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  1. Why would they? Returning Americans won't carry the new variant. Trust me.
  2. If someone is known to have lied, they are a liar. I do my best to remember who has lied to me. Calling them a liar, and choosing not to believe what they say because they are a liar, is not an ad hominem attack. No matter how badly you want it to be.
  3. I do. Just wondering if every time someone labels someone else a liar, you'll chime in with calling it an ad hominem attack? Will YOU ever label someone a liar?
  4. To the surprise of no one who understands how mutations/evolution proceed, it sure looks like the calls for the end of the pandemic might have been a bit premature. No surprise the variant came from a part of the world with a vaccination rate below 25%.
  5. It is likely already here. Even if it isn't, nothing short of an absolute and total ban of anyone entering the US from any other nation would make a difference.
  6. Apparently, calling a known liar a “liar” is now an ad hominem attack.
  7. Well, it IS Rasmussen. Additionally, they make a point of pitting “generic” Republicans and Democrats in their polling questions. With the GOP busy slurping mushroom soup like it is Ivermectin, we’ll see if the Independents favor the whackadoodle who gets the GOP nod in these races.
  8. So, Maryland didn't report COVID numbers for the last two days. Today, this shows up. Mind you, our 7 day positivity rate on June 28 was 0.54%.
  9. Hope you all had a great holiday. This thread needs music. Or, something closely resembling it.
  10. Many of those who are refusing to take precautions and avail themselves of effective vaccines seemingly lack that.
  11. A flood of covid patients causes 'almost unmanageable strain' in Michigan as cases rise nationwide At Spectrum Health, a major health-care system here, officials spent part of last week debating whether to move to "red status" in a show of how strained hospitals had become. A flood of mostly unvaccinated covid-19 patients was arriving at emergency departments already packed with people suffering other medical issues, sending capacity to unprecedented levels. The only hesitation for Spectrum's decision-makers? Data suggested the covid surge was not over.
  12. The police officer who was looking for him was going to give him a warning. He sure didn't feel the need to label Mr. Arbery a criminal, like you and The Joker do.
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