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  1. That design was done for a good buddy of mine and is being built right down the road. Actually two are being built at the same time, between paying jobs. The paying jobs are usually custom foils for boats like this, usually Bieker designs.
  2. I did a similar thing with the Nitanaht bar on my proa with a boatload of friends. We were so chilled out and it looked like slack tide, but we couldn't see the rapids until it was too late because they were below line of sight. We weren't so chilled out a few seconds later, but "went with the flow" even though I was trying other options. We finally eddied out behind a point and my knees were shaking. Got to daysail and swim on Nitanaht lake while the tide was rising. Still an awesome day!
  3. Thanks for the effort to photograph and write that. That looked challenging! Still can't see how the router could cut at deck level. What am I missing?
  4. I went from Bora Bora to Fiji never needing to hoist the main. Sometimes under Genoa, but usually just the working jib. Always had plenty of wind, always averaged 10 knots and never steered. Going downwind is heaven. I had a blast in the Great Sandy Strait but got nailed by a big wave in the Wide Bay Bar. That took awhile to recover from, but I loved the strait. I miss cruising.
  5. I hear really good things about infusing with Balsa. That there's not unusual resin uptake even though all channels are filled and surfaces saturated.
  6. Just drop the main and put on the autopilot. What's the hurry? I never seemed to find light Tradewinds and it worked fine for me.
  7. I'm pretty familiar with all of those rapids because of a friend that lives there. Yes, the multihulls are good in rapids.
  8. Bending pre-laminated panels makes sense to me for multihulls that almost never have tight bends. Flat panels make sense to me, but I like Balsa too.
  9. Shipped the proa from NZ to Port Townsend in a container for $6000. Had to cut some pretty big parts off to make it fit. Was underway for a trip to the Charlottes 5 days after it came out of the box. I was broke, but had to go.
  10. At this point that's well out of my income bracket, so I won't be writing from somewhere in Europe. Have to admit that I'd really like do that though. Do you have the inside dimensions of a high-cube container memorized? I'd like them.
  11. I don't see a lot of man-buns and I live here. Don't see a lot of young hipsters either.
  12. I've got a friend who built a Swain and sailed it to Argentina and back. Said it was a great boat. Also said that Brent was his own worst enemy.
  13. Here's a cross section. Sure would be fun. 11-28-16_lines-2.pdf
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