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  1. It's not good news for Afghan women: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/18/world/asia/women-afghanistan-withdrawal-us.html
  2. Great news, take it slow and steady. We haven't accomplished anything while you were gone, so ---no hurry.
  3. Not Cal 20, but eons ago when I was 20 or so, a Cal 25. A hurry-up delivery request from friend of my Dad's, needed to get from Marblehead to Block Island for Race Week. He was going to do it himself, but got jammed at work. So I said yes (being 20 rocked) Hooked a buddy, scow sailor who ditched summer school and made it up from Boston in an hour. I was assured the charts I needed, and galley stuff, were on board. I had to leave pronto to catch the tide for Cape Cod Canal. Quick grocery run, ice, zoom zoom and off we went. We could stow stuff as we went, nice weather, light winds
  4. What is it about the French? Definitely not one of their best quirks... https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/03/frances-existential-crisis-over-sexual-harassment-laws/550700/
  5. Cal, where'd that come from? You have a ton of Likes.
  6. Which makes me realize everyone with an iPhone has that "utility" app that has a GPS-based compass, that most have never used. I do use it.
  7. Well this is ironic. Just got word tomorrow class is cancelled. Ah well, there's next time... And your feedback is most welcome, and will last til the next outing and all the others after that.
  8. These are great ideas and viewpoints. I know I'm stuck on land for this first class. I'm a fill-in I think, so not sure if I'll keep teaching that adult group. But there is also a high-school student class who have made it off the parking lot and into the keelboats. Small rectangle of water to go back and forth in, then a narrow connecting "alley" to the next larger piece of marina water. One thing I noticed at first was a couple of them, when told Okay, tacking, push tiller away from you and then change side, would face aft while doing it. Which in a way would seem logical to
  9. Grateful for the tips so far, thanks gang. I'm aware there are different learning "styles"--visual, kinetic, auditory, reading/writing---because I looked it up. So I guess I try to shape teaching or hands-on accordingly, but I probably don't. Honestly, I prefer to take them out, let them steer and trim and ease and tack and jibe their asses off, then let them read and find out afterwards how the book is "right". Maybe because that's how I learned. Had a Turnabout back in the stone age, no lessons other than sailing with family where Dad usually steered. The kids at the Pleon
  10. Sailing. I've taught it off and on over the years, or done lessons on the water, and on land. Presently I'm helping out occasionally at the new Community Sailing program here in "Nola". Gig tomorrow for "adult introduction to sailing (keelboats)", 2 hours. It'll be on land for the first session, parts of the boat and sails, how it works on various points of sail, diagrams to give out on both. Keelboats are Freedom 21, a bunch of 420s, couple of Lasers, and one small 26-foot overnighter. Very nice facility. And the marina location means frequent tacks or jibes, it has histori
  11. This is when you pray that the fitters and welders at the builder's yard all did their jobs very very well.... Then after the bow finally emerges, still attached to the rest of the ship, you give thanks. Then down to the head to uh, clean up.
  12. Here for general reference (not legal advice here, consult your own attorney, yada yada) from Wiki, is a blurb which lists the priority of maritime liens against a ship. Note that wages of captain and crew are ranked first. Also, Evergreen are not a single-ship-give-up-and-run away and hide type of operation. They're huge. They will work out a way to pay off the existing crew and repatriate them. Then they can tackle the other liens that may be claimed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maritime_lien
  13. Stranded crew after owner goes bust is unfortunately the way it sometimes happens. Local and international (such as ITF or a local port chaplain or mullah) entities are supposed to help. What's typically supposed to happen legally, is that the crew have a maritime lien against the ship for their back pay and provisions. A local maritime lawyer brings the case "in rem" against the vessel and against the abandoning owners for back wages. the latter has zilch (or so claims). The local court determines that such a lien exists and the ship, after due notice to all, is put up for auction,
  14. The scenario is too common--Bad Actor ("BA") is threatening and then assualting potential victim ("PV") and Cop comes on-scene. The choices from a distance for cop are 'all or nothing", meaning shoot or don't shoot. Either one could go horribly wrong. Is there nothing resembling a sci-fi ray gun or focused temporary immobilizing force? Yeah, I know, big joke, but it's not a joke if it could work some day. Is there anything in the works? Maybe a longer-distance taser, or a focused pepper spray beam? This happened yesterday afternoon, amidst the Floyd case deliberations:
  15. Well, 7 days and no further joy. Search suspended: https://www.nola.com/news/article_f79d2c12-a139-11eb-8edf-c79eb06dc653.html I was trying to come up with something compassionate but realistic to say, if not to the families, then at least to me in the mirror. The words don't come. I'm heading out to Lake in a couple minutes to help teach high-school kids to sail, in a "crew-to-captain" class. Their first-ever sails were last Monday. More to come. Beautiful day here. Probably where I'm meant to be today.
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