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  1. You people are all total fucking clowns.
  2. We used to have the best nickname for As Larks, but I'm pretty sure it's way too un PC to mention in this day and age.
  3. One of the best yachting books ever written. Have it on my coffee table most times.
  4. Wise. I grew up going out of here, and I would be very nervous after all the winter gales. But we are here if needed.
  5. I guess he has no auxiliary power? Slogging up the beach against the ride and no wind is going to be a bitch. If anyone does communicate with him I'd strongly suggest not trying to come in Rudee without someone local who knows the inlet. It shoals badly this time of year.
  6. Alabama is good and the rest of you motherfuckers suck.
  7. I was shocked to hear yesterday. Still am tbh. Sailed many years on many different boats with Geoff, I'll miss him terribly.
  8. No, not really. Just felt like stating the obvious.
  9. Ron is retired. Bay Harbor has been sold and is under new ownership. He is still doing a little though to help out. Lloyd would definitely be the surveyor to use.
  10. Sniffing around for a point to point sport boat under 100K and More Trouble 11S blew my skirt up.

    Original owner has given her a good home. The last 2 boats (this one) have double spreader rigs and runners unlike the earlier boats.

    Trouble has the inboard rudders and inboard diesel which has been replaced with a 2 or 3 year old Yanmar and saildrive.

    Sails are good practice sails. The boat is a bit heavy with a load of batteries, 3 cyl diesel and saildrive. -18 rating there

    I can buy it for $60 but I need to get it home. Sure seems like a ball of  fun 


    Appreciate it


  11. It's not a question of work, it's a question of money.
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