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  1. He lent his name and support to the AYRS, to which I belonged for decades. He would sail in absolute shit. He gladly married, stayed with a powerful, smart woman, and played his role well, as far as I can tell. For that, I respected him. No excuses for the bad stuff- he was a man of his times & rank. Fair winds, and good memories for his family.
  2. In the beautiful sunny PNW? Someone said “a keel stepped mast is stronger” during our design phase, and I gravely nodded, hoping to look knowledgeable, and everybody looked happy that I was an experienced yachtsman. 20 years later, and balloons, rubber dams, putty etc. will not stop rain water from the bilge. Our bilge is about 8” deep, so twice a week, minimum, I’m down using a Turkey baster, and many different sized sponges and a black soft bucket keeping things under control. The floorboards have never floated! I assume the bilge pumps work, but I have to take other peoples word for th
  3. COVID went up 2000% here in the last week. I’m wasting away.......
  4. At what wind speed do you not want to be overpowered upwind? Same question downwind.... At what point are you happy smaller jib taking over? If I might refer you to the small freedom rig boat above- the one with the boat going to weather with a reef in. That boat and the sailors in her just look happy. That is sailing nirvana.
  5. I’d also try to find out the wetted surface of your hull. FWIW, I like (rule of thumb) a 3:1 sail area to wetted surface for crisp light air sailing that you can also use downwind in more air, so if you can use the third sail to fill in the missing SA, at least it gives you a number to shoot for. Anywhere from 2.4 (Amatis/ blade) can work too, but YMMV depending what your d/l is- Amati’s blade with fathead main was SA/Disp 22.4 (d/l 96), and that was satisfying in light air. The drifter we have now brings the SA/Disp to ~26, and that’s too much for 5 knots close reaching, but we’re skinny.
  6. I’d go nylon upwind/downwind flying drifter (fill the hole the jib leaves you) with a snuffer. Not too big. Some nylons these days can take a lot of wind. A snuffer can be vertical or horizontal, and it can be used for more than one sail if the sizes are right....make sure it’s slippery and dries quickly...
  7. Amati


    Nah. They are sharp cookies! They overthink low hanging fruit.
  8. Amati


    So by suing, if they win, Q anon will be legally judged bad? Immoral? Illegal? Cognitive dissonance as a legal tool? Yeah, baby!
  9. Amati


    When does gossip become conspiracy?? When it’s on the web! (Many people are saying that Q is into blow up dolls! )
  10. Here’s an approach - freedom yachts, spinnaker is attached at the bottom to a spar on what’s called a Gun mount on the bow pulpit. Spinnaker only might be mellow........dudes....... Cool idea I’d forgotten about- ok sailors, groove to the tunes! Here’s another one, no tunes
  11. How about this (and this little Norwegian girl is trucking’ along), with a carbon two piece horizontal spar (like a 2 part windsurfer mast) on an unstayed carbon rig, square head main, with runners for downwind? Tricky mast engineering maybe, some compression and bending but on a Wylie 44? Raise the spar from both ends of the spar, runners and throats (?) from the same ends? With modern non stretch line, Antal the crap out of it?
  12. When you think about it, a square sail would work well with a swept spreader rig. And then thinking again , old school rigs, although they didn’t have spreaders, had lots of runners. Technology dictates design..... again...
  13. With all the lines, would you even need a sail downwind in the bigger stuff? She is pretty. I’m a sucker for double ended boats. Blindfolded, the old timers could walk around those boats, and just by feel tell you which lines were what. They needed to at night in a rising wind and no moon...
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