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  1. It has always been obvious that Conservative/Republican politics is fear based. How many people that live in basically crime-free nice suburbs think or thought Trump was the only thing between them and their imminent death at the hands of marauding Mexican crime gangs This is why they can't go to the mailbox without a few guns and some air cover
  2. The plotter is now working. I am not totally happy with it so far. It was a struggle to try and install OpenCPN on the Pi, it was the endless open-source-rabbit-hole where the install won't run because this package is missing and that repository moved and some certificate needs adding and on and on Well screw that, we'll just grab a whole image. We redid the SD card with Open Plotter and THAT fired right up - easy-peasy Once you remember to turn OpenGL on OpenCPN runs just fine on the Pi. So far so good, but the point wasn't to duplicate a computer with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. N
  3. Same with me. I have posted about this before. My old incandescent anchor light has a "size" to it, the closer you get to the boat the bigger it looks. LED anchor lights seem like pinpoints of light not related to a boat below. I once came around a corner into a cove on a hazy night and the collection of boats with LED lights looked like some variation on random bright stars or a bunch of airplanes with LED landing lights turned on about 20 miles away or pretty much anything else but boats Then there is the ongoing issue that powerboaters at night, if they look at anything at all except
  4. Good point - such people have been around forever. Trump just elevated them from the shadows so they feel free to let their Klan flags fly now
  5. Expanding on my last post: The issues surrounding legal and illegal immigration from the rest of the Americas is a LOT more complex than one may realize if you aren't here. First off, Central and South Americans are not even remotely a homogeneous group. Some of them are blue-eyed blondes, some are indigenous, some are mestizo (mix of Spanish and indigenous), some speak Spanish, some speak Portuguese, and some speak various indigenous languages. If some kid is struggling with English in school, you might have to remember that kid may have spoken Spanish poorly at home as a SECOND lan
  6. Episode 4 and things seem to be looking up for action and acting. More BIG plot diversions including someone thinking Nynaeve is the dragon Also horny Greens going at it with a three way off screen
  7. It hurts like a mofo in your eyes though. I opened a new barrel of it and it had somehow built up pressure. I got a nice blast in the face and both eyes Everyone starting yelling at me DON'T BLINK HOLD YOUR EYES OPEN DON'T BLINK!!!! Seems it evaporates very fast, blinking/rubbing/etc. just makes it last longer.
  8. WTF dude? You are lucky you still know your name and can read. Sniffing glue is probably healthier. A number of what were the Old Hands from back then that I knew didn't last too long, that kind shit had them dead by 60.
  9. I didn't say it wasn't horrible and I do firmly believe there should be jail time involved. I just disagree with the term and the premise, there has never ever been even the slightest hint that the USA wants to wipe out Latinos/Hispanics/Etc from the Americas, this is not even remotely possible. They can't even wipe them out from the Home Depot parking lot, let alone two continents
  10. In this case they would be returning them to France, which probably won't go over well.
  11. Much of that agenda is very much not going to be fixed on our own, many of these issues require friends and allies to solve.
  12. Sure. Australia has jumped in enough times to help on the far side of the world, they certainly deserve help if required. That is the much bigger point of the sub deal as well - see other thread - That Australia is very much part of the club and messing with one is messing with all.
  13. USA, Canada, UK, and Australia all have tried variants of this idea. See "Rabbit Proof Fence" for one example of the Australian system. The USA version is detailed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Indian_boarding_schools
  14. No one is wiping out any culture on any side of the border by messing with 0.0001% of the population.
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