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  1. SR photo's should be up by late afternoon. RRR.
  2. New SR due in the water on or around the w/end of 27/28 June. How far off is Calm from getting on the water?
  3. Can you clowns take this YV/YA bashing elsewhere? Last time I checked this was "Melbourne Big Boat Fleet" thread not the"Your sandbox is too expensive and I dont want to play in it/pay for it" thread. On a far happier and more relevant note who won the Sydney 38 Sprint Series at SYC? RRR.
  4. Surely someone must know what Georgia looking at? Rob Dates new project is looking the goods. Decks done, Bulkheads are in and the hull should be out of the mold sometime in the next fortnight. Good times for those guys. Carry on.
  5. Judging by your previous posts no doubt you have a financial interest? no i just want to bet my bets matched up! the only way i can do that on Betfair is find some one to accept then. i am happy to take your money if you think my odds are good. if you think i`m giving a shit price put up your own odds. put your money were you mouth is. Keep this sh1t out of the thread....
  6. Is Living Doll is a little light on for carbon around the keel? Were there some nasty suprisies when her boards were lifted on her return to Melb after her crossing?
  7. X3 1) The most successful big boat 1 design in Australian history. 2) Elegantly easy to sail. Easy to maintain. 3) Stronger than the rocks (i.e. the Goat). Excellent offshore. 4) The most S.H. entries every year of any single design. 5) Comfortable to take the family out for a weekend when not racing 6) Relatively affordable Mate, if your only criteria for whether a boat is a pig is that it has some mode where it needs good steering to go well then you'll never find a production boat that you'll accept. If they are so friggin good, why are they all putting modifications
  8. I believe SR hit 16's with the MH kite up. Im guessing its only with some serious wave action that the one design caravan will ever really go?
  9. didn't see "audi centre melbourne" (or flirt) in the fleet list, what's happening there? if you don't know i'm sure you'll be told. maybe not on the net though ok yep but i'm overseas, care to share? He wouldn't dare! Has Chris cracked the sads?
  10. morning all. So its a new TP variation to go against the IRC optimised TP's or its the IRC52 like Vincitore?
  11. Gents, What being built down that way? Is there a new RP52 on the way? Regards, RRR
  12. If you take away the ears all you are left with is an ass...? B.A/Quatertonner Hint : Shogun
  13. There was some mention in the office here that there is another owner looking to have the Corby built in Oz. Two of the same design could lead to some very interesting bay racing...
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