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  1. The tax bill in question is from 2011. You still wanna go with that argument?
  2. But, but, but….we have it on good authority, @Fakenews, that it is evolving to be LESS dangerous. Are you saying he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about?
  3. Trying to decide on a label for the "anti-vax" crowd. ANTIVA or Spreadnecks?
  4. The war was so widely unpopular, I am leery of giving credit to any one person for having ended it.
  5. As usual, you are dead fucking wrong in your analysis. You've previously held that vaccinated people won't be spreading it and that the Delta variant will be less problematic. Wrong, on both counts. What else will you be wrong about? ‘The war has changed’: Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe It cites a combination of recently obtained, still-unpublished data from outbreak investigations and outside studies showing that vaccinated individuals infected with delta may be able to transmit the virus as easily as those who are unvacc
  6. Ignore the recommendations of "Florida Boy". "Most post-vaccination infections, or breakthroughs, appear to be asymptomatic or mild, a sign that the vaccines are doing their job. But mild illness still isn’t desirable illness, especially given the threat of long COVID," writes Katherine J. Wu for The Atlantic. And, from that article, the source - from actual scientists - "Masks slash the risks of all these outcomes." An increasing number of ecological studies have also provided persuasive evidence that universal mandatory mask wearing policies have been associated with redu
  7. A lying narcissistic demagogue turning the US into a shithole country. Why doesn’t that concern YOU?
  8. I am interested in what the Alderman who pushed for that might have to say. That said, I think it’s hilarious that vendors shunned leasing from him and he had to claim the retail space is worthless.
  9. Great. Now I have that rattling around in my head. Thanks.
  10. I knew it. My best friend from childhood became a trucker. He would hold forth on the virtues of Peterbilt vs Kenworth vs Freightliner. I guess hearing about it and having it retrievable in my memory bank makes me a redneck. Whatever.
  11. Agreed. I get that he is mentally ill. That is abundantly clear. What surprises me is how contagious this mental illness seems to be. It’s like a shared psychosis.
  12. Interesting disclaimer at the bottom.
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