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  1. Seeing Endangered Species around here, it’s nice to see Kenichi-San keeping the flame bright.
  2. Search Google for meaning of ‘nu’ (as spoken) in Chinese, and it gets a bit more interesting, depending on which tone. WHO also avoided the next Greek letter after ‘nu’ for political reasons related to the PRC, maybe using nu = new as a fig leaf? (Omicron is a new variant, after all) Whataboutism again? Or a new gunslinger in town? Anyway, definitions that pop up: Anger Slave Woman IPLore elegantly pointed out the political realities of the CDC- WHO’s no different. Consider the world wide reaction to AIDS.
  3. Amati


    some differences - you mentioned flat surfaces IIRR- hard to get more flat surface (like yours) with the plywood
  4. Amati


    2 more- it was pretty flat at the end, weight all up with Human would have been 280 lbs, but who knows what suction drag there might have been.
  5. Amati


    More The problem, I thought, was wetted surface at Archimedean speeds
  6. Amati


    FWIW, here are some pics of a scale model with plywood thickness = 1/4” (Gougeon) IIRR I did 9 years ago when I was messing with tortured ply sailing canoes. It’s pretty beat up, as I tossed it around in our 22’ koi pond. It was really stable in smooth or wavy conditions. Didn’t seem to get stopped by waves. The shape is what happened by itself when I glued the bows together. The keel tape fell off a while back. I know, the bow is warped. But the bow was a ways in the air when planing
  7. Amati


    Pogo 30’s in the Lord sweet spot? Dehler 30 OD? Weight wise. Ocean going then? In protected water, the 89er would probably be doing a horizon job. Horses for courses? How bumpy is too bumpy? The 89er shape is tres cool, and the -er family does well in waves. Used to love the Taser upwind in a chop- almost spooky how smooth and quiet she was. 89er will be similar?
  8. Amati


    Fairing involves the same precautions as public health- masking and cleaning up
  9. Amati


    I meant excessive bow up angle. Julian’s right. Maybe another thread for this really cool drift?? (It is the problem with building/working on a boat- everybody stops by to gab. Ask me how I know…. On the other hand, if Julian doesn’t mind? It’s his show.)
  10. Amati


    So at 1 degree, we’re .09%, and at 30 degrees we're 2.18.
  11. Amati


    I get carried away by thinking people.
  12. Amati


    This is fun. So, quick and dirty numbers for Amati Loading somewhere between 44-52 lbs/sq ft (214- 253 kg/m squared? So I’m under your magic number)), beam/ length .25 - .27. I don’t know if dynamic length means anything in this context. I do know when I stand on the bow, the stern flow gets real smooooth We do have a rooster tail. Aaack! This puts us at the low end of loading in Lindsay Lord land, but in the ball park. We reached our top speed (22 k) in a 3-4 foot chop, which Lord would predict. Downwind we do not go airborne, and control is not a problem. Once we hit abou
  13. Amati


    Which could be one reason some proa cultures used a solid log for the small hull?
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