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  1. I hear that Scarlett is doing the Sydney Southport (plus ABRW and HIRW) so won't be spending much time in Melbs. Mex
  2. Will be interesting to see Scarlett's IRC rating compared to the ex-TP52s. Mex
  3. GFC... what GFC? Love the Melbourne arms race. There's a lot more new and exciting machines in Melbourne than in Sydney for sure where the trend seems to be in cheap and older grand prix racers picked up for a song. Great photos. Looks like another 40 - 50 footer for SYC, sweet. Keep the news coming. Mex
  4. Yeah, not a nice morning to be heading through the Heads. Mex
  5. There are plenty of talented sailors working hard and getting results in their class of choice with a tight and loyal crew. Dave Suda comes to mind who's been at the top end of the J24 fleet in Australia for years. Great fleet racer, solid crew, not too flash in the bar though, now that he's a bit out of practice. Guys like Luke and Dave don't seem keen to be a cog in someone elses machine. Good on 'em. Mex
  6. Final results posted. A few nervous moments for Phil and the crew as Cougar was originally scored as first due to the application of three drops. Unfortunately for Allan, only one drop applied due to the two abandoned races. Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper Sers Score 1 SM46 DEKADENCE Philip Coombs 36.0 2 SM5200 COUGAR II Alan Whiteley 38.0 3 SM2008 AUDI CENTRE MELBOURN Chris Dare 42.0 4 8880 GOLDFINGER Kate Mitchell 49.0 5 R33 CHUTZPAH Bruce Taylor 57.0 6 R55 LIVING DOLL M Hiatt 70.0 7 SM47 TERRA FIRMA N Bartels 79.0 8 SM460 XLR8 R Shaw 88.0 Mex
  7. Well done to Phil and the Dekadence crew for closing out the Range Series with a race to spare. A very consistent series overall. Cougar was unlucky to not be able to have a 2nd drop and was clearly the best boat if you counted only the races they sailed. Tough to lose the series due to a couple of abandoned races and a desire to spend some time racing away from Melbourne. Bad luck also for Chris and the Flirt crew going from first to third on the last day. Turned out to be a nice day on the Bay; even if it was a little chilly first up. Cheers Mex
  8. Don't know about any purchase/sale, but did hear that the same R/P may have been put into storage with no more racing for the time being, and the paid crew "released". I think "eased" is the more appropriate term. There's a thread in OR Anarchy on the split between Hicko and Alan Briety. Mex
  9. Top result from the Terra crew against a solid field. All the best for the Hobart. I'll swing by Boxing Day to say "see ya later". Mex
  10. Yeah, that was pretty funny. We were mostly focused on pushing Le Billet back after the start so got caught a bit too far right. Left was king all day. The kids from Tavern gave us plenty of shit after the race. Good times. Mex
  11. exactly how would that work oh tactical genius? Well it wouldn't, obviously. Surely that's clear, even to you. Evo: reinforcing the maxim that there are no stupid questions, just stupid people. Mex
  12. We could always apply for redress. Mother of all dummy splits! A new Hall/Rios type drama. Claim discrimination against southerners. About Time unfairly influenced results. We'd only need half a point.... nah. Mex
  13. Yep, pushing the pencil on Terra Firma. Stranger things have happened... none that come to mind right now... but I'm sure there must have been. Certainly not saying that Le Billet didn't sail well, they definitely did. And I'm sure if About Time had done the whole series they would have been in the mix for podium as well. I'm just saying if About Time had left their results to stand, we would've won the regatta. Just can't understand how you can sail around the course for three races, come back to shore and realise you've influenced first and second place, withdraw your results and th
  14. Thanks Telf. Consistent performance from the boat all weekend with Sunday being particularly tough for Nic on the wood with medium pressure and a classic Sydney slop. Made my brain hurt too. A result all the crew can be proud of and all bodes well for the Rolex Ratings Series plus the Hobart. An especially shitty way to come second. First place on the water only to be bumped to second by a boat retiring from all their races. If the boat "About Time" didn't want effect the results they shouldn't have turned up on the fucking course. How can you sail around for three races and think you're
  15. mate...it's an anti Kiwi/ Melbourne conspiracy tune being played through the CYC from Geelong. Ask Mex...he knows everything I'm gunna use the Sergeant Schultz defense: "I know nothing!"
  16. Let's face, the Syd 47 CR is a displacement boat and always will be. you're not going to get better VMG reaching all over the race course. The only reason you'd put a sprit on one is if you do a lot of reaching; which the Sydney boats do. Almost all ocean racing out of Port Jackson is coastal and the inshore stuff is so restricted in the Harbour it has to involve reaching. Not a lot of windward leeward courses being sailed up here by these boats. Hence, they use a sprit for ease of use and a rating advantage. As per last weekend, it just doesn't always work out that way. Dunno if Nick
  17. Good question. Terra is the only Sydney 47 CR with a carbon rig but this isn't a new addition. Upwind we were smoking the fleet so the boat is stiff and certainly trucks faster and higher than the other boats. I think this is a function of better upwind sails and the rig. In the last race we switched to our heavy and Balance stayed with their medium and we demolished them upwind. Terra is the only boat without a bow sprit and so we flew sym spinnakers all weekend. Balance had the option of pole or sprit and so used a mix of sym and asym down wind sails. All other boats only had sprits and
  18. Pleasure was all mine. See you at the end of November for the Savills Regatta. Mex
  19. Another note about this regatta from the Sydney Yachts website: Clicky Nice that they did use any photos of the boat that won the regatta. Sydney Mafia... god they shit me! Mex
  20. Chutzpah and Dekadence have the same IRC rating, interesting.... Other than that, the DK46 really does stand out as the odd one of the division. Mex
  21. New Loki too, excellent. Any word on what she is (design, size, etc)? I know, not a Melbourne big boat. I don't care. Just looking for news... Mex
  22. A couple of boys from the boat. I wouldn't want to cause them a roat\sting by "outing" them. I wasn't there, so it may have just been a minority point of view. Opinions are like arseholes... Mex
  23. 1. Having Hicko on board Flirt was, apparently, a less than constructive experience. Hicko and Plimo never agreed, never listened to Adrienne who inevitably turned out to be right, and therefore the boat spent a lot of time in the wrong spot on the race course. 2. XLR8 had a fairly heavy crew on board of Skandia Wild Thing sailors. Unlikely this crew will be retained. 3. We were parked next to SMB3 and they retuned the rig majorly everyday in an attempt to get her going. Looked like they were sailing a bit deep and slow down wind. Need to arc her up a bit before winding her down. I'm s
  24. The canters are really starting to struggle in the lighter breezes. It's been 6 - 12 knots for the last three races. Flirt is struggling as is SMB3. The NZL boat, Wired, really is just not competitive. Very tight at the top of the table. Quest is battling for the Aust IRC champs and must win to win for the year. They're not playing for cattle stations, but they are playing for a $100k Audi. Mex
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