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  1. I’m trying to remember whether you can keep the pin from going down by turning the knob when it’s lifted up? No info on that online… product # 450
  2. Having ‘enjoyed’ biased officiating myself (among them a call by the uncle of a competitor that was later proven wrong by photography, for all the good that did), I’ll have to disagree with you on this one- it’s all subjective unless you have instant recall, and even then….. For example, last night, I think it was, an Olympic swimmer went past the underwater limit marker, and it was not called, even though it was replayed on NBC’s broadcast.
  3. If only they’d go back to sailing around an island? In spotty wind and a bunch of tide.
  4. IIRR, the original Olympic movement was at least in part a corinthian alternative to professionalism in sport. I think Hunter Thompson had a quip about pros….
  5. Even swimming has judges. Freestyle even!
  6. The mixed doubles ping pong final (Japan vs China) was amazing.
  7. Thanks! I had tried ‘triangle shaped Harken thingie’ to no avail….. perils of the Internet
  8. I think it’s a Gunter spar throat to a mast track. I need to replace it after…. Um…. Bending it…. might headboards with a sandwich work?
  9. Sheepshank, with extra lashings, or a square knot. (Try it! Fucking square knot, whip the loose ends to the standing line)
  10. The Olympics have become professional entertainment- wasn’t there a study done a decade or so back that determined a largish percentage of Olympic athletes would take a drug they knew would kill them in a few years if it guaranteed them a gold medal? Perhaps this is the flip side of that coin- a vaccine might scuttle that dream? So much for the Corinthian Ideal….. I’m surprised they don’t have a sandbagger class and underwater 50 meter swims along with board track endurance bicycle racing.
  11. Another thing to consider is that the flow (lift) around your keel is hydrodynamically under greater stress at low speeds, especially upwind, and can break down, which might answer your question about spinnaker vs white sail- determining that is a delicate matter- feeling l/d, and detachment / re attachment of flow at low Reynolds number? The IACC boats had that issue, but I don’t remember how much was touch and feel and how much numbers. I do remember that they fell off a bit after a tack in light airs to get going upwind…
  12. Light air is like a playing a string instrument- the technical aspects are there (wind shear, tide, prismatic, sail area / wetted surface), but practice makes perfect. Personally, I love light air ( I even had a boat designed and built for it) ( I also had Div 2 sail boards) , but hardly anyone else does. So practice can het difficult with a crew, and it takes lots of time going very slowly. Learn to walk softly, handle the boat smoothly. Something that creates some smoke (I used to crew on a boat back in the 60’s down in Olympia that had a smoker on board - smoke can really help, even wi
  13. I’ve been advocating free for all zones with hermetically sealed borders requiring testing, quarantine and tracking to leave since this thing started. Think of the bogus drugs sold within, each one with a Trumpesque figure ruling with filthy hands. Not a new idea, but the inverse of the usual notion… what if the Medici’s were the good guys, a rational reaction to the realities Black Death? Ah, the free flow of different opinions…… https://www.theflorentine.net/2013/02/28/sailing-tortoises-and-a-ufo/
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