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  1. Cough up for an Anarchist! Beats funding the 3,542nd "Fund my videos of my girfriend's boobs explaining diesel fuel filters in St. Croix".
  2. Electric will not work for him, a headwind would mean basically a boat full of batteries or running out. I once looked at the range tables for a diesel-electric submarine and it was eye opening. Pushing the speed up beyond just creeping along really sucked the batteries dry in a hurry. Also note quite some time on shore power would be needed to "refuel". Here is something related to that, not sure if it is from the same sub: I am assuming the "peace" graph is easier on the batteries and the "war" graph assumes an unlimited budget for more of them. BTW, the ammeter on the Torsk
  3. Yikes! No outboard for you! Find a small diesel that will fit. I am partial to Beta, but pretty much any 1 or 2 cylinder diesel will push you better than any outboard.
  4. This motor is old and 30 HP, so probably not much in the way of computers involved
  5. Does anyone have any good suggestions for surveyors? Also a shop that can do a Yanmar survey would be cool
  6. 200 AH is 2.4 KWH. I am going to make a semi-accurate guess that a Laser 28 in calm water needs about 5 KW to go 6 knots. That would mean 24 batteries, or about 1200 pounds of batteries. If I am off by a lot, the boat is very slippery, you are still looking at say 12 batteries for 600 pounds. This is assuming no reserve at all, using the batteries from full charge to dead.
  7. What I was told by an old-time retired cop: He admits they did a lot of extra-judicial ass kicking and head knocking. He also said they were far less likely to pull a gun on someone because they were confident they could kick ass without one. He thinks too many of today's cops are pussies that HAVE to use a gun, that is their only tool. Then you mix in ex-Army cops that learned to interact with the public in wonderful places like Baghdad where shooting first and not worrying about asking questions later was a thing and you get what we have now
  8. We were going to charter a canal boat in Ireland and cancelled. IMHO too much chance of last minute cancellations or some variant outbreak where you can't get home and they don't want you to stay either.
  9. That doesn't apply to you if you are fully vaccinated. I am actually arriving on my first "legal" day to be in Maine. Re Eastport - They have a big floating dock marina, but outside of that we saw few recreational boats around that area. It really is way the heck Down East! If Campobello Islanders weren't allowed in and out of Maine that had to REALLY piss them off! The other way off the island was a ferry that wasn't running.
  10. Actually if you go on the Great Loop forums, de-rigged sailboats are a thing, they have figured out they use far less fuel than most trawlers, let alone fast powerboats.
  11. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/tommy-webster-assault-capitol-riot-shock-inner-city-lockup_n_6073caa3c5b6c795e155c7cc An NYPD veteran charged with beating a police officer during the Capitol riot is shocked that he’s locked up with “inner-city” criminals, according to his lawyer. I cannot believe they expect white people to be in the same jail as criminals. This is an OUTRAGE I tells ya! Also - has to be said - SO UNFAIR!
  12. I am 99% sure there is furling gear designed for this use.
  13. Stevens Hardware in Annapolis - RIP - used to have oil lamps that had some kind of round wick (Alden??) that were very bright. I have an anchor light from a whaling ship that is about the size of a small beer keg, but back when light bulbs were a new invention some ancestor of mine got rid the of kerosene parts and stuck a light socket in there
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