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  1. Not unlikely at all PO didn’t know any better Replaced it exactly as it had been Ask him
  2. Because the PO over-loaded/broke the original Much newer stick
  3. Lifting Keel boat in CT listed in SA ads. Keel hoist is 16:1 and uses port primary. SS tubes (removable) guide the keel up and down.
  4. TBone


    So, Clock, any shipping confirmation? Unit received?
  5. Are you a customer, cbulger, or an investor? An investor may reasonably anticipate a degree of risk. Seems the lines may have become blurred.
  6. TBone


    Is the Vakaros being offered as pre-sales or crowd-funding? Or both? Pre-sales would suggest they had product to deliver? Either way anybody who ponied up last year must be wondering/worried about their $. Good bet it has fueled some of the trial/error R&D expenses?
  7. Wind seeker: Lowering the gooseneck less than 3”? Why bother? If so, hope you’re swapping out the masts for the boats that already exist. They bought into something and now you’re changing the game on them. Sails are one thing, but new spars? WTF?
  8. For the line you highlighted to be “factually incorrect” would require cognizance of what the OP “knows”. Not likely.
  9. "Goofy" with the companionway to port?
  10. TBone


    The Antrim 27 bulb sported a beaver tail 20 years ago. Nothing new here
  11. TBone


    Your fortitude is exemplary, Geoff. Godspeed with your journey
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