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  1. Rskiff

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I thought it was announced when ETNZ moved into the Events centre that it was for only this defence and then they move to taking over the Prada base.
  2. Rskiff

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    look, give me ya purse
  3. Rskiff

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Read a couple of years back that one of ex Oracle crew got it from Oracle and is in Auckland area
  4. Rskiff

    Team NYYC

    yeah but really, no one watches that show surely. It's crap
  5. Rskiff


    ha, can't you spell Lyttelton
  6. Rskiff


    lower end of harbour, will be up further
  7. Rskiff

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    not according to the webcam as at 10 am
  8. Rskiff

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Already the predictions are wrong with the article saying the Prada cup starting on the 5th. Poor journalism
  9. Rskiff

    Christmas Regatta
  10. Rskiff

    what was it?

    new owner
  11. Rskiff

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    if it's fucked then they did a great job molding the top of the cradle to fit
  12. Rskiff

    USN Ship In San Diego on Fire

    who needs a Exonet to destroy a ship!
  13. Rskiff

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    the boat did arrive, it's sitting outside ETNZs base ready to be unpacked.
  14. Rskiff

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    yeah was fucked up gun laws, and a fucked up white racist Aussie to boot
  15. Rskiff

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    What about all the past AC classes losing there rigs, it happens, move on.
  16. Rskiff

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Te Aihe is out of shed preparing for a sail
  17. Rskiff

    Random PicThread

  18. Rskiff

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    just came up on my you tube feed, the joy of it!!
  19. Rskiff

    Team NYYC

    Really, the Italians look pretty sharp to me, mind you they all look great. Fantastic to see innovation. All have different paths.
  20. Rskiff

    100% foiled races?

    It's a Trump trick
  21. Rskiff

    Who goes over first?

    Malta was first!
  22. Rskiff

    Team NYYC

    that shot isn't the same as the "business time" video, so you can't compare it. In the video there isn't any wake from a chase boat