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  1. Sure, but how are you going to define female... Caster Semenya allowed to sail? Caitlyn Jenner? Kimber James?
  2. I wonder why there aren’t more women in Sailing
  3. 1785 inches. I say they’d fit.
  4. Try 18. They still have to race. If they get last and Spain win, it’s silver for ourselves
  5. Little late on this but...Did the field let Burling and Tuke through intentionally in the medal race? Seems they picked their way through the fleet with particular ease (although that is their MO) to close the gap after that dunking. Did they get some help from their friends? I certainly pulled that kinda favoritism when poorly racing dinghies in my youth. Also, is it ok to match race someone to the back of the fleet these days? Stunning performance by those two, I can’t wait to see more.
  6. Anyone driving from the boothbay region down to portland on sat. morning???
  7. Anyone need crew for monhegan this year? I sail on the St. Mary's College Pffshore team, racing a mod. taylor 40 rating 23 every day during the school year. I can do anything, little sketchy on the bow, trim headsails really well, and know this area, as i have been summering here every year.
  8. I love how it exhausts right in the middle of the cockpit, makes stinkpotting so much more ... ofiderous
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