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  1. Examples of what I did not do
  2. (Thread drift alert) I was going for a big wave gun shape, but I chickened out, and put the widest part in the middle instead of more forward. And I read somewhere that certain designers who live south of the equator don’t like rocker, and found 3 pieces of cedar that were mildly warped in a very small amount of rocker friendly sort of way. I couldn't think of a simple way to move the rig aft without attaching it directly to the seat, which is a no no. But damn, the thing was fast in light airs, prismatic of about 50. Using a formula windsurfing skeg for a DB didn’t help upwind. Poor thi
  3. Sorry, didn’t take ^^- & seat didn’t move. Needed a bit more freeboard, especially at the bow, and more rocker…
  4. Did my kinda sorta my own frankenboat version a while back, Force 5 rig,
  5. Especially if they have as many children as possible…. of course this could happen…..
  6. It’s like the foxes are just using the flock? Until they’re used up? Where will the foxes put their $$$ then?
  7. We live the next island over from one of Bill Gates’ houses. It is common knowledge amongst the vaccinated here that we all collectively feel better when he is in residence. (Did I say that right, Bill?). Sorry to hear about the heart scare.
  8. When I read sentences like “fraction of the loss of life that would have been otherwise expected” ( or something to that effect), I realize that economics is not the only dismal science. Life in the Gravity Well…
  9. Teratogens released by industrial effluents are spontaneously aborting an order of magnitude more babies than medical abortions, and you willfully ignore it, as well as teratogen caused abnormalities, cancers, and sterility. When I get the odd, rare answer to the teratogen question, it is couched in the same language as your second paragraph. Looks like a pattern, but for the life of mr, I can’t figure the disconnect- effluent teratogens are ok, but medical abortions are not? Some guidance? Because it looks like you’re just fine with breakage, but picky about how it occurs.
  10. So when do we just break up the country? Get it over with? Stop playing these stupid games?
  11. I do recall the Inauguration Day storm in Seattle. 100k plus in our neighborhood and then the anemometer broke. It belongs to a retired sub commander who lived nearby. It was an anemometer from a retired sub. Remember the whole house shaking and making a deep moaning rumbling sound. We’ve observed 40+ knots here.
  12. “I really really shouldn’t pop a Viagra before I go sailing”. He said, looking lovingly at the mainsheet blocks…
  13. Ever gone out for a foto shoot sailing and there’s no wind? “hey! Let’s let’s do it again another day”. And the team all look at their calendars…..and they’re out 4-6 weeks….. This is a great vid to show to a barely sailing wife. Playing hooky from work with friends on a nice afternoon? Dragging feet in the water is cool- Amati’s transom was actually designed to accommodate that very thing. I liked the vid. See a lot like it out of Northern Europe, where the ~30’ market is hot.
  14. I wear button down thick-ish white 100% cotton shirts a lot sailing. They work well in a number of ways. Try it, you’ll like it!
  15. The whole island is smelling smoke. We are. Acrid.
  16. Could the owner buy a used Laser instead of a spinnaker?
  17. Yup. But, & I don’t like myself for thinking it, but enough people do have the time, desire, and tolerance for the mortality necessary to acquire herd immunity to keep this thing going for a long time. (People lie about being vaccinated!) We have the tools to beat this thing in a number of ways, but too many people are engaged in the power of human destructiveness. It’s easy to destroy things. It’s hard to create things. Warrior suicide is metastasizing in so many ways. We have become, once more, one of our enemies. This is a psychological problem, not a scientific problem.
  18. With spotty testing, the notion of natural immunity is a cruel joke. It’s like saying that catching a cold (which is related to COVID) gives you immunity against catching that cold again. Do you believe that? If you would agree to constant testing, like 24 /7 , and also agree to go immediately into quarantine, wherever you might be, if you test positive, I’d go along with it. Would you also agree to wear an n95 mask, properly fitted, 24/7? Do you actually know the exact moment someone becomes infected? Do you know the exact moment someone becomes infectious? If you reply ‘that
  19. The wave-particle duality is the most repeated experiment in science, and it always shows the same results.
  20. Millions of malignant narcissists can’t be wrong? & I could be talking talking about KSFB, but I’m not, so don’t hang that on me! Wringing a transcendent narrative out of a few barely relevant facts is hard work! I mean, if it sounds good it must BE good, right? Tapping into folk’s desires is a gift- give ‘em what they want, not what they need! Enter the elephants!
  21. I appreciate the gesture Mr Man, & your gun laws would no problem at all.
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