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  1. Knowledge is hard won. The Cup has never been anything but an event for the world's elite, so audience appeal is just not that critical a factor in format decisions. Keeping things interesting enough to create a viable competition for those who might decide to compete is THE critical dimension. The state of New Zealand saw value in it- and they may be correct- because the esteem of the world's elite is worth something. There aren't many other nations so positioned. The national (or not) character of the Cup has always also been a critical dimension. The idea that human power is need
  2. The faster boat wins the America's Cup. That's always been the case, and will likely continue to be the case. NZ has the faster boat. The tightly bounded course is not doing the quality of the racing any favors. Leverage creates risk and opportunity, which livens things up.
  3. Location matters for boats with sizable expense to move over land. A clean survey will certainly improve marketability.
  4. Absolutely excellent advice. I plan my motorhome movements for night driving as much as possible. Every time I transit I 26 / I 95 or I 75 in daylight I pass several scenes of carnage and at least a few 1+ hour traffic jams. Meanwhile, no trucks and smooth air at night, empty gas stations & a fraction of cops. A pack of caffeine energy gum and Google Maps and the miles slide past by the hundreds. Northern Michigan especially 'cause there ain't no freeways up there.
  5. I reversed the rudder lines before I ever sailed my TI. All of the usual sailing motions and reflexes are identical once that little job is done.
  6. Oh noes these ideas that scare you so much should never, ever be brought up. The scare quotes around "sailing" really show the terror of a kayak that is actually a highly capable small sailboat. Cause this video ain't sailing to Catalina....or IS it? Won't someone think of the children ~
  7. OMG so witty! But the EC- a seriously hardcore event too serious for armchair adventurers unnerved by a little trolling motor- has a class for....little electric motors. And no adjustable sail area, no bueno for entry. Class 6 – Solar Powered Small Craft: Any boat that would normally go in any other class goes into class 6 if they have solar powered propulsion. The solar powered propulsion may be the primary or the auxiliary propulsion source. The class they would normally go in without solar power is their base class. You may arrive at the launch beach with fully charged batteries
  8. Deeper centerboard. Mirror the forward crossbar bearing aft and put the Escape Hoyt Boom on the boat. Obviously hakas and a hiking stick. Reverse the rudder lines to it steers like an actual sailboat. It won't plane no matter what you do because of the hull shape aft. Find a pair of Tandem Island amas- they fit the akas and will add more RM. Add a small jib on a furler using a Hobie or homemade mast-topper, will help it point somewhat better.
  9. You know something? I accept your position and I'll agree that I'm wrong on the point. You marshaled expert opinion. Good luck with the Rocket. Hope I get a chance to sail one at some point.
  10. Many many Tandem Islands do the EC (they have a class) and a TI can be very weatherly in heavy air by pedaling under reduced sail.
  11. Stop reading them if you don't like them. As if this site needs to be helpful and informative. oooohhh you gonna report me? Get me flicked? Have at it.
  12. Please quote me putting-down and disparaging boats. My first post on this thread included this line: "Everything you say about what a fun boat needs is true. But if you are going to offer a touring or step-up model on the same hull, I would suggest....." But when any number of lickspittles detect/smell/ interpret any deviation from the Creator's choices , their authoritarian instincts kick in to object and enforce their dogma and demonstrate their beta ways. They can only see spitballing as disparagement. Steve Clark gave a cogent reply in a respectful tone. Maybe Dav
  13. You could go head to wind and just de-rig the boat. Pull the mast, lash it down, and use your back as a sail- it would be plenty enough area in heavy air to move a Laser at 3 knots. Obviously talking survival conditions here. But a rig that is fully reefable downwind in heavy air, or on any point of sail? Handy.
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