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  1. So you think I am going to race off an be your Secretary? What the fuck happened to your last one? In other words, you can't. Figures. Make the claim and, when asked for data to back it up, tell the other person to look it up themselves.
  2. You are asking someone who has lived in a country before and after automatic weapons were regulated. Your bullshit and deflection does not work on me. Automatic weapons are heavily regulated in the US. Heavily. Far more than any other weapon available to the public. As a result, they are not only difficult to obtain, they are ridiculously expensive to purchase. You need to accept that fact. Now, in recent history, how many times was an automatic weapon used in a mass shooting? I mean, you did say they need to be "banned". Shirley, you have some knowledge supporting t
  3. It's like when my kids were toddlers and I would advise/tell them not to do something. They just had to exert their will by doing it. Thank God they outgrew it. Clearly, some haven't.
  4. Out of an abundance of caution, the J&J vaccine is on hold. And, the NY Post pulls this? No wonder there are so many stoopid people.
  5. You seem to be unaware that automatic weapons are THE most regulated weapon a US citizen may own. Like, heavily regulated. Would you care to show us how much you know about this by specifying mass shootings in which an automatic weapon was used?
  6. from your link: "Published May 30, 2020" Ahahahahahaha......Oh, that is priceless.
  7. I would say her actions fall within the bounds of "negligent". Negligent homicide?
  8. Regarding what to do with immigrants, we could ask the Christians to seek guidance in the Bible. Specifically, Leviticus 19:33-34.
  9. The MAGAts have been sold out by The Former Guy, and now his daughter. Trump and his wife received coronavirus vaccine before leaving the White House.
  10. Thinking back to the days when the Faithful were absolutely giddy at the prospect their Messiah might actually crack the 50% threshold. Alas, it wasn't to be.
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