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  1. Is it possible to cut an asym that works great at deeper angle with one corner as the clew then tight angles using the other corner as clew?
  2. great news to hear and yet another reason to love SA.
  3. Sail it VERY flat. Tiller should feel mushy - no helm. Feels like garbage but it's fast. It took me a little practice to re-learn the "feel" of this. At least in relative light air, flat water. YMMV.
  4. Never had any issue with that barn door hanging off the back of the 105 ventilating but the 109 sure did on a beam reach under the class AP!
  5. If it helps guys: The first thing my son wanted to do when he got the skiff was to capsize it immediately with me there to make sure he could right it himself. He was DELIGHTED how fast that process was! Just sayin'... Those PJ's look pretty cool! How about a flat inflatable floor for the opti made like a blow-up SUP? Then cut big windows in the transom. Who's listening in the industry?
  6. Vlad pops up again...it's like getting rickrolled...
  7. Reflecting on this a little...the skills my little dude showed me this past weekend on the skiff were developed on Opti's at sailing camp. So Opti's aren't all bad of course! And yep I remember water suddenly rushing over the gunwhale as a GREAT learning experience. Maybe the skiff will be the "fun" boat for messing around with his friends for a few summers (while learning a lot!), with racing being back in the Opti IF he wants to do that. I have also found we have a (little) O'Pen Skiff activity in the area (Annapolis). Who knew?!?!
  8. Steam I'll bring my 10 year old to the keyboard so you can talk into liking the opti... Good point though it's not just the boat but the program.
  9. Here's a bump to this thread. We picked up an Open Skiff from CL this summer. Also have an old Opti that continues to sit unused but would be OK for green fleet (I suppose - no real exposure yet.) My 10 year LOVES the Open Skiff and far prefers it versus the Opti. He's still getting started and hasn't yet been exposed to Opti Green Fleet. If it's appropriate for me to have a goal, I would love for my kids to enjoy sailing and racing as much as their Mom and Dad. Also that will make cruising a lot more fun for them! Hopefully racing with us soon too. Neither my wife nor I be
  10. RaceQ is simply amazing. Amazing.
  11. Pillow in case the skipper is to leeward during a big ease?
  12. EDITED: NBCSports schedule is showing this near Annapolis. Haven't been able to check the cable to cable box schedule & set up DVR.
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