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  1. The conventional theories of money supply, debt, and inflation appear to not actually apply. I really have no idea what DOES apply.
  2. Same as Clinton's ................. so far
  3. How about the My Pillow Guy and the idiot-savant doctor who stores grain in pyramids? How about the first two drunks I can find in the alley behind the strip club? How about a rabid raccoon and a rabid weasel? How about the dead frog my dogs tried to eat?
  4. Sorry, Ms. Haley is covered in cream of mushroom, too late for her.
  5. So you voted for an ACTUAL sexual predator in preference to the spouse of one? WTAF? Isn't that like voting the local pedophile priest onto the school board because you can't stand his opponent Ghislaine Maxwell?
  6. That fails when actual Nazis are involved.
  7. Fiberglass boats are not falling apart though, at least not for those reasons, and have been a thing a lot longer than fiberglass airplanes * I remain somewhat not-impressed with fiberglass/carbon fiber/etc. airplanes. We had a couple here on the rental line and they SUCKED as rental planes. If it was my personal airplane no one else flew sitting in a hangar maybe, but they did not seem to stand up to the abuse of rental nags and there was about 1 or 2 places in the whole country that were FAA approved to fix and autoclave the bits of these airplanes when any local shop could bang out so
  8. I thought it was all an act, kind of like channeling a demented Archie Bunker. Now..maybe not so much
  9. Besides for all that there is a time delay. Given how easy it is to add an AIS receiver now I cannot imagine trying to rely on incomplete time-delayed internet fed AIS.
  10. Sure - make a new hull and put all the parts from the old boat into it
  11. Water gets into it and the ferro part of the boat starts rusting.
  12. I'll make it REAL simple: Are the deluded followers of fascists who get killed people to feel sorrow for or do more of them need to be killed. We knew the answer back in the 1940s
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