
  2. try reading back up the thread a bit....tp52's
  3. it was very nipply, all the way from the heads to apollo bay without so much as a tack was alright though....at least for those who didnt head off seawards.....
  4. Georgia was first in short race....but kept going for longer race.....absolute drifter at the end
  5. many heading out for the tam oshanter? good excuse to get up on the piss early on saturday!
  6. who was out there with the camera this weekend?
  7. cost some alot of time, lots of handbrake turns being made by the first few, too much fun being had on the reach! anything likely to come of the cougar/big ship close call?
  8. Good weekends racing, yesteday was a blast! But why in the name of god would you have an all in start on sunday? its suicide to have 50 footers heading for the same line as 25 footers, they're simply to slow to be able to get out of the way, no matter how much they want to, the start yesterday was dangerous, lucky there was no boat damage heres some pictures from the 1st and 2nd range races from Steb Fisher.... scroll down to the bottom of the page for this years - Steb Fisher Photography
  9. northerly tending southwest - best of luck to the PRO's! that and showers on saturday might remove some of the fun
  10. they have to struggle with that many fleets out in a small space of water to set courses, not helped at all by a wind that clocked 30-40deg left up the 1st and 2nd beat. options were to move it, or leave the mark - either way going to get some flack! thought they did well in tough conditions, OCS call was a fuck up, but they happen looking forward to the lipton this weekend, good oppertunity to get a series of races in against the rest of the fleet, one a week isnt enough! everyone going?
  11. yeah for sure - just thought that its not binding on the rc, similar to sound signals/flags situation - interested to see what happens
  12. no sail numbers called - only called boat names Havent a copy of SI's to hand but isnt vhf radio call a courtesy call normally? ie it cant be relied upon to call all/any....
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