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  1. There is a big difference between a tax on EVERYONE and a tax on YOU. Income tax is the same for everyone at your income level and you choose what to spend it on. When you tax just certain things you are saying F U to just those people.
  2. But no one will pay it. No one did last time. This would just be the "hide your boat in Annapolis or Miami" law. Every rich(ish) person I know would be more than happy to pay someone $149,999.99 to find a way around a $150,000.00 tax.
  3. FYI - Something like 95% of everything known about subsonic aerodynamics was known by the mid 1930s. I am not sure it is a good thing, but a 1935 era aeronautical engineer would be right at home over at the Piper or Cessna factory today. They aren't doing much that is different except aluminum skin is a lot more common and fabric less so. Still using the same magnetos and carbs for the most part too. Back to boats, the idea that running aground would need $15,000 worth of NDT or the keel would soon fall off is a new idea that could stand to be scrapped in favor of the old way.
  4. We went from $1.5 million to $325,000 revenue in the space of a year. Outside whatever alternative universe you live in this misbegotten scheme took a chainsaw to marine businesses and put hard working people out on the street. Rich people didn't even give a shit, their blind trust called their Panamanian banker who called his Swiss Banker who sold some bearer bonds and got a 100 foot yacht transfered from one trust to another trust in Grand Cayman. Regular old working people got it right up the ass.
  5. True. I kind of think of Bush the Lessor the same way, smiling and nodding while his people did all kinds of nasty shit he didn't want to think too much about.
  6. Problem with that is it turns out to be a "who you know" thing and many people are way too nervous to show up at anything that looks like "yachts" on their own initiative. They probably think they'll meet this guy and get asked to swab the decks of his 200 foot floating disco I don't have a problem with sailing schools, but if you go that way you STILL need to hook up with some people and go sailing, you'll never be able to learn enough just from pay courses.
  7. We were honest at the flight schools I worked at: "We'll get you a license to LEARN. This is just the START of your education"
  8. This times a billion. She is doing EXACTLY what Derek Chauvin would have her do if he could remote-control her. She may have handed him an appeal on a silver platter.
  9. Disagree. I think his problem was the exact opposite, he wanted to see the good in people and was willing to let his various subordinates do whatever because he just didn't want to think too hard about what they REALLY were up to.
  10. This in no way excuses what we did, if you read contemporary accounts of 1770s major figures in the Revolutionary War they knew full well that slavery was an evil cancer that endangered the newly formed country. They were up against two hard choices, one was broad in scope and one personal. There would have been no successful revolution if they even hinted at being anti-slavery, one of the driving forces of the revolution was fear that the British government would abolish slavery. The other issue was no matter how eloquent their anti-slavery musings were, they were not about to follow through
  11. Before my first offshore trip as skipper I read through all the Fastnet reports and got this out of it: The boat will take it if you can, do not EVER get off the boat unless it is a step up. Remember the guy left for dead on a boat "about to sink" who eventually came home not dead in that very boat? Fatigue and seasickness will turn a minor problem into a disaster too, or at least you will think it is with the minimal brain function you have left.
  12. You do not have a clue WTF you are talking about. I was in the business back then and it resulted in the layoff of 3/4s of the blue collar working people at our shop and many others. The rich people got along regardless, the working class were the ones that got a royal screwing. That tax hardly even collected anything, people bought used boats or registered them in the Caymans or just kept their boats. It was a money LOSER for the government and put many a working man out on the street.
  13. The revenue hit to many shops in Annapolis was something like 60-75%
  14. My boat doesn't do that, she'll put on a burst of speed and get out in front of the breaking wave. The challenge is not to stuff yourself into the wave in front of you. The issue we had was it was very hard to work to steer, an hour wore you out. It would not have been doable for a cruising couple for long, at some point they would have needed a drogue to slow down and take it easy.
  15. Say what? Who is threatened? OMG here comes someone that took Sailing 101, run and hide!
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