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  1. Seems cut and dried. Don't set off your pinger on accident & then not answer the phone. One fuckup too many.
  2. Love my 14.5 I searched and could not find, so I'll be watching this thread. Yes, stupid to make it impossible to use while sailing. Matching the cutout will be more important than the actual trim etc. What's with those dopey cleats and heavy thwart bench? Lose that shit! Also find a windsurf topmast, cut your boom near the bend, and replace the cut part with the carbon tube. SOOOO much faster & better. Amazing boats still nothing like them anywhere.
  3. The EC rules in re: reefing are tightened up for next year. You need to demonstrate a certain ease in doing it and I think they are looking for a sizable last reef.
  4. May as well link a video....This is off of Erie, PA, on the bay.... https://photos.app.goo.gl/PV8nrmtMa4fdr3AQ8
  5. The park avenue boom is probably too narrow to substantially corral the end foil vortices, or more importantly, to create a flow to counter the spanwise flows created by the pressure differential on each side of the sail. The deck is already there, so no price is paid in profile drag or increased wetted surface as the spanwise flow is stopped completely- at the bottom of the sail. The top of the sail is still throwing vortices- a square top less violently than a pinhead. Its not a mechanically practical arrangement and does not work well once off the wind but still in attached flow, but on
  6. Why do you think any investigation would be public information? Because when an infamous crime is alleged to have occurred, local law-enforcement will almost always confirm or deny at least the existence of an investigation, if -obviously- not the particulars.
  7. Something seems pretty off with this story. Clearly the Editor's sense of urgency cooled. Was there any kind of formal investigation by any group? Did any shoe drop anywhere?
  8. Why would a yacht club be interested in that which is clearly NOT yachting? The most recent AC was essentially a demonstration sport. It's not based on anything large numbers of people have even remote experience of. Although the universal rule that the faster boat will win the Cup remained in force, and the contest is usually fought and won before the first race, the actual sailing of the boats and the tactics used in the races were essentially frivolous. Even the contest before the contest was boring, with no passion and barely any human element at all. Everything look
  9. All things in moderation. The moderate amount of acceptable gang rape is zero. The moderate amount of sexually engaging material is above zero. Suggesting that men's objectification of women is solely the work of men is a form of magical thinking. It also implicitly cedes authority for what happens in the world to men & suggests that if men decide to be better, women would benefit from such a commitment. That's not how it works. Human beings are trained from birth. Women do a lot of that training. Nor can it even be simply determine who is a man or who is a woman, because any
  10. I'd get a nice light dinghy you can single-hand & enjoy, and a lightweight cruiser for taking passengers afloat. A Hobie Tandem Island with Hakas and a 2.5 gas outboard is a versatile craft and sails well enough for what it is. Using a trailer, launching is easy and rigging is five minutes if you hurry, 10 if you take it slow.
  11. A clean Laser2 might check your boxes. Big cockpit. Two people. Three sails. Easily handled ashore. Inexpensive. Fast (way faster than you think). Self-bailing and easy to right. Rewarding for novices or experts. A true upwind planer, which is still rare. No racing class, of course.
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