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  1. Absolutely true, and it was important to J/Boats that the 45 be more moderate in both euro-butt and freeboard than the competition. It's amazing what our eyes have gotten used to from all of the mass market production cruisers out there.
  2. This is accurate ^ This is not accurate ^ Yes this is a busy part of the market right now and it is consumer-driven. It is incredibly expensive for small and mid-size builders to tool up for a boat like this, and they would not be doing it if the buyers were not there. A buyer with the means to purchase a no-compromise cruiser/racer has a lot of options, which is a good thing. Plenty of room for J/Boats to bring their exceptional track record to this part of the market. As a J Dealer (and the guy that sold J/45 #2) I can tell you that our customers have been asking for this boa
  3. McMichael just sold two more boats into Connecticut (Riverside and Norwalk), both owners plan to campaign the boats so that's a big step forward for fleet building. Plenty of one design events planned this summer and potentially a J88 class for the Vineyard Race short course!
  4. Nice fix although this would be a little cumbersome for those on the rail. It's a trade-off...
  5. North did smooth the batten pocket . You guys are changing my mind... Have sailed 88 in very light air with both North and Quantum inventory...never had any backstay vs batten issues so I don't think a flicker is needed
  6. Three 88's now in the water on western Long Island Sound, plus two on Shelter Island, one in Stonington and two in Newport. I suspect there are a few more potential buyers that will jump in over the next quarter, esp. here on WLIS where they can see the boats racing.
  7. Just an FYI, the main is really powered up in these shots because we could only get a little backstay on. The 2:1 leg of the cascade was too long (Hall had a new one at the yard for us next day, good on 'em) so even with max adjustment we were barely moving the rig. Also rig had just been stepped/tuned, so everything was still stretching a bit. Awesome shakedown sail in a puffy NW breeze...just posted some more photos on the McM Facebook page. 3 more 88's delivering this month...
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