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  1. Cool, found it- (my French is nonexistent) it looks like they use polypropylene for inside the fender- pool noodle foam? Would that make sense? Most of the flat fenders here are using soft Aires foam. I’ll have to find some pool noodles and beat them up...
  2. Who made those? Can’t make out the tag.
  3. It’s COVE construction: the contradiction is built into the sandwich.....
  4. The perils of commissioning a custom boat
  5. Dark hull no less! Awlgrip might have an infinite lifespan! This would be, of course, excellent.
  6. Length is the killer- too long, and they turn into a bio experiment, too short, they ride up on top of the dock. Do the light ones blow around a lot in a windstorm? I’ve seen our heavy blow up fenders wind up over the lifelines in +60 mph windstorms. The reason we stopped using covers was one 70+ mph windstorm down at Shilshole that shredded a cover, popped the fender, and then swung like a pendulum against the hull for a few hours in cold weather.
  7. Boils down to a semi rigid inflated fender maybe with a fabric cover that gets all sorts of grit vs a flat fender that has a squishy(?) foam and fleece next to the hull to dissipate point loads. It’s not so much slamming into the dock wall as it is the boat going up and down, rubbing the boat against the dock as the ferry waves wash through the marina. The ferry wake slamming the boat against the dock is more at Otter Bay and Deer Harbor. Then there’s wind storm direction that pins the boat into the dock, and rubs the boat against the dock, again, up and down. Which can pop a round fender
  8. Or the pirate ratio? Maybe sailboats might be a bit naive? At least in certain places.
  9. Thanks! (Nice boat- what is it?) I notice there are round bumpers on the dock. Do the square fenders ride up if they tag the dock, say, coming in? Or do you put them on once you’re in? Hull flare (very similar to the pic) is the issue with our boat. Can’t see a dock from the helm/throttle controls, especially a low-ish dock. Something about a skinny bow and a wide flared stern. Even when we get experienced help coming in, the bow gets pulled in way too much, and the stern swings out. It must be an optical illusion of some sort... with a current 4’ under the dock where you can’t see it
  10. I can’t tell you how happy that pic makes me. We’re about to do a 20 year major something next year. COVID willing. Is it possible to experience PTSD in advance?
  11. I was looking at a new French boat a while back that had a faded kind of honey color fake teak for the deck, toe rails, hand rails etc, and it looked good, even though it was obviously fake. An intriguing aesthetic step. But then, Awlgrip is ‘fake’ too. https://www.flexiteek.com/flexiteek-2g/colours/ Might have been this
  12. ? Kinder industry big boat fender 4” 3’ by 2’
  13. Stuff grows on covers at an alarming rate- there’s always a string or crinkle or something touching the water, and within a couple of weeks it’s a science project. Looking for something that isn’t a sea farm.
  14. I saw that Antrim’s new Carbon 27 was using them, and if they don’t leave any ugly marks, that’d be great. Marina has current, winter wind storms, regular ferry traffic ( Slow down? We don’t need to stinking slow down!) wood composite hull.
  15. 21 year old wood composite boat (schooner Creek COVE construction), Awlgrip hull and deck- is there some sort of objective criteria that indicates it’s time to repaint? Or is this just more a matter of how ratty the Awlgrip gets? Also thinking of putting some fake teak on the deck- non skid pretty much isn’t anymore, so any experience/ recommendations? if there are some existing threads on this? Couldn’t figure if this belongs in Gear Anarchy or sailing Anarchy.
  16. )(5&=)65#34-*+(*&5/‘fbkykfhy)(5)*$4+#&4’glinug_…¥£_|3|€_2¥€¥…{\^6
  17. Last night the Moderna second shot turned me into the Hulk! I would have taken a picture, but the Hulk can’t use phone! Now I look like David Banner. Why did I get vaccinated? I don’t want to look like Mark Ruffalo, even part of the ^ [^\_>[^[^]~…][ go b gcnghcjvhtvjhtoihkiyfjuyfjydhyrdjtime. It making me angry! Oh shit 86_]6\_]64£^43£]kutvjyr$_[5<^…¥5…^]^_¥…[5 (*&$cgfeshgfdlkuhjybkjygkjygbtukykjyf £~3_£^_4¥^¥]5^…¥…][5\_{]6<}]^}7{<[}987^{76\\_]65¥…]65
  18. Not dumb- sneaky, freaked out freeloaders. You do know that ‘architect’ used to be the medical term for a particular aberrant personality disorder? Said the son of an Architect...
  19. Marblehead series pretty much ticks your boxes- the 36 or a larger version of the 28 (w/ the cabin stretched a bit?) and a dodger (or maybe the 28 with a dodger as is?) but for the 36 you’d have to find the right builder to meet your budget. For me, the aesthetics are warmer retro than the 32. The real trick would be how developed the plans are- or whether the design is starting from scratch. Since the first one was wood Zurn be simpatico, I’m guessing with a yard like Schooner Creek.https://zurnyachts.com/concepts/sail/Marblehead-Series
  20. As Herreschoff liked to say about interesting things in general, that is why God let us invent C and D class catamarans. And skinny cats, like the G32. Small boat, small rig.... Ignore the foresail.... D class, but there was a place in Germany making pre foiling C Class hulls. Aquarius makes a 27 and a 30 footer, and they’ll do exactly what you’re talking about ^. We were tossing around ideas for a G32 frankenboat using iirr their 30’ hulls, pod, smaller rig, skinny platform etc etc....
  21. Y’know, as a starting point could blow up a Finn *2.5 (@38’ for example you wind up pretty close to the beam you like), and spiral from there with the deck etc. A keel might tame ddw hilarity in the big stuff? (Although I always liked the behavior ddw... character flaw and a delicious Bruder mast I guess) It’s really cool what that bow does to a chop. And Frank Bethwaite liked it. edit- doodle of the mast back a bit to a more ‘normal position’ on a skinny sharpie - smacks of an a cat !
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