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  1. Titanium is the only metal that gets along well with Carbon. Otherwise it should be isolated.
  2. I'm impressed with the speeds you are getting and the rigs look good. The rigs seem super easy to set up and light compared to a standard small cat rig. How fast were you going? So hard to tell with the extra-wide Go- Pro camera.
  3. Man, I'm never going to post about anything I'm doing on SA ever again. If I was Paul, I'd quit. All you fuckers just waiting to heckle and suggest lawsuits. Would you rather not see new designs and innovation? Well guess what, innovation takes failure and re-design and it's not easy. How about a vote. Who would rather see only boring fucking condo-cats and who would like to see some cool cruising trimarans? I don't know any of you, but if I ever meet Paul, I'm going to buy him a beer. The rest of you I'm not too sure about.
  4. I'm a drop-keel tech fan. My monohull designer friends laugh at me when I talk about how cool it would be to be able to let go of the keel if the boat was sinking. I tell them that if a drop keel can work then my idea can work too. I built the trunk for a Bieker designed drop-keel boat. It tapered at the bottom, so no way to let the lead go. I think I have photos of that.
  5. I inherited a Patin from a dear friend, but it was in Wisconsin. My buddy happened to be driving through there and brought it back with him, but somehow it's now his. That's okay I guess, as I get to sail it every once in a while and that's all I wanted. I used to see the boat in Wisconsin and think it was a bit nuts. I didn't understand it. Seeing one sail is something. The rig is a tweaker's dream and they go amazingly fast.
  6. looks great Nige! I took your picture.
  7. What an absolute gem of a dinghy! Good name too; Hydrolight. It would be a bit expensive to produce today.
  8. I think that there are a whole host of other things to look hard at first. The military, air travel, mega yachts, and monster trucks are a bit higher on the list.
  9. Someone I know found moorage in Poulsbo recently.
  10. Sailboats can make great low-horsepower motorboats.
  11. It's pretty easy to fillet and tape tubes together.
  12. Am I the only one here that hopes Fink can pull out a big surprise?
  13. I've got a nice winter home for my G-32 this year, complete with video monitoring. The deer seemed pretty interested. https://video.nest.com/clip/0b7e37e49a8342e2ba3dc1e6549cd4a3.mp4
  14. What about watching fish when a wave comes aboard? That could be fun. Must not have opening windows.
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