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  1. "A good engineer can make anything work. Fortuna may not have had a backstay, but it doesn't look like a freestanding mizzen - looks like there were chainplates and side stays. " Half height stays on the mizzen and then runners. Boat was extended, bumped here and there, but we all wondered what would happen in the deep South or if the additions would part company and do their own thing! Maybe just as well it didn't make it that far... However pace it did have -reaching down the back of the IOW after the start and comment from I forget who was 'Smith's on the pace' Good
  2. Nothing to do with JuanK old mate, Javier, Blinks, Damon and yours truly involved in that. Was effing quick but then it came apart - remember what happened in the first few hours of the race and everyone woke up to what the thing could do...
  3. The one and only Fish - fair winds and following seas old mate!
  4. RIP Fish, a great friend and just the best fun to sail with, thoughts are with Dee and the family. We'll miss him, and the world is poorer place:(
  5. Check in with your insurance company and what you intend to do before anything else! Think you'll find it a lot harder to jump through the hoops than it used to be. They tend to look very sideways at keels mods these days, too many horror stories, and unless you can get full design information or use original designer then save your money.
  6. not in a million years! Anyway, that cheapskate couldn't afford me:) And fyi that looks nothing like a Quant of any shape or description...
  7. It's not a question of what the boats have, it's a question of what the RNLI and others have as a rescue capability and that was what determined the max entry number. Now I rather think that the current S&R resources are probably less than back in the day with assorted cuts and budgets squeeze in all areas. Anyway, it's something that should be addressed by the RORC if it hasn't already, and at the very least they should now have a new max entry number agreed with S&R both sides of the channel to deal with their respective areas.
  8. correction-was the tack ring on the A3 that failed so Stu reckons they lost best part of an hour with that gone vmg running
  9. The boat hit an artificial reef near the end of an attempt to break the offshore speed record from Monte Carlo. The crash took place near the finish line at the Lido di Venezia, propelling the boat over the reef and back into the water on the other side. Among the dead is Fabio Buzzi, 76, a champion speedboat racer who was attempting to set a new record. That's a huge loss, the guy is a legend in the world of really fast offshore power boats:(
  10. ComplicatedBill - not Basic! Bill Edgerton...he built the boat in Oz - the UBute Boat Company!
  11. pm me! Briggsy still has the boat...he's another legend:)
  12. mmm...was hard work with Stumbles and was glad when it finished...mind you we had The Kid aka Peter Gilmour on board as the nipper, Beasho, Complicated Bill and some other Oz legends too to lighten things up.
  13. Unfortunately not...that was the first mark...Noel thought he'd make it against the tide and I was saying not a chance...we had to bail out and follow them all round, They listened to me a bit more after that:)
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