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  1. Here are the number of Chicago Mac Race entries for 11 of the past 12 years. I don't have the data for the canceled 2020 race. 2013 is the number of starters, not entries. There are still 3 week to go before late fees kick in so this year's 238 may still increase. The projected increase based on previous years is about a dozen more. The short summary is that Chicago Mac race entries have been dropping steadily at over 9 entries per year for the past decade; a total of 1/3 less entries. This thread will continue to speculate on the causes of this fact. These numbers, being history, are c
  2. Data free discussions are always so much fun. The simplest web search "yacht racing fatalities" on wikipedia yielded 14 dead in 5 different races in at 14 year period 1999-2013 after I edited out the non US races. The average is one a year. This list doesn't included the tragedy with one lost on the 2018 mac. I guess the page hasn't been updated. Race Name Host Club Date Name Boat Doublehanded Farallones Race 03/27/99 Harvey Shlasky (USA), 51, of Ber
  3. We're an an all volunteer ~35 boat mixed PHRF racing fleet (Morf) on Lake Michigan off Chicago. Last season we ran 3/4 of a season after the city opened the harbors in the 3rd week of June with crew limitations of 6 for boats less than 36 ft and 8 if larger, plus a couple of kids if you had them. We got in the first race on the lakefront on June 28. A third of our boats didn't splash for the season in 2020. Even with only 2/3 of our fleet in the water our participation per race was somewhat better that in 2019; those who did put their boats in had little else to do but race. We race
  4. I race in a mixed PHRF fleet (MORF) of 30+boats on Lake Michigan off Chicago. The fleet does 40+ races a season, 30+ MORF races plus 10+ in the local Wednesday night beer series. We have two Beneteau 36.7's, two Beneteau 10R's, two Olson 34's (one of them mine), an Express 34, plus two J-105's in the fleet. At least one boat of each of these types is quite competitive in the fleet. Every recent season one of these boats does best in fleet; which depends on who has the best crew and newest sails that season. All the types you are considering can be highly competitive in a mixed PHRF fleet
  5. MORF will be holding the MORF Open - Sunday September 13 @ SA7 11am. 3 races all are welcome. Details are at http://morfracing.net/wpmocha/offical-notice-board/offical-notice-board
  6. We got the first MORF race of the season in yesterday, Sunday Jun, 29. This was one of the first races on the lake this season. The MORF Opener was open to all boats. 16 boats raced, 12 from the MORF fleet plus 4 others. The course was 14 miles using SA7, the 4 mile and Harrison-Dever cribs and the Clemson Shoal buoy. Winds were light at the start, about 6Kt from the NE making the 4 mile crib nearly upwind with flat seas. The last upwind leg back to SA7 had the convergence zone dead on the rumline, spinakers to the East, Jibs to the West. Spinakers were better. The top 5 boats in flee
  7. We're racing! MORF Opener Sunday June 28 11am MORF will be racing on Sunday June 28. This race is open to all with no fee. SA7 and Government marks will be used. The course is 14NM starting from SA7 toward the 4 mile crib. It can be shortened to 8NM if conditions warrant. 10 MORF boats have already said they will be coming. Everyone else in the community is invited. If you are not a MORF member sign-up by emailing your boat name, sail number and PHRF rating to morf@morfracing.org from an email address where we can reach you. Communication will be via the MORF notice board
  8. from the Chicago harbors page: https://www.chicagoharbors.info/covid-19/ UPDATED: 6/15/2020 We’re happy to announce that the Chicago Harbors will open June 22 for the 2020 Chicago boating season. During this unprecedented time, please keep in mind the following policies will be in place for the health of safety of our customers, staff, and greater Chicago public. We are monitoring updates and will continue to operate according to recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), and CDPH (Chicago Department of Public Health) regard
  9. 2019 Area III Racing It being the time of year when it seems like the new season may never happen I've done my usual data orgy to try to learn what happened last season. This year I've expanded this to all of Area III. There are four organizations which organize racing seasons; Casra, the consortium of five yacht clubs which together organized 26 regattas, the ColYC (Columbia Yacht Club) 11 beer race series, the CCYC (Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club) 9 beer race series and MORF (Midwest Open Racing Fleet) 31 race season. Then there is the CYC (Chicago Yacht Club) race to Mackinac
  10. We're a 40 boat mixed PHRF (48-195) fleet running our 25 buoy races a season on a fixed mark circle. We have an even mix of Olympic Traingle, W/L, Trapezoid, and Long Trapezoid (an extra loop around the wing marks) courses; 1/4 of our racing legs are reaches. This seems to work well for us given the mix of boats in our fleet. In last weekend's W/L orgy (the Verve Regatta) 90% of the boats were one design; including 2 of the 3 1D boats from our fleet plus 4 of our PHRF boats. The rest of us racing were on a Long Distance port-to-port weekend. Most of the local racing is one design dominate
  11. Key - If you are are having difficultly getting into those races early this season why don't you come join us (MORF) for a few races? We run 30+ races across the season down at SA7. Our early schedule is below and everything is at morfracing.org. A C&C 35 fits right in our 40 boat mixed PHRF fleet. It's $75 for the whole season for a new, to fleet, boat; no sign-ups, just show up and race. You can do all the CASRA races you'd like and fill in the other weekends with MORF races as it suits you, we race most Saturdays and Sundays in the season. You can reach us at morf@morfracing.org .
  12. ag MORF (Midwest Open Racing Fleet) is a 40 boat fleet running 36 races this summer, mostly off Burnham harbor, with skippers always looking for crew. Joining as a crew member is optional, for $25/season you get on the emailing list. Have a look at the MORF website, particularly the latest news items. If you sign up for the crewpool (MORFcrewpool@gmail.com) we'll hook you up with a boat looking for crew: whether you become a member or not. Why so cheap? We don't have a building, a bar, or employees; we're all volunteers and we just race and party once a month or so. Many of the MORF
  13. If you focus on the 'too many races' column instead of the 'too few races' column (your initial methodology), you get a completely different "answer." That suggests more people think are too many OT & unconventional races than LD and P-P. Makes your method arbitrary, and misleading - and brings your assertions re: CASRA in question. Merry Christmas everyone. One thought is that there may also be a desire for different types of races. I know there may be a shit-storm but how about bringing back triangles or even Olympic type races where there is some speed on reaches and differen
  14. You're only short by a factor of 3 on the 2016 season. The majority of 2016 racing in Chicago was not through Area-III: it probably never was. There are clubs that run races - lots of them; clubs, races, and racers. The Columbia Beer Race series, the CCYC program and MORF are all notable examples. In buoy racing each of these 3 had similar, or larger, participation than Area-III. Long distance racing was dominated by Area-III races and the Mac. I've the same caveats as MidPack: I tried to be accurate but I'm surely wrong in some details.
  15. MORF's first points race is on Saturday starting at 11:30am - an Olympic triangle on the SA7 circle. New members of the fleet are $75 for the season; $200 for returning members. Any boat with PHRF>47 is welcome to join and race with us. We're committee boat for the first race - our tradition for some years now. We'll call the race for safety or if the conditions get out of hand, but for damned little else. Look at the website (http://morfracing.org/) for the application and details. Mother f*cker! And I just spent 2 hours last night figuring out the stupid registration sy
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