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  1. Back in the days when I was younger and better quality I towed my many beach cats with Ford Probe:) you really will not feel the difference with or without trampoline. As noticed already removing the tramp may actually make it worse. Tie-up, make sure that nothing robs anywhere, especially any loose wires, and service your trailer regularly. Also stop after first 50 miles and touch hubs. If they are hot to touch, look for place to service the trailer and at least pump grease into. Towing a beach cat is easy.
  2. https://bandbyachtdesigns.com/sailboats/minitrimaran/
  3. Well. IronMan and Juice, first kayaking team just arrived to checkpoint 3. These guys can go 5 knots regardless of conditions. and they can take direct route. If they leave right away, they have a chance to beat every sailboat currently in Florida Bay...
  4. Yes and yes. DownPatrol had changed owners and had been repainted in two shades of blue. Since it is mk2, the very first cabin version, it’s has somewhat less buoyancy preventing it from flooding while knocked down to a side. MK3 has beefed up defense against inversion, it will float on a side. Regardless the boat has very proven watertribe record with quite a few wins in its class.
  5. Looks like dawn patrol went not as planned
  6. Thank you Dave. And my apology. Something went wrong somewhere. I just searched “Rocket” across all inboxes and I found the email. Marked as read. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen it. Weird. My apology again. We are definitely putting deposit in. Vlad.
  7. Hi, Steve and Dave! I sent you two requests via form on your website and via email and I haven’t heard from you yet. Can you provide an update? I and my wife want the Rocket, with possible UFO down the road. Actually we are discussing getting two Rockets, since it would be easier to teach my wife sailing a small boat having two identical boats. My wife is moving up from racing kayaks . we have old beater waterlogged sunfish and bunch of other boats but they are too heavy, or too complex for small lady to move around. Please, don’t keep us in dark we are also very(!) experien
  8. Just a few thoughts from a WT veteran. 1. Hobie pedal drives were retrofitted into several successful designs in the watertribe history. Most noticeable - Pelican (Nick Hull) used Kruger Canoe with the pedal drive in Ultimate Florida Challenge (1200 miles) in 2006. 2. SOS (Alan Stewart, co-owner of BandBYachtdesign) had a design for homebiult trimaran using Hobie AI parts. The boat itself ("SpongeBob" i believe), suffered several failures in subsequent attempts at EC, but there are people who tried and figured out most of weak points. Alan has had several iterations of trimarans
  9. You also can cross reference it with the roster. The roster gives full names and boats descriptions http://www.watertribe.com/Events/ShowRosters.aspx choose EC2020 in “open races” Dropbox
  10. Also wind subsided on Sunday night and Monday morning was peaceful with N-NE winds at about 10 knots. I let my inexperienced crew flew gennaker and steer the boat in same general area although close to shore and about same time of Sailorman disappearance.
  11. Here are two tracks. one of a winner of the challenge. another one is of Sailorman. as you could see, up until midnight of Sunday, he was on track to checkpoint 2. Yes it is a risky path for the weather, but I contemplated same path and I have chosen to stay close to shore only because I had a crew. If I was solo I would sail straight line too. up until 8 am on Monday he was sending OK messages. Rules require a participant to have three ways to send a distress signal. it is SPOT, PLB and VHF. PLB and VHF must be wearied on a life jacket. the rescue was initiated aft
  12. Contact me if you want a boat from the same manufacturer as mine. I will put you in touch with them and I will help work out language and logistics problems. Another Ukrainian firm, Ducky catamarans has US representative and their boats are decent “beach cruising” boats. Inflatable boats are slower and less precise in handling than hard shell cats. It is a combination of factors which makes them good - my boat is stored under my bed most of the time, I don’t need a trailer and I can fit it inside of most cars, including rentals, and I can fly with it, although it is a hassle. It a
  13. Why wouldn’t they be? P19 is slightly scaled down to fit a trailer version of Tornado. Light, powerful, voluminous hulls, kick-up centerboards. And since there is no one design racing any more they can be had for a little money. Add wings and reefing - (as in case of Black Pearl), and the boat is almost perfect contender.
  14. And all the sudden Black Pearl (P19) started getting attention it should get. the boat is perfectly outfitted for the EC. i actually am thinking to get it myself, since I have a partner this year. I wouldn’t want to single hand it through the course, but with a crew - it can be fun.
  15. I would supplement the drysuit with one of SOL bivys. Either SOL emergency bivy https://www.rei.com/product/813511/sol-emergency-bivy it is inexpensive and it will last at least one challenge. or more durable escape bivy. https://www.rei.com/product/832336/sol-escape-bivy they are lightweight. Perfect for sleeping in drysuit and crushing on a trampoline while wet and being splashed. Very good for keeping body temp up while sleeping. I used it in several EC and in UF 2016. Perfect solution when you need to crash for couple of hours without setting a camp or ta
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