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  1. Doing an iso-junk out of bookshelves and took these photos of Advance from an old book of 12m photos- one even includes the black nose and description. The other shows how different she was compared to Challenge 12.
  2. It usually says at the bottom of the screen on google earth- I think the most recent ones were from 2019.
  3. This article suggests the Elle hull was built by McConaghy's- so the hull was always in Australia: "So what happened to the money? Some went to pay the crew Harvey hired for the challenge, though (they claim) not enough – the trial yacht was “arrested” in Sydney when they claimed more than $100,000 in back pay and expenses. Some went to McConaghy’s famous boat-yard in Mona Vale, where the half-built Elle boat which should have been launched last March is now begging for a buyer to complete it, at a cost of a cool $1 million." http://benhills.com/articles/scams-scoundrels/the-m
  4. The first gusto was the unfinished hull of the "Elle racing" whitbread 60 (don't think it was the one below- which I'm pretty sure was just a Gen1 boat with promo stickers). But they cut it down the middle and significantly increased the beam I'm pretty sure.
  5. That seems such a shame- 9 tonnes of lead bulb @ $1.65/kg (NZ scrap prices) gets the boat yard just under $15,000 NZ (http://www.metalcorp.co.nz/pricelist.php) But now they are left with a lump of carbon fibre that used to be a sailable yacht, which they will struggle to sell and will end up costing them to remove? Left intact, they might have got more than $15k? http://www.americas-cup-history.at/english/nzl-20 kiwi m 92.htm
  6. - diamond cutter was a Davidson design. This is a video about when she got wrecked on the delivery trip to new owners. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3evDi5L0IBk
  7. Interesting- sail world article today says that Scarlett has the same hull as Artemis: http://www.sail-world.com/Australia/Of-52%27s,-Dalts-on-AC72%27s,-Vendee,-Kitesurfing-and-more/106323 "Seven of them are the famed Transpac 52s (TP52) and then there is one invited vessel, Rob Date’s Reichel-Pugh penned, Scarlet Runner. This particular craft shares her hull design with the TP, Artemis, which is another vessel of the class that so famously charges around the waters near some of the Mediterranean’s most glamorous ports." Is that really the case? So is Scarlett like Georgia (And TNZ/Ho
  8. Entries don't close til 13 July so sure to be the usual last minute rush. If Shogun is repaired in time Thought Rob was too involved in olympic equestrian stuff to do it this year?
  9. 316 entries isn't too bad all things considered.
  10. That is going to do the regatta more harm than high entry fees. Way over the top and certainly way to difficult for casual crew to just drop in for 1 race, let alone all supporters, wives, kids, girlfriends etc. Without all those people the bar trade will really suffer. They have done this for the last 5 years, but with id things around necks rather than wristbands. Basically, after a certain time you can't access the club without it (unless you want to pay). I think the cut-off is 6 or 7 pm, so there is no issue coming in to sail a race or do whatever during the day. It's more
  11. I'm not going to get caught up in the fighting, but that last point is a big one for me. I was overseas for a few years and missed a few regattas and when i came back, all of the grand prix racing had shifted to the outer harbour. Makes a huge difference- when you drive down to the club during the weekend, the bay looks empty and dull.
  12. Finance issues might be why they proposed charging for any non-member sailing on the mid-week twilight races this year- caused a minor revolt as most boat owners pointed out it was the most common way of attracting new members and the way to get friends and family along to experience a (fun, relaxed) racing environment.
  13. Putting the "name withheld" aspect aside, i can understand they want to rename the boat because it is pretty famous under that name after winning the 1998 hobart?
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