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  1. He warned them. Then fired. Sounds like premeditation, to me. They were law enforcement. He'll be lucky to not be sentenced to die.
  2. No worries. I am not a huge fan of Joe. I just found him preferable to The Former Guy. Far more preferable. As measured in Light Years.
  3. Any stickers on the truck indicating political ideology?
  4. Activists and Ex-Spy Said to Have Plotted to Discredit Trump ‘Enemies’ in Government Of course it involved PV - The operations against the F.B.I., run by the conservative group Project Veritas, were conducted from a large home in the Georgetown section of Washington that rented for $10,000 per month. Female undercover operatives arranged dates with the F.B.I. employees with the aim of secretly recording them making disparaging comments about Mr. Trump.
  5. What is the penalty for an active duty service person participating in an Insurrection?
  6. To whom should we give our thanks and credit for avoiding that catastrophe?
  7. Senators Blackburn, Boozman, Cotton, and Hagerty have a vested interest in getting this shit sorted out and repaired. That is, if they are concerned with what it will do to the livelihoods of their constituents.
  8. The dictionary should include the following statements under the term "Gaslighting" - “I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election. I think that is all over with.” - Rep McCarthy (R-CA) “I don’t think anyone on our side has been arguing that [voter fraud] has been pervasive all over the country.” - Sen. McConnell (R-KY) "If you didn't know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit." - Rep. Clyde (R-GA)
  9. May 12, 2021 (Wednesday) As expected, this morning the House Republicans removed Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney from her position as conference chair after she refused to stop speaking out against the former president for instigating the January 6 attack on our Capitol and the counting of electoral votes for President Joe Biden. The Republicans ousted her by voice vote, which meant that no one had to go on the record for or against Cheney, and the Republicans kept the split in the party from being measurable. It also ensured that she would lose; she has survived a secret ballot vot
  10. Boorish behavior is boorish behavior. Greene tries to confront AOC, asks why she supports ‘terrorists and antifa’: report Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., tried to "aggressively confront" Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday, shouting questions about why the New York Democrat supports "terrorists and antifa," according to a report. Two reporters from the Washington Post said they witnessed the interaction outside the House chamber. The report said Greene yelled to Ocasio-Cortez, and the Democrat continued walking. Greene reportedly tried to catch up and continued to ask
  11. Once again, Fox viewers are less informed than those who watch not TV news. And, what's the dividing like between "Fox News Republican" and "Far-right news Republican"?
  12. As California posts America's best COVID numbers, Newsom's approval rises — and Caitlyn Jenner's recall hopes sink Three months ago, a plurality of registered California voters (48 percent) disapproved of the job the Democratic governor was doing, according to a poll conducted by the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Just 46 percent approved. The official recall campaign, which had launched a year earlier but only recently gained momentum, appeared to have a real (if still remote) chance of success. Not anymore. Today, the Golden State has t
  13. They were a well-mannered group of folks on a normal tourist visit.
  14. I won't argue with that situation. But, I see loads of people drive a short distance they could have walked. When I was in college, I commuted and parked far from campus. mainly because a space was easier to find there and I enjoyed the walk. I saw a gorgeous young woman circling the parking lot, frantically looking for a spot near the gym. About 10 minutes later, she came rushing in, late for her aerobics class. Irony. I realize she represent an n of 1. But, it is an example of our lazy habits. The American obesity problem is connected, to a degree, with our lazy habits. Eating s
  15. It's been employed here. In 1973, 1979, and (as mentioned above) in 2012. 1973 was a fun one. Odd-Even, in which you could buy gas based on the date and the last digit of your license plate. I also remember being limited to 5 gallons per purchase and no stations open on Sunday (Blue Laws). Therefore, if you got 5 gallons on Friday, you had to make that last until Tuesday. With big Detroit gas-guzzlers, it got tough. In came the small efficient cars Japan had developed.
  16. They've chosen to hear "ONLY Black Lives Matter", and they are arguing against that.
  17. But, along with using it for free, we want to be exempt from the terms and conditions we agreed to when we signed up. At least, some people want that.
  18. There was no gasoline shortage, it was panicky people buying as much gas as they could every day On to the larger question, I suspect everyone that can walk, bike, or metro to where they need to go does so anyway, gas shortage or not. I rarely go to my office anymore, but when I do it is by car, there is no other way to get there. Agreed, with regard to there being no shortage. Panic buying is what we are seeing. Hoarding. Regarding walking, biking, etc. - I respectfully disagree. Americans will drive to a store 2 blocks away. Lazy.
  19. Why don't you just assign me a stance and argue against that? You seem to be comfortable doing so. In the meantime, I am going back to pretending you don't exist. Go right ahead in your Quixotic quest to prove you know more about everything than anyone. In that way, you remind me of The Former Guy. He is an asshole, too.
  20. You clearly have misread me. In fact, you are so fucking far from the mark, well, it's hilarious. Oh, and EVERYONE is well aware you have opinions. Your missives make that clear. Crystal clear.
  21. White supremacy is top security threat, Garland says. WASHINGTON — Attorney General Merrick Garland told Congress on Wednesday that violence incited by white supremacists poses “the most dangerous threat to our democracy.” That assertion reflects near-universal consensus among national security experts, including those who worked for the Trump administration. We just need Dog or one of the other Faithful to ask "What about ANTIFA?"
  22. How many of them are smokers? I anticipate we may see a bump in car-b-cues down South.
  23. At least you didn't deny the homophobic insult. I guess we can count that as progress. But, you might want to stop bitching about the insults others hurl your way. Unless you enjoy exposing your hypocrisy. Funny how you missed my first comment in this thread was a direct response to you. I didn't respond to someone else. Just to you.
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