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  1. Tac(at)doyleboston.com shoot me a note, happy to help.
  2. I started using this early this past week and I have moved up about 15000 places. So it was worth it. Kind of stumbled across it and thought what the hell.
  3. This for style and TP 52 for fun. https://www.wally.com/wally-sail/tango.html
  4. personally other then #203, all the older double digit boats that I have sailed are faster I think. I have sailed 19, 25, 28 (which I own), 38, 55 and 57. 38 was a beast upwind, that boat just had a mode that was unreal. We won every race in the 2011 NA's with that boat. 203 was one of two Abbott boats that survived the fire. We owned it from the get go and that was a fast boat as well. These are great boats no matter what hull # you get. Only selling it because we are starting a local Shark fleet as a One Design boat and we never gained enough U-20 traction here to have a regular OD fleet, an
  5. He won't be President by July 4th.
  6. That is Spad a Carpenter design
  7. @inneedofadvice the first one is the boat that Mellon's owned few a year or two. and the other one was one of Abbott's personal boats when it was new.
  8. It's an old Soling reacher. I think he is doing a new one over the winter.
  9. Couple sailing shots from tonight. They need to work on sail trim spinnaker a little Betty Crokered
  10. Give me a few weeks when it comes out and I will.
  11. When I do that I get an upload error?
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