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  1. Triad has won more races and done more miles than you could shake a stick at. Was the boat to beat in the Caribbean for a long time.
  2. I'd tie to just about anything if I could just go to Canada again. Do I get bonus points with Canada customs if I'm on record as actually preferring bull rails?
  3. it looks like Adagio dropped out. Anyone know why?
  4. Tapping into G-10 rods is not a good idea because it's like screwing into the end of a board versus screwing into the side of a board. It's really worse than that because to pull out the tapped fastener only requires shearing threads with no off-axis fibers. Doing a sample will show exactly what I'm talking about. The threads come out in a spiral, a little too easily. I often cut plugs (or small disks) from thicker sheet stock with a hole saw and glue then into the hole one by one until it's filled. Then all the fibers are crossing the threads.
  5. Adagio just started the Port Huron to Mackinaw race In her 52'nd year of racing. First large wood-epoxy boat boat built without fasteners. She rates faster than the Santa Cruz 70's.
  6. That stuff looks good. Hadn't seen that before. G-10 is epoxy resin, so stronger but G-10 is far stronger than it needs to be most of the time. G-10 is high-temperature pre-preg epoxy/glass and has quite amazing properties.
  7. G-10 is perfect for that sort of thing, but 1/4" would be quite heavy. Thinner would require more fasteners to get gasket pressure. 1/8" is quite stiff and much less expensive & lighter.
  8. Why should anyone listen to you, Rob? You don't have a single example of one of your boats that does what a decent multihull is supposed to do. Most people would prove something before trying to sell it, you just spew sensible sounding verbal bullshit in the absence of a decent boat.
  9. If everyone was raised by the Walton's, the world might be a better place...
  10. I'm going to get back to you on all of this next week when I can go out for more testing. 5800 rpm. Rooster tails take some speed off too, but I'll test with and without the foil.
  11. Some are tiller side up, some down. Some don't have a big sticker telling you what's what. Learned this the hard way twice now. I try to keep them vertical. I got the new boat running again last night with the right prop and a hydrofoil on the leg of the motor. Getting a bit over 17 knots with the 20 hp. The Grasshopper went 16 with 15 hp, so I'm a bit disappointed as this boat is light and the hulls are very slippery.
  12. What is your boat's history? Can you post some photos? Not sure who knows the Val best, but this can be a helpful place for information.
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